The bedroom is still in one room and a cabinet? No wonder the storage efficiency is low, it is better to try these three wardrobes layout

Some people say that it is not because of the living room kitchen and bathroom directly affecting the happiness of the home, but the bedroom. The bedroom is the longest daily life time. It is particularly important to improve the comfort and home happiness of the bedroom.

Is your wardrobe or insisting on one room and one cabinet? Xingzhi shared the layout of three bedroom wardrobes, hoping to help everyone.

Side wardrobe style


1. Make a thin cabinet on the side to replace the dressing table

In the traditional bedroom, the dressing table is placed on the side of the bedroom for easy dressing. Although this can make the bedroom look bright and open, it has also lost a lot of storage space, especially for small units, which is a very unfriendly policy strategy.


It’s better to make thin cabinets on the side of the bedroom to replace the original dressing mirror. While improving the storage, the thin cabinet will not have a strong sense of weight.

2. Use steel frame to make wardrobes to improve the storage rate

In many cases, the purchased wardrobe often does not meet the expected storage effect. It is not because the size of your purchase or custom wardrobe is not enough, but the internal space is too small and the storage efficiency is limited. Happening.

It is better to change your mind and use steel frames to make wardrobes. Because the size of the steel frame itself is small, it almost does not occupy the space inside the wardrobe. People who have used it directly: It is not expensive and practical. From then on, the bedroom storage has a fall.

3. Use Changhong Glass to improve the face value


Because the happiness of the home cannot be measured by comfort and practicality, it is also necessary to use comprehensive judgment with face value, senses, and experience. Therefore, pursuing a high -value wardrobe is the wish of many people.

Xingzhi is recommended to replace the traditional cabinet door with Changhong Glass. The value of the face is not only improved by one grade, but also the wardrobe can also take out.


Design style of the bedside table

1. Create a wardrobe overall.

As a bedroom storage genius, how can the space on the bedside be used to use it? The overall bedside of the bed is sought after by many small types. There are no cloakrooms. The clothes are often new year by year, but they are not willing to throw away old clothes. They can only open another wardrobe.


2. Wardrobe partition

The bedside cabinet integrated cabinet has greatly improved the bedroom storage, but if it is necessary to truly work, it also needs to spend a lot of effort to distinguish the wardrobe. The purpose of the partition is to better realize storage. The wardrobe can be divided into clothes areas, stacked areas, and large -scale areas.


Do not need to be bedside table

1. Ou Song board as a partition wall and install switch on the side.


The big drawer is made below, and small objects or stacked items can be placed for easy access. Only hanging clothes in the middle, not only the clothes hanging, but also saving money and environmental protection.

2. Place the finished shelf at the top of the wardrobe, and just put it casually.

The folding door is installed at the outermost.


3. Invisible wardrobe, wall cabinet on the wall.

The cabinet door adopts a through -the -body design. It does not need to be opened by the door handle. It is full and full of intelligence, which greatly improves the happiness of home life. And it can be “integrated” with the wall, the vision will not be abnormal, it is really absolutely absolute!

The above three bedroom wardrobe design storage strategies shared with everyone. Do you have any good ways to improve the bedroom storage? Welcome to comment on the message area.

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