Attention training small tools ——- Wuzi Chess

Wuzi chess, I haven’t played it when I was a kid. It is estimated that it is too advanced and has not popularized.

When I was a kid, either I had urine, or had play with children, or it was climbing trees, digging bird eggs, and playing glass balls.

Later, he resigned and started a training course for the summer vacation. In order to make the children less boring, they bought some checkers, Go, and chess. Go is too tall, no, I learned to have five children chess with children.

Wuzi chess is still very simple, you can get started at the age of three.

It has two ways to play.

How to play 1: The two sides use black and white pawns respectively, and at the intersection of the straight line and horizontal line of the chessboard, the five -child connection is formed to win.

How to play 2: If you form a five -child connection, replace any chess pieces of the opponent. The replaced chess pieces can exchange chess pieces with the opponent. Finally, the party who finished all the chess pieces first won.

The first way to play is the most common, and it is easy to divide and win or lose;

I just said that I can play at the age of three. Why?

This is to say what capabilities will be used to play Wuzi chess.

The first attention is not needed to talk about this. Attention is the ability of all abilities and the basic ability.

The second logical thinking ability. This ability is very important. The difference between people and people can also be reflected in logical thinking. Logical thinking is a kind of algorithm, which requires repeated reasoning and verification to achieve self -consistent self -consistent. The foundation of modern science is the result of the long -term development of logical thinking.

In other words, if logical thinking is good, the probability of mathematics will be good.

If you get started, you do n’t need to understand the ability to increase, subtract, and remove, and have enough logical reasoning capabilities.

The third memory. Play Wuzi Chess in mind the location of each chessboard and layout of the entire chessboard, and refresh the memory map in real time. Otherwise, the opponent inadvertently dug the pit for you to jump.

The fourth mind. Since it is a competitive game, there must be a loss and winning. Generally, children can’t afford to lose, regret chess as soon as they lose, or cry. If it is handled well, so that the child can have a normal heart, then the future of life will be much smoother.

The fifth endurance, if the chess is in the opponent, the two may have a lot of chess pieces without winning and defeat, and keep it all the time. Seize the opportunity and directly transform into a victory.

Of course, we will also cultivate other abilities, and we will not list them one by one.

Children over three years of age can play. Different ages and cognitive ability are different. You can adjust your own level according to the characteristics of your child.

You don’t even win three times when you come up. If that, the child will not play anymore, it is boring, no sense of accomplishment.

You need to induce your child to fall in love with Wuzi chess without revealing it. You can not regret it until you lose.

Educating children is to teach and raise. It is an opportunity for education. As long as you catch it, you do n’t have to do anything.

The most difficult to cultivate children’s attention is that the child’s attention is very bad. We don’t know what the reason is caused by what training it is.

In fact, the most important thing is the daily life and learning environment, and the power of subtleness is the most powerful.

Having said that, will you play Wuzi Chess with your children?