Lu Liping’s rare red carpet makeup, slim purple dress with covering meat shawl, pearl jewelry showed noble qi


Teacher Lu Liping

The names of the names may not be known.

As an old generation of film and television actors, Mr. Lu Liping left us a lot of classic film and television works.

The most common may be the role of mother. Of course

Teacher Lu Liping, more low -key and rarely news about her.

Although Teacher Lu Liping rises and falls in his previous marriage life, fortunately, he encountered a fate,


Combined with Mr. Sun Haiying and became a model couple in the film and television industry today.

She is now 60 years old, and she can see her old -fashioned state.


I still remember that a few years ago, some media revealed the photos of Lu Liping’s participation in the event.


The shape of the unsatisfactory picture looks very obese, and both chins come out.

Indeed, Teacher Lu Liping rarely do body management, so many fats are exposed.


And she still wore one this event

White tube top skirt

It looks very weird.

Recently, the new activity photo of Teacher Lu Liping, and this time I still chose a white dress,


However, the effect of tights was selected, and the shape of a small outer shirt was selected!

Under the echo of the pearl necklace, there is a special sense of lady.

In fact, this type of clothing is presented in many activities in the later period.

A sense of vision with a small incense wind



It looks particularly like a fashionable lady. Compared with the tube top skirts chosen earlier in the early years, this kind of meat -covered clothing is more suitable for her.


In the later selection of the red carpet shape, I also learned to choose a purple dress with a shawl to cover the flesh on the arm.

At the same time, with the decoration of pearl jewelry, it looks expensive. I have to say that if a woman wants to have momentum, we must work hard on the costume.

Moreover, Teacher Lu Liping particularly likes pearl jewelry. In many activities, she can always see her wearing pearl jewelry.

Even if we wear simple clothes to appear,


There are also pearl -style earrings on the ears.


Of course, Teacher Lu Liping also wears ordinary jeans and blue T -shirts when there is ground ground.

At first glance, like ordinary auntie, it looks simple, and there is no star shelf.

Otherwise, the older generation of artists are always worthy of respect, they know the most bitter state of the actor.

Of course, when you know the highest light, how to maintain your original intention, everything is overwhelming.

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