The style is simpler and simpler, Oshina oblique cross -shoulder bag evaluation

There are people in the heart of lover. Which girl likes to wear good -looking clothes. We must not only wear our favorite skirts in summer, but also carry a bag that we like, but the summer bags in summer are If you carry too much, it will look very unsightly. If you carry too small, you won’t be able to install it. I am tangled. When I am tangled, my girlfriend just recommends me an Oshina brand. The shoulder bag is not only good -looking, but also the color is very eye -catching. When I saw it at first glance, it was my favorite style. Not much introduction! Hurry up and take you to see this bag I buy!

When I started this bag, I liked its high -value appearance. The glittering star design in front of the bag was delicate and shiny, with dazzling light, dreamy and charming, and it was very eye -catching on the body. The front end of the body is also equipped with an antlers, golden, presented on the layer of the golden stream, the luster and the smart coexist, with a different style of style.


Fashionable styles, both with skirts or casual clothes, are very versatile. They also use classic black bag design, which is simple and more versatile on the body. In addition, the capacity inside the bag is still very large. There are multiple compartments, which can store mobile phones, umbrellas, powder, hand cream, lipstick lip balm, 3 cards, etc., which can be installed. need.


The details are very intimate. It uses hardware dual magnetic buckle, powerful magnetic suction, accurate hole position, and more convenient to use. The geometric design sense of hardware is dazzling, and the back can highlight the simple atmosphere. The adjustable shoulder strap design is also adopted, the porous adjustment buckle, which can adjust the length of the shoulder straps, which is friendly to different girls of different heights.

I like a shoulder bag very much. If you are also preparing to start the bag, then after reading my sharing, hurry up and plant it. Not only the high value, but also wearing various styles of clothing on the body.