What kind of toy bear is a bear doll luxury product? Is there a collection value?

In addition to being a popular plush toy, the bear dolls also occupy a place in the collection and luxury industry. Some of the time -long and well -preserved antique -grade toy bears have high collection value, and their value is even hundreds of thousands. Millions can be regarded as luxury. There are also luxury bear dolls produced by gold, sapphire and diamonds, which are worth 85,000 US dollars. There are also auctional facilities to hold toy bear auctions. Let’s take a look at what the toy bear luxury goods are like.

1. What is the luxury of the bear dolls like

The bear doll is the toy bear we often say. As a kind of toy, its price is not expensive, but there are also little bear dolls on the market as luxury sales. So what is a luxury toy bear?

Major luxury brands have produced luxury products of bear dolls, but in the toy bear world, the most classic is the 125 golden toy bears manufactured by German Steiff. It is made to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the establishment. Made in gold, fluff is a golden line, the pupils of the eyes are sapphire, and the iris consists of 20 small diamonds. Each price is 85,000 US dollars. Has a million.

Buying and collecting luxury toys have a long history abroad. The London Christie’s Auction Room will hold a teddy bear auction every two years. Their average value is between 1,000 and 6000 pounds. At the end of 2000, one is to commemorate ” The “Mourning Bear” produced by the Titanic “sinking bears, there are only 600 in the world, and the price of 91,750 pounds was shot. Shortly after this auction, British Christie’s was shot another $ 193,477 (about 1.6 million yuan at the time). The antique -class teddy bear wearing LV short coat set a world record for plush toys auction prices.

As a luxury product, the bear doll is also more popular. There are a group of professional teddy bear collectors, as well as specialty toy bears.

2. Does toy bear have a collection value?

熊公仔奢侈品是什么样的 玩具熊有收藏价值吗

For some people who love toy bears, they will buy some bear dolls that can be regarded as luxury goods, and be careful to save. So does the toy bear have a collection value?

As a kind of plush toy, unless the golden toy bear is mentioned above, otherwise the collection value is relatively low, mainly because some of the long -lasting plush toy bears have a certain collection value. The collection of toy bears is a market promoted with “love” -it evokes the love and enthusiasm of the collector. For a person who does not like toy bears, the bear is a bear. But for a toy bear enthusiast, each bear has its own unique personality. If they fall in love, wherever they are, they will spend money.