The snow pot must be available in Japanese families.

There is such a statement

There are three treasures in Japan’s handicrafts:


There are Tian Zeng, southern ironware

There is also a “Sanjo of Yan” that is rarely known

There are a legendary story of Gan Mo Xie casting swords on the sandy field in China, and the three town of Niigata Yan is also a magical place. Every year, the metal tableware of the Nobel Dinner is from here, and there is also a “town of town in the town of many restaurants here. Store’s pot “-The” national pot “from the Ping An period,

Xueping pot


Poto Kaoshuo · Japanese Drama Lord

City in “Little Forest”


Daily with food in the countryside

Live ordinary life, comfortable and comfortable

The scar boss in “Late Night Cafeteria”

One of the delicious dishes made people call deliciously

There is a careless care for every guest

In “Antarctic Cookies”

This uncle with long beard

Holding it with spray ramen

One person, one pot

The weight is just right

As a Katdo Katsui Pot, which has a history of more than 50 years,

Market share is as high as 90%or more


It is one of the three major brands of Japanese pots

Not only loved by Japanese families

95%of Japanese restaurants are using

One pot is in hand, the cooking is worry -free


Japanese chef

Takada Takayuki

I wrote a book specifically for this pot–

“Xueping Pot No Oil Cooking”

There is such a sentence in the book:

“I started living alone 17 years ago


The first pot I bought at that time was Xueping pot

That’s what I saw from a young age

My grandma and mother use Xueping pot “

In fact, it is not just Tomota Tomoisuke

Many families including Xiaomei also have such emotions

There is always a pot at home that accompanied him to grow up with your own growth

You can taste thousands of flavors in one pot

Become an indelible part of memory


Next, let Xiaomei share it


The all kinds of deliciousness that Xueping pot can make ~

Xueping pot collection is talented

Whether it is

Fry, fry, fry


Cook, cook,

All proficient!

Oil -free and easy to cook ingredients

The fried eggs are tender and smooth and nutritious



No longer have to worry about being late at work

Depth of the pot


It is suitable for fried chicken wings!

Easy -to -fuel and convenient

It is also suitable for use


Without much time to prepare


Use it to quickly burn vegetables to make a dish


Hold a soup on the weekend and eat the Japanese drama while eating the pot

One -person house’s proprietary five -star enjoyment ~

After entering

The temperature is increasing and wet and sullen.

Three meals a day on weekdays

Hot to the shoulders of the sun

Xueping pot cold salad

Battle Sanfu Sky!

Handmade forging · Hammer wood pattern

Xueping pot inheritance so far

Can’t do without the craftsmanship behind the back–

Handmade forging hammer patterns

Pure hand -forged, tens of millions of trials

The thickness of the pot body is controlled at about 0.8 mm

Adhering to the lightness of technical sinking body

Becoming a bite of love cooking utensils

Hammer pattern

Can prevent sticking to the pan

It also has an overflow effect

Even if it is boiled, don’t worry about overflowing ~


Because the mallet wood pattern

Can interfere with boiling water flow

Let them roll inward

Easy soup, no watcher watching

I discovered it when I saw it

The ability to prevent overflowing in Kangtian Xueping

Far exceeding the imagination ~




Half an hour


There is no drop of soup splashing on the table

Good pot with good ingredients · 443 stainless steel

The ingredients of Katsuya Xueping pot are also very particular about


44331 rust steel

As a raw material

Higher chromium

Rust -proof performance is much higher than 430


Anti -corrosion resistance is better

Because the material is excellent

Storm is not afraid of smashing

Not only that

Material safety is also the top priority!

Some cheap milk pots

Recycling with an abandoned pot

Unqualified materials can cause health problems


The pot of the Kaita family is the first!

(To give you a report on the quality monitoring report of the Kantian pot)

The original imported Kantian Xueping pot

Each pot has been certified by SG by the Japanese Consumer Product Safety Association

Safety is definitely inevitable

The original import declaration form can also be shot to everyone


Steamed and boiled.

For a foodie


The blue and thin one is the soy milk without a bun


This Kangtian Xueping pot is available

Boil up and down


Double delicious!

Hot porridge buns soy milk!

304 stainless steel steamer add


It’s not just porridge and buns


Various dishes ingredients can be controlled!

Double foods can’t stop at all!


Good technical blessing · Create a good feeling

Kaita Xueping Pot is used

Vacuum welding technology

Integrate the handle with the pot

Excellent design feel

As if the soul is closely connected in the pot

Tedicated cooking daily rising to daily rising


Soul creation of ingredients

Every time

It’s a bond trip

The handle of the pot


Beylum manufacturing

Athens’s wood marks pattern simplicity and generous

Heating anti -scalding


It’s really comfortable to hold

Hanging ring design at the tail of the Tochigi handle

After washing


Can hang up directly

Storage is convenient and does not occupy the land

It can also prevent bacteria from breeding


Humanized design · Make cooking happier

Inner wall “Five -Line Spectrum” design

Accurately divide 400 to 1200 components

Whether it is a water -related amount or

Control of ingredients


Can be accurate

Dual drainage



Even left -hander can easily deal with

If you want to fall, you will fall!

Design of the rolling rolling along the pot


From the perspective of consumers

Not only is it difficult to deform

Don’t worry about hurting your hands

Compared with ordinary pots


Not only satisfied with face value

Both the safety!

we all know

This object with high hardness and light quality

The higher its material production technology

Take a look at you

The weight of a few small pots that Xiaomei used to use:

For Lazy people with poor arm strength

Of course, the lighter the better

Katnanar Xueping Pot Light

Net weight is only 0.49kg

The weight of less than a bottle of mineral water!

This is how it can do

Reasons for wayward suspension design

After the rice is done

Can also be served directly on the table

Even a one -handed pot is not a problem!

Lazy Gospel · No coating without sticky pot

everybody knows

Cook for 1 hour and eat for 10 minutes

What should I do if I do n’t want to wash the dishes?


Kanada Xueping pot super humane design

High -quality technology to create non -coating without sticky pot

As long as water is water, you can rinse

No stain

Some people say, “I bought a sip of Xueping pot

Happiness has increased by 100 times “

This sentence is by no means exaggerated

Good pot has its own


Correct way to open

Xueping pot is no exception!

1. Before using it for the first time,

Wipe with detergent first

Open the pan again

2. Don’t burn it! Don’t burn!

Don’t burn!

3. It is not easy to overflow and does not overflow.

Below the highest water level line.

Don’t forget, non -human damage

“Katain” also promises

3 years

Wooden handle, pot lid warranty for 1 year!


Affiliated to put on holding steel cooker lid, 304 steaming grid options


Kanada Xueping Pot has 3 years of normal warranty

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