The small space of Yinoovang sofa has a large use

Yinovang’s modern style sofa is beautiful and fashionable, simple and generous. The introduction of Menovi from Denmark. In terms of design, Yinovang’s sofa is simple. The design of each sofa is in line with the principles of ergonomic engineering and has strong functionality. There are many colors to choose from, and it is also added with fashion elements such as leopard prints, which are fresh and natural. In terms of function, Yinovang’s sofa emphasizes “small space and large use”, and smaller space can accommodate a larger area and volume. With a variety of sofa beds, as long as it is simple to operate, it can be changed to a comfortable and soft bed. It makes reasonable use of space, which is both aesthetic and practical, and is suitable for small apartment modern living rooms.

The sofa uses an independent bag spring cushion, 16cm thick, and the spring is packaged to prevent spring friction and swing or noise. At the same time, the sofa skeleton is carbon steel, with long service life and good support. Today, let’s follow Brother Lang to experience the Nordic romance brought to us by the Snoweng gentleman’s function sofa. (The following price is for reference only)

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

【Evaluation Brand】 Yinoviri

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

[Evaluation location] Beijing East Fourth Ring Ring Red Star Macalline Yilong Shen store

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

【Writing/Photography】 Sina Home Jia Chenjuan

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

Brand Model: Leopard Birds

Size: 220*70

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

Price: 4125 yuan

Yinooweng leopard strip bird

The armrests on both sides can be flattened, and a single bed

brand introduction:

The sofa skeleton is a metal skeleton, and the internal filling is a separate bag. Sofa set can be disassembled. This sofa design is simple and stylish. The armrests on both sides of the sofa can be designed for independent heads, which is convenient for lying. You can adjust it according to your needs.

Editor’s comment:

This sofa is light and small, using fashion elements such as leopard prints. The handrail can also be put down to become a single folding bed, and the handrail can be adjusted into several different angles. The armrests on both sides stretched outwards, soaring like birds’ wings.

Brand Model: Tas Leather Sofa

Size: 230*98 (open 160cm)

Price: 29675 yuan

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

Tas leather sofa

The Tas leather sofa can also watch TV like this

The 98 cm width sofa was found in a double bed that became 160 cm, and it was particularly praised.

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

This sofa is a leather sofa, and the handrail is a bandwood combined with Banmu, which contains a Chinese style. The side of the handrails on both sides is a carbon steel frame, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a long service life, stable and safe. The sofa cushion uses an independent bag spring plus latex with high density, strong elasticity, good environmental performance, and sedentary without deformation.

At the same time, as long as it goes through simple operation, this sofa will become a double bed. Whether you are watching TV or there are guests to entertain, it is a very good choice.

Brand Model: Pox

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

Size: 210*95 (140)

Price: 7250 yuan

Poxus sofa

Puxers Sofa open process demonstration

There is a dust bag in Puxus sofa

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

The Pax sofa is open is a bed

The fabric of this sofa is non -woven fabric, which is moisturizing and oil -proof and anti -miter. Use carbon steel as support,

Good loadability and not easy to deform. With seven pearl cotton cotton cotton cotton, soft and comfortable. The sofa legs are electroplating legs, corrosion, and not easy to fade, not easy to aging.

This sofa can also be opened as a single bed, and the dust bag in the middle can be used to prevent dust and can be used as storage storage.

Brand model: Langhe (three -person plus single chair)

Size: 210*113cm

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

Price: 10500 yuan

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途


The backbone back can be adjusted into different heights

Put the back to the bed and become a bed

There are small wheels at the bottom of the sofa, which is convenient for moving and hygiene cleaning

The fabric of this sofa is imitation leather, with a deep diameter and a strong design sense, like a pyramid. At the same time, each pedal is designed to be T -shaped. One player can also adjust different perspectives of back -to -back energy and energy. The three -person sofa is the same. After simple operation, it can become a bed. At the same time, the sofa foot is designed as a small wheel, and it can be removed as long as it is lifted, and it is convenient for cleaning.

Brand model: Bit

Size: 210*115

Price: 11875 yuan

Bit double position

Bit single chair

The fabric of this sofa is cotton and linen, and the entire cushion is a whole piece of fabric. You can also choose the broken style. The handrail is a solid wood structure.

Brand model: Tianze

Size: 144*100

Price: 7375 yuan


依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

This sofa can be opened as a bed

The sofa uses the pull -up process, and Fang Xian is atmospheric. You will never think that it can turn into a bed. It is small, you can put it in the study, and if you are tired of reading, then you may take a while.

Brand Model: Ayon Turn Sofa

Size: 310*100*185

Price: 17625 yuan

Ayon corner sofa

The fabrics used by Yinovang’s Ayon corner sofa are cotton and linen, which is good breathability. The legs are made of solid wood legs made of oak, which is more light and natural. The spring is made of carbon steel and has good recovery.

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

Brand model: Lu’an corner

Lu’an corner

There is a drawer for storage

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

The big red fabric is very festive, moderate hard and hard, and comfortable fabric. It is also a sofa bed. It must be eye -catching in the living room.

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依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

Introduction to Yinoviri:

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

Among the wooden furniture, the world’s first Danish design is the most classic. The essence of Danish design is people -oriented. For example, design a chair, Denmark’s design not only pursues its beauty, but also pays more attention to how its curve is in line with the human body perfectly. To this day, specialty stores cover more than 60 countries and regions around the world. With 3,000 stores. In China, there are more than 100 stores. Yinovang has become the world’s most professional function sofa brand.

Denmo gentleman furniture from the Nordic fairy tale Kingdom of Denmark is carved in time to carve the life carrier that inherits ideals and happiness -function sofas. They reveal the innocence and romance of unparalleled worlds in fashion and leisure.

依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

In the world of furniture, Yinovang has always represented a special design symbol. Since its establishment in 1971, the outstanding designers of Yinovo have created one novel and creative product after another, becoming the leader of this industry, and have achieved the status of Yinovang’s international status internationally. Every piece of furniture of Yinoviri is very simple. Every year, about one -third of the product update is updated, and all styles are closely following the international trend to drive the design direction of the furniture industry! Therefore, Menovo can also be said to be the best model for everyone’s trust and respect.

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依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

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依诺维绅沙发 小空间拥有大用途

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