Cycling equipment -What is the riding boots for professional -grade competition MOTO GP racer?

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Everyone who loves motorcycles knows that there are several major motorcycle events in the world, including the World Motorcycle Championships, and also the Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing. The competition can be described as the famous competition in the world in the world. Runners who can be recognized by MOTO GP and ride on the field must be tested and achieved a certain standard. However, just know that it is good, but I do n’t know where it ’s good. Let’ s explore it now.

1. F.C.S Bending Control System

For professional events, the skills of rider’s corners are more stringent, so the bending control system uses a hinge structure system to give rider decisive protection. The system supports the ankle, allowing the front and rear bending 33 °, and bending 15 ° left and right, which contains an excellent riding movement angle. The angle exceeds the bending angle completely stopped, preventing the ankle injury when suddenly exercising or accident. It can provide effective buffer protection for drivers, like the extreme inheritance bending and the display of various professional skills we see, which is a motion -can be tested by this professional to the greatest extent to protect the rider’s foot safety and provide comfortable to provide comfort Spend.

Second, intake system

The side ventilation can enable the air to circulate in the guidance pipe, the air enters through the ventilation port on the side, and is discharged through the ventilated heel channel. The slider in front of the toe is designed with ventilation. The air circulates the air from a specific central position pump from the APS perforated insole to the entire insole. Therefore, the air circulation in the boots makes the feet cool and comfortable.

Third, fastened closed shoelaces

骑行装备——专业级竞赛MOTO GP赛车手用的骑行靴好在哪?

The characteristic of the instep area is semi -elastic band, which is suitable for multiple foot types. It can easily adjust and open and close. The outer layer is a breathable ultra -fine fiber. The front part of the insole is very soft, which can be adjusted and elastic forefronts. It is easy to quickly close. There is a zipper and magic sticker at the same time at the ankle. The danger caused by loosening and having lands.

骑行装备——专业级竞赛MOTO GP赛车手用的骑行靴好在哪?

The back of the boots has a rear thorn wheel regulation belt, and the size of the size is flexibly adjusted according to the size of the rider’s calf belly. The length of the shoes is basically wrapped into the calf, which plays a fit and protective safety.

Fourth, material

The opening of the boots is soft plastic and mesh to avoid dust and insects entering the boots. In order to ensure the biggest friction between boots and ground and motorcycles, inserted with heat -resistant rubber blocks into the heel and enhanced it with polyurethane nylon. The soft polymer and memory bubble inside use the nylon and glass fiber soles to enhance the foot feel. The soles are Forma personalized dual -density riding soles, which can meet the needs of racing users even under the most extreme riding conditions.

Light quality and stainless steel metal polishing on the side of the shoe improve the durability and abrasion resistance of the shoes.

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骑行装备——专业级竞赛MOTO GP赛车手用的骑行靴好在哪?

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