Qilu Morning Post | Three warnings Qi! These places in Shandong need to pay attention to preventing mountain floods and geological disasters

Hello everyone! Today is Saturday, Saturday, 2021, Saturday, August 19th of the lunar calendar. The weather in the province is overcast, the west of the northwestern Lu, the west of the central Lu, and the southwestern region of Luban are local heavy rains and thunder and lightning. Other areas are small to some heavy rain in the rain. East in the east of the northwestern Lu, the eastern part of Luzhong, the southwest of Lubong, and the south of the Peninsula level 4-5 gusts 6-7, and the south winds of the south of the other areas are 4-5 gusts 6-7 to the north wind 3 to 4, and the thunderstorm areas Gust 7-9 levels during thunderstorms.

The highest temperature: about 25 ° C in the south of Lunan, about 23 ° C in other regions.

Three warnings are issued! These places in Shandong need to pay attention to preventing mountain floods and geological disasters

It is expected that from the night of September 24th to the 27th, Shandong has a clear rainfall from west to east. During the heavy rainfall period from the night of the 24th to the night of the 25th, the province accumulated an average precipitation of 50-80 mm.

According to the analysis of the rainfall forecast and the actual rainfall in the early stage, the Shandong Provincial Department of Natural Resources, the Provincial Emergency Department, and the Provincial Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a geological disaster weather risk early warning. The possibility of geological disasters in the northwestern part of Linyi (yellow warning) is high (yellow warning). Please ask the local government and related units to do a good job of geological disaster prevention.

The Shandong Provincial Department of Water Resources and the Provincial Meteorological Bureau jointly issued a warning of the weather disaster meteorological warning on September 24: It is expected to be 20:00 on September 24th to 20:00 on September 25th, central Zibo, northern Thailand and southern bureau, Weifang western bureaus The possibility of occurring in the flood disasters (yellow warning), northern and eastern Tai’an, southern Zibo, southern Zibo, southern Jinan, northwestern Linyi, northeast of Jining, southwestern Weifang, etc. may occur (blue warning).


The yellow warning areas include: most in Zichuan District, northern Boshan District, northeast of Taishan District, northwestern part of Daiyue District, central Xintai City, southwestern Feicheng, and southwestern Qingzhou.

Blue warning areas include: Most of Daiyue District, Most of Xintai City, Most of Feicheng City, Middle East of Ningyang County, Northwest Taishan District, Most of Yiyuan County, Central South China, Steel City, Pingyin County Most, most of Laiwu District, southern Changqing District, southern Licheng District, central and western parts of Mengyin County, northern Pingyi County, western Yishui County, Most of Surabaya County, northern and southeast of Qufu City Westwestern county.

Other regions may also cause rhododendron disasters due to the short -term duration of the local area. Please pay attention to the prevention work such as real -time monitoring, flood prevention warning, and transfer of risk aversion.

Xi Jinping’s video to the 2021 Zhongguancun Forum

On September 24, President Xi Jinping congratulated the video of the 2021 Zhongguancun Forum.


Xi Jinping pointed out that at present, the world’s unhealthy changes have accelerated the evolution, the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic has a wide range of influence, and the world economic recovery is facing severe challenges. Countries around the world need to strengthen technological open cooperation, and to explore the ways of solving important global issues through scientific and technological innovation to solve important global issues through scientific and technological innovation. And methods, jointly cope with the challenges of the times, and jointly promote the lofty cause of peace and development of human beings.

Xi Jinping emphasized that in today’s world, the development of science and technology must have a global perspective, grasp the pulse of the times, and closely follow the new requirements put forward by human production and life. China attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, is committed to promoting global scientific and technological innovation and cooperation, will strengthen international scientific and technological exchanges with a more open attitude, actively participate in the global innovation network, jointly promote basic research, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cultivate new momentum of economic development, strengthen intellectual property rights rights Protection, creating a first -class innovation ecology, shaping the concept of science and technology to good, improving global scientific and technological governance, and better improvement of human well -being.

Xi Jinping emphasized that Zhongguancun is China’s first national independent innovation demonstration zone. Zhongguancun Forum is a national platform for global scientific and technological innovation exchanges. China supports Zhongguancun to carry out a new round of trial reform, accelerate the construction of the world’s leading science and technology parks, and make new contributions to promoting global scientific and technological innovation exchanges and cooperation.

The 2021 Zhongguancun Forum opened in Beijing on the day, the theme of “Smart · Health · Carbon Neutralization” was co -sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Science and Technology Association, and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government.

National Development and Reform Commission: Virtual currency mining activities are listed as elimination industries

The reporter learned on the 24th that 11 departments such as the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice on rectifying the “mining” activities of virtual currencies, and clearly strengthened the supervision of upstream and downstream industrial chain of the “mining” activities of virtual currencies. Mine “projects, accelerate the orderly exit of the stock projects, promote the optimization of industrial structure and help carbon peaks, carbon neutrality and targets as scheduled. According to the notice, comprehensively sort out and investigate the “mining” project of virtual currency, and it is strictly forbidden to add new project investment and construction. “Virtual currency ‘mining’ activities” are included in the “Elimination Category” of the “Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (2019)”. Before the addition, the “mining” project of the virtual currency is considered as eliminated industries, and investment is prohibited in accordance with relevant regulations.

People’s Daily Bell: Hong Kong, China, how can the United States be embarrassed

The issue of Hong Kong has always had a profound international background. What exactly extends to Hong Kong’s “black hands” has done something, and the world should have a sober understanding.

On September 24, the website of China Foreign Affairs announced the “List of the Facts of the United States to interfere with Hong Kong affairs and support the anti -China -China -Random Hong Kong forces”, which lists the actions of the United States for the fact that the United States has done against Hong Kong from February 2019 to August 2021. There are five categories. : One is to make a bill related to Hong Kong to discredit China ’s policy on Hong Kong, intervene in the internal affairs of Hong Kong, and interfere with China’ s internal affairs; the second is to implement sanctions to obstruct the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the National People’s Congress of China in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region affairs, discuss the law enforcement operations of the Hong Kong police to destroy Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability; the fourth is to cover the support of anti -China -China chaos and provide a platform for the “Hong Kong independence” claims and spreading political lies. The molecules say items; the fifth is to put pressure on multilaterally, gather allies to interfere with Hong Kong affairs, and say three ways to Hong Kong affairs by issuing a joint statement and other methods.


The United States for Hong Kong’s actions, fundamentally, is fundamental to the basic guidelines of international law and international relations, set up barriers to the development and prosperity of Hong Kong, and oppose the people of Hong Kong. The U.S. party is so “broken”, the ultimate goal is to curb China’s development by playing the “Hong Kong card”.

Of course, the more the United States dugs the use of Hong Kong as an article, and it will spare no effort to support its agents to bury the roots and chaotic sources in Hong Kong, and the more they can see the true face of their hypocritical dual standards. Since the United States has the same sound for the “black violence” act of anti -China -China -Randan Hong Kong elements, why not clapped the riots in the Occupy Mountains in the United States? Since the United States attacked the Hong Kong police’s order to maintain order, why did not blame U.S. guards to shoot the demonstrators who broke into Congress Mountain, and did not accuse the U.S. army to take martial arts measures in Washington’s guns in Washington? There is no doubt that for some politicians in the United States, it is not important to distinguish between right and wrong. It is important to do thousands of standards in democracy, freedom, human rights, and rule of law. The essence of the hegemony is covered with shame.

Hong Kong in China, how can the United States ,. It should be seen that Hong Kong is a land that has sang “the Great Wall never falls” for a long time. The general public in Hong Kong understands that the national security family must be good, good and good, and long -lasting prosperity. The formulation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the improvement of the Hong Kong election system have enabled Hong Kong to change from chaos, governance and prosperity, and start a new chapter of brilliant. The emotional resonance of the “Bay Area Rising Moon” evening of the Mid -Autumn Festival this year is that the people of Hong Kong sincerely support the “one country, two systems”, resolutely support the “patriotic governance of Hong Kong”, and firmly believe that Hong Kong will have a better strong voice tomorrow. It is more believed that integrating Hong Kong in the country’s overall situation will definitely achieve faster, larger, and better development. Not long ago, the “Comprehensive Deepening of the Reform and opening up of the Qianhai Shenzhen -Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone” was popular, and the prospects of the Greater Bay Area were even more encouraged. The Ministry of Finance recently announced that in 2021, the issuance of 20 billion yuan in Treasury bonds will be issued in Hong Kong’s special administrative distinction. It will also better meet the needs of international investors to allocate RMB assets. The status of financial centers and the world’s largest offshore RMB settlement center.


“The general trend of the world, Haohao soup, Changzhong, and those who are reversed.” Hong Kong’s long -standing “political concrete” has been incomprehensible to become the past. It is impossible to succeed. The United States should effectively respect China’s internal affairs and immediately recover the “black hands” intervention in Hong Kong affairs. Do not underestimate the will steel will of the Chinese people to safeguard national dignity and legitimate rights and interests.

The 30th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Shandong Province will be held from September 26th to 30th

On September 24, the reporter learned from the press conference of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress that the thirty -session of the Standing Committee of the 13th Provincial People’s Congress will be held in Jinan from September 26th to 30th. This meeting will hold three plenary meetings, five group meetings and one joint meeting. It is planned to review the amendments to the draft draft regulations, 6 regulations and decision drafts, and review the 7 cases approved by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress of the district. Local regulations also make corresponding decisions, listen to the review of relevant law enforcement inspections, listen to the relevant special work reports, review the relevant plan and make corresponding resolutions, review personnel exemption cases, and issue relevant materials.

The first plenary meeting was held on the afternoon of September 26. The proposed that the main agenda was: listening to the Provincial People’s Congress Legal Committee on the “Regulations on the Promotion of Big Data Development (Draft)”, “Shandong Province Education Regulations (Draft)”, “Shandong Province Dongping Lake Ecological protection and development promotion regulations (drafts) “” “Regulations on the Management of Domestic waste (draft) in Shandong Province (Draft)”; listen to the “Shandong Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the” Shandong Provincial Motor Vehicle Modification and Motor Vehicle Noise Pollution Prevention Regulations (Draft) “The Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial People’s Congress of the People’s Congress of Shandong Province on Strengthening the Supervision of State -owned Assets Management (Draft)”, listening to the provincial government’s explanation of the “Shandong Province Safety Production Regulations (Revised Draft)”; Report the local regulations and decision reports approved by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress of the Municipal People’s Congress; listen to the provincial government’s report on the work of safety production and emergency management throughout the province, and listen to the law enforcement inspection team of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress Reports of the implementation of the “two laws and two regulations”, listen to the provincial government’s report on the work of the province’s scientific and technological work and the protection of the rights and interests of the disabled; listen to the report of the personnel exempt from the personnel of the provincial government; (Draft) Report; Relevant materials are issued in writing.

The second plenary meeting was held on the morning of September 27th. The proposed main agenda was: listening to the “Shandong Provincial Volunteer Service Regulations (Draft)” of the Social Construction Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, listening to the provincial government’s “Shandong Province Planning Environmental Evaluation Evaluation Regulations ( “Draft)” “Shandong Province Regulations (Draft) Regulations (Draft)”; reports on the review of the draft special committees on the draft of the relevant laws and regulations.

The joint group meeting was held on September 29. It is suggested that the main agenda is to review the report of the provincial government on the work of the province’s safety production and emergency management. Implement the report of the implementation situation and make a special inquiry.

The third plenary meeting was held on the afternoon of September 30. It is recommended that the main agenda is: voting the relevant personnel exemption cases, relevant regulations, resolutions, and draft decisions.

“Drag Data Fried Street” illegal modification, the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial People’s Congress: Littering legislative specifications

In response to the illegal modification of motor vehicles and “drag racing” and “bombing streets”, Shandong plans to regulate legislation. The 30th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Shandong Province will be held in Jinan from September 26th to 30th. On September 24th, Yao Qianxun, director of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial People’s Congress, introduced the situation of Shandong Motor Vehicle Modification and Motor Vehicle Noise Pollution Prevention and Control of Motor Vehicle Noise Pollution Prevention at the press conference.

With the significant increase in the maintenance of motor vehicles in Shandong Province, problems such as illegal modifications of motor vehicles and “drag racing” and “bombed streets” have become increasingly prominent. At the press conference, Yao Qianxun said that some drivers illegally modified the lights, exhaust pipes, engines, etc. in order to pursue the stimulus, and accelerated on the urban roads and chased. It is very harmful. The masses have strong reports. It is urgent to introduce a local regulations, clarify behavioral norms, clarify departmental responsibilities, strict legal responsibilities, and solve the hot and difficult problems of the people’s concern.

The Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial People’s Congress attaches great importance to the legislative needs of the masses, launch legislative work in a timely manner, extensively solicit opinions in various aspects, conducts in -depth traffic law enforcement lines, residential communities and motor vehicle maintenance enterprises to conduct legislative surveys, understand the voices of the masses and law enforcement difficulties, and ensure that regulations can be available. The operation is effective.

“It stipulates that the draft of the criminal law, road traffic safety law, and environmental noise pollution prevention and control law, etc., clarify the law of law enforcement law, provide a sufficient system ‘toolbox’ for enhancing enforcement.” Yao Qianxun said.


Shandong fire with “sullen voice to you”! Come to Lu Lu to speak again, 7 -year -old Mengwa said she wanted to go to Qingdao again

Recently, Shandong silently fired again!

The reason is that a tourist on Beijing posted a video on a short video platform, telling the family’s personal experience when traveling in Qingdao, Shandong.

She lamented in the video: Daqingdao I love, why do I love the Shandong people so much!

After the video was released, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Many people replied in the comment area: Welcome to Shandong, hospitable Shandong welcomes you, Jinan welcomes you …


On September 24, the tourist released multiple video responses.


The Shandong people “Sully voices to you, never say it in advance …”


“I can do my best to let everyone know Shandong better, and I am very happy.”

Video loading …

On the night of September 24, the reporter connected in Wang Yan in Beijing.

“I’m very embarrassed. I went to Shandong to play. I didn’t expect to cause such a big sensation.” When I connected the phone, Wang Yan said with a smile.

Wang Yan’s hometown in Changchun, Jilin, is a “Northeast Girl” and is currently working in Beijing. Children like the beach and the sea, and Wang Yan’s husband planned this Mid -Autumn Festival Qingdao trip. The popular video content this time shared her experience in Qingdao during the Mid -Autumn Festival holiday.


On the other side of the phone, when Wang Yan’s 7 and a half -year -old child heard Qingdao, he also said his travel experience with a tender voice: “Brother, I like the beach, I have fun in Qingdao, and want to go again.” “Qingdao Good brother and sister. “

Wang Yan told reporters that she had been to Shandong several times before, and there were good friends from Shandong. “They are particularly junior, and doing things are particularly good for you.” Talking about the previous impression of Shandong, Wang Yan said.


After playing in Qingdao, after sharing “fire”, many netizens left a message to send things to Wang Yan, and Wang Yan refused. Facing the enthusiasm of Shandong people, Wang Yan felt very happy and happy. “I have received their attention and blessings. I think all the welcome in this life may be given to me by Shandong people. Get so much recognition and welcome. “


In Qingdao’s 4 -day trip, the enthusiastic hospitality of Shandong people left an unforgettable and warm memory for the Wang Yan family. Today, when talking about Shandong, Qingdao, and Shandong, Wang Yan will laugh happily.

At the end of the interview, Wang Yan also recommended Shandong and Qingdao to netizens across the country. “Shandong is particularly worth coming, especially the beer in Qingdao is particularly delicious. It is really a wonderful journey to come to Qingdao. There are beaches and foods. Children can also play very well. Go to Qingdao to see. “

Sure enough, the video of Jining’s rain night fell to the ground, passers -by for 4 minutes emergency rescue

Sure enough, video | college military training show ceiling: 2,000 freshmen high -flame puzzles

Sure enough, the video of the moon cakes after the Mid -Autumn Festival, where did the moon cakes going?


Ye Mou suspected of manipulating the market has been arrested

The CSRC released the news on the 24th. Recently, they cooperated with the public security organs to carry out joint operations to arrest the three main suspected criminals who manipulated market cases in one fell swoop. This includes Ye Mou, which is highly concerned by all parties. After investigation, Ye Mou actively provided relevant assistance and suggestions to know that Liu Mouzheng and others manipulated the stock price of “Nanling Minban”, creating favorable conditions for manipulating the market, and seeking illegal interests. These cases reflect the mute -to -black interest chains such as manipulating gangs and funding agencies, marketing customers, and “black mouths” in the stock market. The CSRC stated that it was severely cracking down on false information disclosure and financial fraud, and conducting malignant criminal activities such as manipulating markets and insider transactions in the name of market value management.

From this year! Art test ushered in major reforms

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Education on the 24th that the Ministry of Education recently issued guidance on further strengthening and improving the enrollment of art majors in general colleges and universities, and clearly promoted relevant reforms since 2021. Optimize the layout of art disciplines, adjust or stop enrollment for majors with insufficient social demand and low training quality. Promote the classification examination of art majors, and will basically achieve full coverage of the provincial unified examination of the art specialty by 2024. Strictly control the scope and scale of the school test. Since 2024, school testing points will not be set up across the province. Since 2024, the enrollment methods for classified admission are implemented in accordance with the characteristics of different professional characteristics and talent selection and training. Gradually improve the requirements of the college entrance examination culture class.

Admissions of college high -level sports team examinations will be stricter

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Education on the 24th that the Ministry of Education and the State General Administration of Sports recently issued the guidance on further improvement and standardizing the admissions work of high -level sports team examinations in colleges and universities, and put forward higher requirements for candidates’ application conditions and cultural performance. Since 2024, those who meet the registration of college entrance examinations in the provinces of students, and have obtained the national first -level athletes (including) and above technology -level titles can apply for high -level sports teams. Since 2024, all the results of the cultural examination will be used in the national unified college entrance examination culture course. The professional tests are all included in the National Unified Examination and will be led by the State General Administration of Sports. University will no longer organize school examinations.

Universities responded to students to take takeaways and were managed to set off firecrackers: men are outside school residents, and they have called the police

On September 23, Shenyang, Liaoning. A man outside the Liaoning Pharmaceutical Vocational College of Pharmaceuticals put off firecrackers to prevent students from taking takeaway. Some people questioned that it was the school’s cafeteria behavior. On September 24, the staff of the college stated that the man was preliminarily investigated by the residents of the men’s school and believed that students’ takeaway had an impact on their rest.


Harry Potter Star Fighting Golf suddenly fell to the ground

近日,在2020莱德杯前的名人练习赛中,费尔顿在第18洞时突然倒地,看起来情况不佳,在众人帮助下,他接受了紧急处置,并被抬上车送往Hospital. Felton was just 34 years old on Wednesday. In his early years, he was famous for playing in Malfoy in the Harry Potter movie.

A track and field beauty Xia Singing said that he will continue to dream

Xia Singing, who has received much attention in the 100 -meter column of the National Games: “Thank you very much for your love and support. My road has just begun. I dare not guarantee what it looks like in the future, but now I will work hard to become a hard time becoming a hard time. Better self, chase her sports dream! “As a teenager in 2003, she set a national youth record at the age of 16, and also won the first place in the 100 -meter column of the World Middle School Student Championship! The face value & strength is good, and I look forward to the performance of my sister.

Sleeping before bedtime, but the strength and time of exercise are particular

There are many documents that moderate exercise at night can increase deep sleep and improve sleep quality. However, it should be noted that severe exercise within 1 hour before going to bed may reduce sleep quality.

Suggestions before bedtime: From time to time, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise as much as possible before bedtime and 1 hour before bedtime;


In terms of strength, heart rate can be controlled at 60% = 0.6 * (220 -age) of the maximum heart rate, that is, medium strength;

Of course, the above suggestions are for reference only, how to exercise more, or your own body.


Daily salt reduction can start with quantification

By quantifying the daily salt, we can make our hearts in our hearts. The quantification of salt can be performed through the following three small methods.

Calculate the daily salt intake and buy a bag of salt at home, record the purchase date, and then record the date after salt. In this way, you know how many days this bag of salt has been eaten, and then roughly calculate the daily salt intake per capita.


Use a salt spoon to use salt spoon, and grasp the salt amount added when cooking every day according to the specifications of the salt spoon (usually 2 grams). Or prepare a salt limit can, eat salt in a salt limited salt tank according to the recommended amount, and use it a day.

When reading the nutritional component table, when purchasing pre -packaging food, it is also important to learn to read the nutritional component table. The sodium (NA) on the pre -packaged food nutrition label indicates the level of salt content. When buying, pay attention to choosing foods with low sodium salt content as much as possible.

These medicines are making your bones crispy


Today, I will help you find the drugs that can cause osteoporosis.

Ketal hormone. Excessive use of thyroid hormones can cause calcium phosphorus imbalances in the human body, cause bone decreased and bone absorption, and lead to osteoporosis.

heparin. Patients with heparin, such as ordinary heparin and low molecular heparin for more than 4 months, may occur in osteoporosis or spontaneous fracture.


Antipiatic epilepsy sodium, phenobarby, etc. Long -term taking such drugs can cause hypocalcemia, and hypocalcemia and osteoporosis and spontaneous fracture occur.

Diuretic diuretic urination, double gram, etc. Long -term use will cause hypoccitent potassium, hypocalcium calcium, etc., which can cause osteoporosis.

Proton pump inhibitors (acidic gastric care medicine). The commonly used Omeprazole may increase the risk of hip, wrist bone and spine fracture.

Anti -tumor drug. Long -term use will increase the formation of osteosoplastics and cause osteoporosis.

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