Envy the Japanese, you can add roots to dry clothes everywhere at home.

Recently, Hefei was raining every day. After washing my clothes, I was deeply realized that there was no pain in the balcony at home. Before, the roots were stretched out of the window to dry, but it was like a rainy day now. , I can’t say it. ” At this time, I was more envious of the Japanese home. I could add roots to dry clothes to dry clothes everywhere. I knew that I also learned it!


Balcony half wall

Like a balcony at home, it is usually put directly under the ceiling and put 2 drying racks, but in Japan, half -wall and half -glass balcony, the position of the physical wall is also added with a roots to dry the coat. What are the benefits? The benefits are quite a lot:


You can dry the baby’s clothes, or towels, etc., and the clothes are directly classified into the classification partition!

▶ Living room

Many times the Japanese decoration simply does not want the balcony. The living room is opened. A clothes lever hangs between the original balcony living room. When not drying clothes, this pole directly becomes fitness equipment. Bar.

This operation is estimated that the Japanese can come up with it. The table shelf is used as a study house under the window. As a result, the space on it is not wasted. While there is a window next to it, a dry clothes rod is added. The multi -purpose design in this place is really admirable. It is not worried to replace it with a balcony in China!



As long as Japan is a single house, most of them will build the house into a small duplex, and the corridor on the second floor of the duplex also becomes their drying area:


The corridor fence is equipped with a roots and drunk clothes directly. The outside is added with a shutter. It can be blocked together.

There are also directly extended staircase fences as crossbars. The horizontal rod is on the top, with windows on the side, and a small indoor balcony in minutes!



Even if there is no balcony, it doesn’t matter. The clothes drying rod is put in the bathroom directly, washed and washed, and then the clothes were exposed without the bathroom. A assembly line, do you think it is convenient?

Balcony half wall → living room → study room → corridor → bathroom

These common areas at home can be changed to the clothes area by Japan. A clothes rod is applied to the whole house and saved! But what I admire most is that they are putting clothes drying rods on the study. After all, few people will dry clothes in the office.

PS: It should be noted. Like this method of drying clothes directly in the indoor living area, the clothes must be guaranteed to dry it in the case of half dry. Otherwise, there is water everywhere at home, but there is a headache! If possible, you can prepare a dryer at home.

(Picture from the Internet)