Emerging professional interpretation (3) | Network and new media

In order to help candidates understand the professional situation and make professional selection and career planning in advance, the Provincial Education Examination Institute and the Provincial Education Department of the Provincial Department of Education and relevant universities launched a “professional interpretation” series for the reference of college candidates in 2022.

Today, the third issue will be sent to the candidate -the Internet and the professional interpretation of the new media. Are you interested in this specialty related to our lives? Come and learn with Xiaobian together ↓↓

1. When did you start to open it in domestic universities?

The Ministry of Education in the “Undergraduate Professional Catalog of General College” (2012) added a special professional method to add the “Network and New Media” (050306T) major.

2. What is the major of the Internet and new media?

The Internet and new media are majors in journalism and communication. They are emerging majors that have gradually developed in accordance with the development trend of the media industry in the digital era. They are facing the Internet and digital technology. They have strong interdisciplinary and applied characteristics.

The major of the Internet and new media requires students to engage in the depth, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary production and dissemination of digital news information, and at the same time, they have the ability to communicate technologies such as data mining analysis technology and news product design and production technology. This major focuses on the shaping of humanistic literacy and values, and also emphasizes the software operation ability and professional skills of the Internet era. It mainly cultivates innovative talents with the combination of literary sciences, both virtue, and both understanding concepts and practical practice.

3. What are the current universities opened in China?

As an emerging major that conforms to the rapid development of network technology, the construction of network and new media majors is currently on the rise. As of March 2021, a total of 314 colleges and universities that have been approved and opened in the country to open the network and new media. University, Lingnan Normal University, Hanshan Teachers College, Guangdong Institute of Finance, Guangzhou University, Shenzhen University, Guangzhou Xinhua College, Guangzhou Software College, Guangzhou Southern College, etc.

How many years are the academic system? What degree is awarded?

新兴专业解读(三)| 网络与新媒体

The academic system is 4 years and awarded a bachelor’s degree in literature.

5. What are the main courses?

The core courses of network and new media are: new media Introduction, new media design foundation, dynamic design, new media user research, audiovisual communication introduction, audiovisual foundation, Internet program design based on Python language, network philosophy, network marketing, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media integration, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media integration, media integration, media integration, media integration, media integration, media integration, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, media fusion, Data capture and cleaning, data visualization, online audiovisual media culture, documentary creation, video sound creation, photography art, etc.

新兴专业解读(三)| 网络与新媒体

The picture shows the “Digital Color” of the National Excellent Resources Sharing Course of the School of Communication of Shenzhen University. Teachers Teacher Tian Shaoyu, a teaching master of the National “Ten Thousand Talents Program”, combined the visual color education with the era of digital media to be close to the development of the times.

The picture shows the virtual simulation laboratory of Shenzhen University of Communication, relying on the construction of Shenzhen University’s National Communication Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and Guangdong Press Media Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center.

6. What is the prospect of employment?

The employment direction of the Internet and New Media is scientific research, new media product planning, design and operation, new media content production and communication, short video production and operations. According to the “2021-2027 China’s New Media Industry Competitive Patition Analysis and Investment Decision Report Report” released by Zhiyan Consulting, in recent years, my country’s new media industry has grown rapidly, which has increased from 237.93 billion yuan in 2014 to 2020 1054.8 billion yuan. The vigorous development of the industry has brought about the growth of talent demand. According to statistics, from 2013 to 2018, the number of talents in new media operations increased by 10.8 times, becoming one of the fastest -growing careers in recent years.

7. What are the suggestions for the application?

1. If you are interested in the problem of the new media era, you are willing to study.

The cultivation of students on the Internet and new media includes both news and information production and communication capabilities, but also covering new media design, production, and network technology. This requires candidates to think and have some insight into the phenomenon of the new media era. They have certain insights, and they are willing to study in the fields of their own interests. They have a strong ability to learn.

2. Have a certain data thinking or design innovative thinking.

Although this major is enrolled according to news communication, both arts and sciences are collected, but the major pays more attention to the training of new media data thinking in the process of talent training. Students must have the practical ability to adapt to the requirements of the era of big data and drive the network communication by data. In addition, in the era of intelligent communication, innovative thinking will become a more important quality, which can stand out in the design or content planning and production of new media product.

3. There is a clear plan for his career.

Network and new media majors are a strong discipline. The export of talent training is diverse. Candidates need to form a relatively clear career plan in the learning process in accordance with the talent needs of the market, combine their own ability and hobbies, and determine the future to determine the future Career development direction.

4. Have strong self -learning ability and adaptability.

The professionalism of the Internet and the new media faces the rapid challenge of technological updates. Students need to have a certain self -learning ability in the process of professional learning, and deeply cultivate in the direction of self -interest. It is necessary to adapt to the endless and rapid changes of new technologies, take advantage of it, grasp the essence, and gain employment competitiveness with better adaptability.