Children in the city need the last section of life lessons

In Wu Yan’s view, children in the city grow up in the environment of high -rise buildings and cars, and the distance between animals and plants is getting farther and farther, and there is not much experience in nature. “Nature can teach children to feel life, respect life, and cherish life. This is the most important lesson for children now.”

Starting from one grass and one wood began to teach children to protect the environment

At the beginning of the reading club, Wu Yan raised a question: “Which bird was the most number of birds in the world?” “Sparrows, crows, parrots …” The classmates and parents answered. Wu Yan told everyone: Traveling pigeons used to be the largest number of birds on the earth. The number of brigade pigeons in mainland America reached 5 billion, which was 5.5 times that of the total number of humans at that time. People killed the brigade pigeons, and the last wild North American travel pigeon was shot in 1900. The last artificially raised brigade “Martha” died in 1914. At this time, people began to regret it, but everything was too late.

“Traveling pigeons have existed for hundreds of thousands of years on the earth, but for more than a century, they fell under the greed and ignorance of human beings.” Wu Yan said that nature is the environment of human survival and all creatures. Inhability, the consciousness of protecting the ecological environment must be rooted in the child’s heart, and protecting the ecological environment is to protect the future.

“Actually, to cultivate children’s love for nature and establish environmental awareness, and observe that the grass and trees around them can also have a lot of gains.” Wu Yan introduced that there is a “note natural” society in Huazhongli Primary School. The parks, lakes, wetlands, and river beaches in the city guide them to record and paint the color and magic of nature with writing and painting. Children’s works have a lot of surprises to teachers every time.

How to love animals and the environment is also the knowledge of the door

Wu Yan remembered that a few years ago, a student in the school environmental protection community asked her parents to buy home the soldiers who had been sold. She fed it with her favorite chocolate and bread. As a result, the little hedgehog died before the little hedgehog. Later, she checked the information to understand the living habits of hedgehogs and regretted her behavior.

Humans have always treated animals in their own way of love. The book “The Westman Ru Du” tells the story of the elephant “road pulse”: In 2003, the elephant “road pulse” of a zoo in Nanjing gave birth to a son. One hour later, the small elephant was stepped on by his mother’s mother’s step on his mother. Died under your feet.

“Lu Mai” is out of control because it is far away from home and away from partners. It is out of control that it breaks the conventional species of animals. And it is the human itself that created all this- “It is our domineering love that makes them lose ourselves.”

How should we love animals and the environment? Wu Yan said that as early as 1989, with the support of the Hubei Provincial Wildlife Protection Association, Huazhongli Primary School launched a “let birds have a home” and set up the first “bird watching team in the city in the city. “”. Teachers will not only explain the knowledge of bird watching in the classroom, but also organize students to experience the fun of viewing birds in nature.

On the big tree outside the street window of the school, the turtle turtle dove is the favorite of the students in the school. In the process of building nests, eggs, hatching, and feeding, none of the two six -grade classes at hand were disturbed the birds because of curiosity.

Thirty years ago, the most common on campus on campus in the downtown area was sparrows. Today, 30 years later, teachers and students can also see different types of birds such as turtle doves, white heads, black crickets, and magpies. “People have learned to love animals correctly.

Nature can teach children to respect life

The title “The deceased is like a ferry”, which is derived from a proverb, expressing people’s nostalgia for the ferry bird. A long time ago, the Watanabe lived comfortably on Mauritius Island. However, when people find that this bird is delicious, they are on the dining table. The ferry bird died, and the Karwalia tree no longer germinated. It turns out that the seeds of this tree are wrapped in a hard shell outside, which must be eaten by the ferry bird and then discharged from the body to germinate and grow. 300 years later, there were only 13 Karwalia trees all over the island.

“In nature, a whole of biology and biology and non -biological. They are interdependent and restrict each other to maintain a kind of ecological balance.” Wu Yan said that each life is worthy of respect. You can re -discover the meaning of life from this book and cherish life more.

Wu Yan remembers that there was a child named Xiaokang (pseudonym) in the school, which is a famous “trickist” in the school. In the fifth grade, he joined the school’s bird watching society and soon met more than ten kinds of birds. He could distinguish between magpie and gray magpies at a glance. He also bought a microscope from the support of his parents. Xiaokang told the teacher: “Whether it is birds or trees and flowers, they have their own ‘small world’, which are great.” Now the “troubled king” is not only a “bird watching little master” and “environmental protection little man”, or a teacher The “little warm man” in the hearts of the people.

(Yangjiang Daily reporter Liu Jia)

Source: Changjiang Daily