The most popular “half -body skirt” this year is simple and elegant and not exaggerated, making you easily become the queen of C position

In the season of recovery and spring flowers, everyone’s dressing also needs to change with the seasons. It is best to wear vitality so that you can look young and beautiful. The most popular item this spring is the “half -body skirt”. If you want to start a skirt that suits you, you may wish to learn from the styling of Japanese fashionable essences. Queen, full of rewarding.

1. How to choose a skirt?


1.A -character skirt is more feminine


The most popular skirt style is the A -line skirt. Its advantage is that the waist design is obvious and the hem is open. There is a feeling of flowers in full bloom, so it will look very vibrant and suitable for concave shapes. Essence Its most significant advantage is that it can improve some small flaws in the legs, and it is also more friendly to sisters with pear -shaped figures. There is almost no error. You can choose the appropriate skirt length in combination with your legs.

The A -shaped skirt is the easiest to control, and it is also very easy to match with clothes, which is suitable for this season. For sisters who are pursuing fashionable, you can try the combination of the basic color top+color skirt, so that you can maintain the overall color richness, and it will not produce the visual effect of the bleach. Learn the matching method of bloggers, put on clothes on your shoulders as shawls, and then knots to enhance your sense of fashion.

2. Use floral to create a sense of fashion


Ordinary solid color skirts are the most basic, have a wide range of people, and there are many suitable scenes. Now it is spring day. If you want to make yourself look more beautiful, you may wish to start a skirt that integrates the floral element. A single “passers -by”. It is recommended to choose a main color as a whole, so that it will not look good.

3. Striped top to enhance the sense of styling

In daily commuting, you can learn from the “combination of complexity and simplification” to use striped tops to enhance the overall sense of styling. Specifically, you can look at the following two Looks. The tops choose the style with black and white horizontal stripes, which enriches the overall overall. The level of the level also forms a visual impact, so that it will not appear faint. You can choose the style of the skirt with your preference.


4. Use pink to create a girl atmosphere


Pink is a color that many women like it. The requirements for skin tone will be relatively high. After combining it with the skirt, the conditions will not be so harsh. It is an artifact for age reduction. It is divided into many pinks of different saturations. Rose powder, light powder, ravioli, naked points, etc. can be tried, but death Barbie powder is easy to look vulgar. It is not recommended to try it easily.


White is the most versatile color. For women with weak consciousness, if you do n’t know how to match it, try the white top, which not only can reconcile pink delicateness, but also shows a dull role. The goddess of temperament can also consider using purple to concave shape. The purple is light and gentle, feminine, but also not sweet but not sweet, soft and sweet, and is worth trying.


If you are confident in your temperament, you may wish to try the smooth matching of All Pink, it will maintain the harmony of the upper and lower styles, and play a role of delaying the visual effect, making you look gentle and elegant. However, this method of wearing is too high to challenge the temperament of the wearer, which is only suitable for women with good white temperament.

2. Seeing the tide people half -body skirt matching demonstration

It is still in spring, and some cities have not fully heated up, and the temperature is repeated, so there are not too few rush to wear. You can match a skirt as a lower dress when wearing a suit. This can not only reconcile the seriousness of the suit, but also inject the temperament of a ladylike style. It is particularly worthy of the Lady of the workplace.


The length of the suit will affect the overall style, so the short sisters can try the short suit. It will play a role in optimizing the proportions of the figure. After improving everyone’s visual center of gravity, your man looks taller. With a hip hip skirt, it can also improve the waist and hip ratio, which is especially suitable for the beautiful eyebrows of pear -shaped figures.

It is recommended that you wear the “plugging method” when wearing a skirt, so as to show a more capable aura, so that your small waist can be fully demonstrated. It is recommended that a short beautiful eyebrows try high -waisted skirts, so as to improve your height and make you look taller.

The above is all the contents of this issue. If you have the style you like, you might as well try it on the occasion of spring flowers, so as to become more and more beautiful.

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