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有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

-Linity financing-

有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

Sichuan Pai Spicy Brand Spicy Card Complete 10 million yuan round A round of financing

Photo Source: Spicy Panpan official website

Recently, the Sichuan Pai Spicy Brand has completed a round A financing of 10 million yuan, which is exclusively invested by Si Chen Venture Capital.

Established in 2021, Spicy Plate is a young spicy spicy brand. In addition to the spicy spicy, spicy plate also launched a variety of Sichuan -flavored snacks and beverages such as special red soup skewers, bowls and bowls, kung fu bamboo shoots, desserts, drinks and beverages.

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After the epidemic, light catering develops rapidly, and large single categories are new market trends in the next market. Compared with traditional catering stores, this category has less investment, low labor costs, and strong repression. The rapid layout of spicy plate lies in its supply chain advantage. After obtaining financing, it is expected to bring the Sichuan spicy spicy spicyness into the country in the future.

Science and technology skin care brand Youngmay-like beauty received Pre-A round financing

有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

Image source: Youngmay official website

A few days ago, the technology skin care brand Youngmay-like beauty completed the tens of millions of Pre-A round financing. This round of funds will be used for brand promotion, marketing, product development and other aspects.

有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

Youngmay -like beauty was established in 2020. It is a biotechnology company specializing in the field of leather. The products are precisely targeting the skin care needs of people with different ages and skin quality. Youngmay Sample Beauty has now launched water -ray needles and kinetic energy for injection service projects that can replace medical beauty institutions. At the same time, traditional skin care products such as water, lotion, cream, essence are also launched to help users realize medical beauty.

With the improvement of per capita consumption level, medical beauty and familyization gradually evolved into high -frequency and rigid needs. As a technology skin care brand, Youngmay -like beauty can penetrate the medical beauty market and occupy the skin care market. It has great development potential and rising space. In the future, medical beauty and domesticization will also become a new air orientation in the industry. Youngmay -like beauty completing new financing is enough to verify this trend.

Iqiyi received $ 285 million in financing

Picture source: iQiyi official website

A few days ago, iQiyi announced that he had signed a subscription agreement with investment institutions such as Baidu. Investors agree to purchase a total of 164,705,882 newly issued companies B ordinary shares and 304,705,880 newly issued categories of ordinary shares, with a total purchase price of US $ 285 million. Among them, Baidu will subscribe for category B ordinary shares, and other investors will subscribe for category A ordinary shares. This transaction is expected to be completed in the near future.

Iqiyi has always faced profitability for many years, but in the long run, the future development of the long video industry is still worthy of optimism, which is also one of the important reasons for its financing. However, its development model has urgently needed to change. In the past, the model of pursuit of high -speed growth and large share was long.

3D printing company Opt Industries obtained $ 15 million in Series A financing

Picture source: OPT official website

Recently, Opt Industries, an 3D printing company hatched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), announced that it has received $ 15 million in Series A. This round of financing will be used to promote product development, expand the scale of operation and development teams.

Opt Industries is a 3D design and 3D printing technology manufacturer. At present, a new 3D printed nose swab named Instaswab has been developed, which is 20 times higher than the performance of ordinary products.

Super material is a rapidly developing field, with huge undevelopment potential. Especially under the influence of the global new crown epidemic, the new 3D printed nose swab has received widespread attention from the market. Based on this, OPT has been favored by financing and capital.

有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

Play Mei Mobile is about to go on the market

Picture source: Play Mei Mobile official website

有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

A few days ago, Perfect Corp. announced that it had reached a consolidated agreement with Spac, PROVIDENT Acquisition Corp., and is expected to be listed on the Nasdaq in the third quarter of this year with “PERF” as the stock code.

Founded in 2015, Play Mei Mobile mainly develops beauty and fashion industry SaaS technology services through AI and AR. The specific solutions include 3D face and hand modeling, AI skin detection and simulation, AR image support consulting, real -time virtual products Trial and personalized face characteristics detection and recommendation.

Playing American Mobile through AI technology to help consumers make purchasing decisions, which has a higher advantage of “moat”. Since its establishment, Play Mei has been consolidating technical strength, quickly promoting the diversification of commercial application scenarios, and a strong foundation for listing.

Li Ning Sports established a children’s clothing company with a registered capital of 250 million yuan

有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

Picture source: Li Ning’s official website

A few days ago, Li Ning (China) Sports Products Co., Ltd. added an external investment. The investment company is Li Ning Sports Children’s Clothing Co., Ltd., with an investment ratio of 100%.

Li Ning Sports Children’s Clothing Co., Ltd. was established on March 3, 2022, with a registered capital of 250 million yuan. The business scope includes sports supplies and equipment wholesale; retail of sports goods and equipment; technical services, technical development, technical consulting, technical exchanges, technical transfer , Technical promotion, etc.

The establishment of a children’s clothing company is a new expansion and attempt for Li Ning. Under the influence of sports trends and national tide, Li Ning ushered in a new height. It is also a good thing.

Tubo launched Queen’s Day Limited Meng Pet Claw Shoes Gift Box

Picture source: Tmall official website

The Women’s Day is approaching, and the spokesperson of the Tuba joint brand Di Lierba launched the same macaron running shoe gift box, and the Queen’s festival limited cute pet claw shoe gift box.

At the same time, Tuban released a short film around the theme of “You Special”, affirming different flash points on women, advocating individual liberation and personality independence, and encouraging everyone to show “special self”.

The March 8 Women’s Day is a very good marketing opportunity for the brand. When women pay more and more attention to sound expression, whoever can seize the hearts of female users will seize the opportunity of victory.

Vitality Forest push new products for minerals

Photo source: Vitality Forest official website

Recently, the vitality forest has launched a new packaging with mineral products. The new version uses black, white, and gold color colors. The large area of ​​white highlights the “stone”, which continues the large Chinese character style of the vitality forest products.

It is worth noting that the specifications of the new product are no longer 550ml, and the bottle body is updated to a diamond bottle, showing marble turbulence.

From the perspective of the entire bottle water industry, products have gradually developed high -end products. The entry of the vitality forest has set a subdivision boundary for the track. In the bottle water field entangled in the giant, the vitality forest tried to win a cake.

有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

Winnie Harlow launches skin care brand Cay Skin

Recently, Winnie Harlow launched the skin care brand Cay Skin, which focuses on sunscreen products. At present, the brand has launched four products, including SPF 55 and SPF 45 emulsion, SPF 30 body oil and SPF 30 lip balm, ranging from $ 14 to $ 34.

The brand will be released online on the exclusive retail partner Sephora online on March 22, and settled in 251 Sephora physical stores on April 1.

Functional skin care brands are already one of the categories of many giants layout. Especially in the context of people who pay great attention to ingredients and health needs, this track will also have super high potential. Winnie Harlow will achieve good results with its own popularity and functional selling points.

CHANEL increases in prices in Europe and other places

Photo source: chanel official website

A few days ago, the CHANEL brand once again increased the price of classic handbags in Europe and other places. This time, it does not include the Chinese and American markets.

It is worth noting that CHANEL 11.12 handbags, CHANEL BOY handbags, CHANEL 2.55 and CHANEL 19 brands of classic handbags and spring clothing series are 6%in Europe, 5%in the United Kingdom, 8%of Japan, 5%of Hong Kong, China, and 5%of Hong Kong, China, and 5%, China Hong Kong, 5%, China, 5%, and 5%, and Hong Kong, China, 5%, and 5%, China, China, 5%, and 5%, China, China, 5%, and 5%in Hong Kong, China. South Korea is 2%, and it has officially taken effect.

In fact, this is the sixth price increase since the CHANEL epidemic. Not only CHANEL, since the outbreak of the epidemic, major luxury brands have accelerated the pace of product price increases. Rising production costs are naturally partial reasons, but product positioning and brand impact cannot be ignored.

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有品日报 | 辣盘盘/样美/爱奇艺获融资;玩美移动将上市;李宁体育成立童装公司

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