Aluminum profile foot wheel

The foot wheels are installed at the bottom of the aluminum profile framework, which is convenient for turning and moving. These frameworks include workbench, small cart, fence, protective cover, etc. The bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom is supported by supporting movement, which is convenient for employees to move work. Essence


There are two types of aluminum profile foot wheels, one is the orientation foot wheel, and the other is a non -oriented foot wheel. The orientation foot wheel does not rotate the structure. It is fixed and cannot roll. River to the foot.


If it is subdivided according to the weight, it can also be divided into brake foot wheels, shock -absorbing foot wheels, adjustable foot wheels and light foot wheels, medium -sized foot wheels, heavy foot wheels, ultra -heavy foot wheels, special heavy foot wheels, and alien foot wheels. There are generally three ways to install aluminum profile foot wheels. One is to use bolt nuts to fix it on the end of the profile and slot pits directly, the other is to attack the thread holes on the profile, and then screw it directly on the profile. Come to transition.

The aluminum profile foot wheel is a convenient accessory accessory. Many profiles need to be used on it. I will introduce here today. Welcome to leave a message with other issues. If you have the needs of industrial aluminum profiles Sincere aluminum.