40 high -heeled sandals evaluation: Yisi q plasticizer exceeds the standard, hot wind six valence chromium exceeds the standard

At present, there are many brands and price differences in the market, so what high heels are more comfortable, durable and safe? Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission released 40 high -heeled sandals comparative test results, and the sample price ranging from 125.1 yuan to 4620 yuan. The results showed that Armani -like intimacy and bending performance was unqualified, and the wearer easily stomped and fell; 73HOURS, Kisscat, Izi Q and other brands of samples exceeded the standard, which could easily cause harm to the reproductive development of the human body. Most of the unqualified samples this time are more than 1,000 yuan.

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40 models

Comparative test



Haron, Prada, Giorgio Armani, 73HOURS and other brands

Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Consumer Commission has conducted comparative experiments on the durability and safety performance of some high -heeled sandals. This comparison test involves 40 samples, which not only covers HARSON (Harson), Lantang (Lan Tang) and other popular brands. It also includes light luxury brands such as Prada (Prada) and Giorgio Armani (George Armani), and also involved 73HOURS, MS.bag & MR.Shoe (Miss Bao and Mr. Shoes) and other net red brands. The price is from 125.1 yuan to 4620 yuan. Wait, they are purchased through comprehensive shopping malls, brand discount stores, e -commerce platforms and other channels.

It was found that 28 samples of the 40 samples passed all the test items, and the other 12 samples may have problems in physical mechanical properties such as fold resistance, the strength of the helper, the strength of the bottom, and the intriguing, or the neighbors of the neighborhood, or the neighbors neighbors Poor substances such as phenyl -dietite and chromium chromium performed poorly.


A crack of a high -heeled shoes exceeds the standard limit of the standard

2 times

Folding resistance is poor

Folding resistance reflects the bending and curved performance of the shoes in normal wear, and the shoe with poor fold resistance is prone to faults of the soles during the dressing process. question.

The test results show,

Names that the women’s shoes made by Zhejiang Zhuo Shini Holdings Co., Ltd. have the cracks exceeding the standard requirements, reaching 63.0mm, which exceeds the standard limit of twice the standard limit.

Picture source “Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission” WeChat account.


The strength of the gang is pulled out, the strength of the bottom of the bottom

GIOEVER, San Jiabu, 碲 Platinum Platinum

Brand samples are unqualified


It is easy to appear broken, helped and sole off and off

The strength of the help band and the extension of the bottoming out of the bottom are indicators to measure the shoe product shoe, sole, and band bonding. In the process of wearing too low -intensity, it is prone to the situation of helping the band, the help of the face and the sole off the sole, which affects the service life. In particular, it is loved by many ladies, straps, and high -heeled sandals. When wearing a strap and breaks, it occurs. The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission said that this is also one of the more common quality issues in daily consumer complaints.

The test results show that the three samples of GIOEVER, SKAP Saint -Kajia, and DIBO 碲 Platinum pull out the intensity or the strength of the bottom -out peeling intensity does not meet its explicit standard requirements.



4620 yuan Armani

Attentic bending performance is unqualified

The wearer is easy to stomach and fall

The intrigue is the “backbone” of the shoes, and it is a decisive part that supports the role of the setting. The shoes are stable or not on the feet. It mainly depends on the role of intriguing. In particular, it is mostly a high -heeled sandals that are mostly a helper structure. The contribution of wearing stability is small, and the stability mainly depends on intimidation. If you are too soft and short, break or obvious cracks occur, the heels will be skewed when walking, causing the overall shape of the shoe to deform, unstable walking, and even cause the wearer to launch and fall.

The test results showed that of the 33 samples participating in the test, the four pieces were too soft, too short, or after testing, obvious cracks or even fractures. in,


A price of 4620 yuan, nominal produced by George Armani (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., the trademark is Giorgio Armani, and the specifications are X1E838 3020/237 (1.5) women’s high heels have the problem of unqualified steel hook bending performance.

Safety performance

73HOURS, Kisscat, Yisi Q and other brands

Sample plasticizer exceeds the standard

Hot wind sample Six -priced chromium exceeds the standard

This comparison test refers to the “General Safety Requirements for Shoes” (submitting approval) that currently entered the approval stage in 2019 and currently entered the approval stage. Test, test the safety performance of high -heeled sandals.

Deep -borne (plasticizers) can make hard plastic soft and elastic, making it easier for materials to shape. Studies have shown that phthalate can be absorbed into the body through respiratory systems and skin, causing harm to human reproductive development. In the “Shoes General Safety Requirements” (approval draft), the total amount of DEHP, DBP, BBP, and DIBP must not exceed 0.1%. The test results show that 30 of the 40 samples have not been detected by phenyl -dyshalate, and the detection value of 36 samples is less than 0.1%.

The detection value of 4 samples of 73HOURS, Kisscat, Tian Yan, Yisi Q and other brands exceeded 0.1%.

The hexavalent chromium in shoe products comes from the large amount of chromium tannis used in the production process of shoe leather materials, which can be converted into hexavalent chromium under high temperature and oxidants. The hexavalent chromium may cause allergies or cause many other health problems after being absorbed by the human body. In the “Shoes General Safety Requirements” (approval draft), it is recommended that the hexavalent chromium content must not exceed 10mg/kg. The test results show,

There is a nominal nominal produced by Ningbo Hot Wind Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., the nominal trademark is Hotwind, and the nominal specification model is H34W1122/245 (1.5) women’s fashion decoration pearl Mueller slippers. 25mg/kg is 2.5 times the standard limit.


It’s best to choose shoe type according to the foot type

Wearing shoes for a long time can easily cause fungal infection


The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission reminds consumers to “see four” when purchasing high -heeled sandals. First of all, it is necessary to look at the shoe type. Generally speaking, “Egyptian foot” is more suitable for wearing oblique tip head shoes or oblique head shoes. “Roman foot” can choose a wide head shoes or round shoes to avoid pointed shoes as much as possible. “Greek feet” is more suitable for pointed shoes and almond shoes. Try to avoid wearing fish mouth shoes, otherwise the second toe may occur in the small embarrassment of exposed to the toe.

Then you need to look at the intimidation of the shoes. When you pick the shoes, you can placed the shoes in a solid plane. Press the inner feet in the shoes with your hands moderately. Void or discomfort is likely to be indifferent.


In addition, you also need to look at the heels. The thick heels can put weight on the heel, so it stands more stable. For fine heels, the heels cannot support the weight of the whole body well. When you pick shoes, you can observe whether the center line of the heel and the heel of the heel is on a straight line, or put the shoes on the plane and touch it gently. It will not shake the left and right to a relatively stable shoes.

Finally, you can also watch the soles. Among the common soles materials, the leather is comfortable to the feet, but the general quality is heavier, and the water resistance and acid and alkali corrosion are also poor. The body feel is harder; the EVA has a lighter texture, soft and elastic, but is not wear -resistant and oil -resistant.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission reminds that when wearing high heels, be careful not to wear shoes for a long time, and you can sweat easily in summer. Wearing shoes in summer will make the skin soak in sweat directly. If the shoes are not breathable, , It is easy to cause fungal infection or other foot diseases. In addition, the chemicals in high -heeled sandals have a certain irritation to the skin. People with allergic constitutions are prone to skin redness and blisters such as blisters.

In addition, the appropriate followers should be selected according to the occasion. Heel height is suitable for special occasions such as 3-8 cm shoes suitable for daily work or normal occasions, and shoes with heights above 8 cm suitable for performances and dances. Due to the increase in gravity and the slope of the shoe when wearing high heels, the toes are squeezed into the narrow and small tip of the shoe, which can easily induce the formation of the thumb. Therefore, it is recommended to buy high heels. The heel should not be too high and the toe should not be too narrow. Avoid wearing high heels for a long time, it is best to prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes around you, and switch with high heels.

Writing: Nandu reporter Xiao Yunyi intern Xie Weixuan

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Picture source “Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission” WeChat account.

Picture source “Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission” WeChat account.

Picture source “Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission” WeChat account.