The use, limitations, and common questions of dual metal thermometer

1. Why use dual metal thermometers?

Measure from a distance

The dual metal thermometer is very suitable to test the temperature from a distance. They can provide accurate temperature without touching the object you are measured (even if your object is in a motion). When you cannot insert the probe into the tested item, if the surface cannot be touched, or the distance must be kept due to high temperature, this is an ideal choice. You can measure the following objects with dual metal thermometers: fragile (computer circuit), danger (gear, melting metal), difficulty penetrating (frozen food), easy pollution (food, saline solution), movement (conveyor belt, organism) Movement, scope (air -conditioning pipeline, ear drum)

Dual metal thermometer measures surface temperature

The dual metal thermometer is very suitable for checking the surface temperature, but they cannot measure the internal temperature of the object.

The double metal thermometer is very fast and can usually be read within a minute, or the time required for the calculation of the thermometer processor to perform the calculation. Their speed and relative ease of use make dual metal temperature meters a food service industry, manufacturing, heating air conditioning, asphalt and concrete, laboratory and countless precious public safety tools in other industrial applications.

2. Limitation of dual metal thermometers:

When using and completing the task in the correct application in the correct way, the dual metal thermometer is very useful. However, you need to understand their limitations before you can provide confidence in the ability to provide fast temperature.

Bimetallic thermometer:

① Measure the internal temperature of the surface temperature without measuring food or other ingredients. When you need to read the internal temperature of the food with real -time reading, the IR thermometer cannot be replaced;

② need to be adjusted according to the measured surface;

③ It is not considered as highly accurate as the surface probe measurement as the same surface;

④ It can be temporarily affected by frost, humidity, dust, fog, smoke or other particles in smoke or air;

⑤ The rapid changes in the environmental temperature can be temporarily affected;

⑥ It can be temporarily affected by the radio frequency with the strength of three volt or higher electromagnetic fields per meter;


⑦ Do not “see” glass, liquid or other transparent surfaces, even if visible light (such as laser) passing them (that is, if you point the infrared gun to the window, you measure the temperature of the window glass, not the temperature outside).

In some cases, dual metal thermometers can be more accurate than surface probes because the surface probe has its own temperature and may affect the survey surface by contact with it.

3. Frequently Asked questions about dual metal thermometers:


Can I check the temperature of the grill with dual metal thermometer?

Yes! However, if you align the porous surface on the dual metal thermometer, when calculating the final temperature of the readings, you will consider the surface temperature of any surface on the surface of any surface that can be seen through the grille or grille hole.

How to use dual metal thermometer to measure the temperature of the grill::

① Put a solid surface such as cast iron plate or frying pan on the grill to keep it preheated for 5-10 minutes.

② Spray a little edible oil on the surface of the cast iron to ensure the appropriate emission rate.

③ Use IR thermometer to measure the surface temperature of the plate or frying pan.

Can I use dual metal thermometer to measure the temperature of the oven?

Do not. Your dual metal thermometer can only measure the surface temperature of the oven wall.

Can I check the completion of my meat or other foods with dual metal thermometers?

Because the dual metal thermometer only measures the surface temperature, they are not very effective in measurement of food integrity. Only the traditional probe thermometer can determine the internal temperature of the solid food.

Use dual metal thermometer to measure liquid temperature

When using a dual metal temperature timing with liquid such as soup and sauce, be sure to stir severe, and then measure it to balance the temperature of the volume of the liquid and approach the internal temperature of the liquid more accurately. Please note that even if the liquid is not boiling, the steam will be condensed on the thermometer to affect the accuracy of the measurement.

Can dual metal thermometers be seen through glass or transparent plastic?

Dual metal thermometers will not “see” glass, liquid or other transparent surfaces. Even if the visible light (such as laser) passes through them, if you point the dual metal temperature meter to the window, you will measure the surface temperature of the window itself.

Does the dual metal temperature meter pass through water?

Can’t. The dual metal thermometer can only measure the surface temperature of the water, even if the light of the laser is as described above through the water surface.

Is my dual -metal thermometer important than the angle of the measured object?

Yes. Simply put, I always try to directly perpendicular to the surface of the lens or dual metal thermometer. In this way, the boundary of the surface area measured by the temperature meter will be a tight circle. When you keep the dual -metal thermometer relative to the survey surface, the area in the “snapshot” will be oval and difficult to control.

Do I need to clean dual metal thermometers?

Yes! In order to be accurate, dual metal thermometers must maintain no dirt, dust, humidity, fog, smoke and debris. After exposed to dirty, dusty, smoke or humid environments, be sure to clean the bipolar thermometer. You should also plan to clean every six months. Pay special attention to keeping infrared lenses or cleaning no debris.

How to clean your dual metal thermometer:

① Use soft cloth or cotton swab or medical alcohol (never use soap or chemicals)

② Carefully wipe the lens first, and then wipe the main body of the thermometer

③ Before using the thermometer, let the lens completely dry

Do not immerse any part of the thermometer into the water.

Can I calibrate the dual metal thermometer by myself?

Like other thermometers, dual metal thermometers can be accurately calibrated. In the calibration laboratory, technicians use industrial black body calibration dual metal thermometers. However, if there is no industrial black body or comparison cup, it can also use the correct ice bath for fast calibration.