How long does the panties change? How to wash it with blood? What you want to know here are here

Let’s talk about underwear today. Although there are not many opportunities to see people, everyone pays attention to it less than other clothes.

After all, I am in my close contact with us almost at all times. If the underwear is not suitable, it is really uncomfortable.

Its hygiene is also closely related to our health. It is not appropriate to change and wash, which will increase the risk of our illness.


When will the underwear be thrown?

Regarding the validity period of underwear, some people say that for 3 months, some people say that half a year … Actually, the most important thing is to see

What did it look like


If it appears

Washing, poor elasticity, loose waist, pinching buttocks


If you want to consider whether you should change your panties.

You can also refer to the suggestion of this netizen:

Think about it like this, is there a lot?

I don’t want to wear it anymore, I can’t bear to throw it

Underwear? You can see how the mothers of our editorial department have done their best.

Cake mother


I always feel that the glue of my aunt towel and pad is not clean, so I will put the underwear that I want to throw

Stay in Auntie Period

Let’s write down this little trick!


I will save up the underwear I plan

When a disposable underwear, lose it after wearing it.

I found that I had too much, and I wanted to “go out and play” …

Another one -saving tips, but unfortunately it can’t be used for the time being

Dumb second

Don’t throw old underwear. When the dogs at home come to the aunt, cut a hole in the butt and wear it for the dog …

In case the dog sneaks out, what to do


How to wash underwear?

Who did you wear the newly bought underwear? Can’t be like that in the future.

After all, it is necessary to contact the private parts. It is difficult to ensure that there is no pollution in the production, transportation and storage links.

Before wearing the new underwear, you must wash it, you can’t be lazy

Speaking of the topic of washing underwear, the diligent people of our editorial department are the same diligence, while lazy people have their own laziness.

Those who are diligent are small pots specializing in underwear. Washing them with underwear soaps before going to bed every day, rinse and dry them to ventilated places such as balcony.

There are many good things, such as beautiful colors

Underwear soap


In fact, the biggest effect of underwear soap is

Washing underwear and soaps of other things are separated

If you remember good, buy soap with different colors.

and also

Washing away the aunt’s blood artifact

According to the official instructions, after 20 minutes of soaking, the old blood that is difficult to clean with soap is gone, and then it is good to rinse.




Aunt’s blood is stained on the clothes, the most important thing is

Wash in time and cold water

Don’t use hot water to make your aunt blood more difficult to wash.

How lazy people who want to be lazy?


In fact, it ’s okay to save two or three days. Sometimes it’ s too tired to fall asleep. I really do n’t want to wash it.


It’s better not to save

Because there will be sweat, secretions, urine residues on dirty underwear, and bacteria in feces. For two days of dirty underwear, bacteria and mold may have been reproduced for several generations.

I really don’t want to wash it every day, I can do it for 2 or 3 days, and add some when washing



, Or use a washing machine and dryer with sterilization function, do not need to worry too much.


In order not to wash the underwear, buy the underwear washing machine, you can only wash one at a time, and then find that it is troublesome to drive once a day …

Underwear washing machine

There are two types, one is a small washing machine, the other is designed for underwear. You can choose according to your own conditions. Remember to choose a sterilization function.

Ask yourself every morning, do you want to wash your underwear tonight? If you don’t want to, then bring a few pads. By the way, one -time underwear is really a good thing. I wonder if I can wear it every day?


The pad really saves trouble, but it cannot be used for a long time

Essence It is not breathable. Long -term use will allow our private parts to be in a humid environment. Used in the case of aunt, business trip, etc., remember to change the toilet every time.

The comfort of disposable underwear is not as good as ordinary underwear, and it takes too much money every day … It doesn’t matter if you wear it for a few days in special cases, but don’t use it frequently.


How can I pick panties?


Now many sisters will buy underwear online, and there is no way to feel the fabric with hands. In case you buy buttocks and uncomfortable underwear, it feels like

Know the common fabrics of the underwear before buying, and then it is not easy to step on the mine ~

◎ cotton


Breath and moisture, but not allergic.


: Discard -resistant and poor elasticity.

Because cotton is a natural material, which absorbs and breathable,

The crotch of most cotton underwear is all cotton


The other parts of the fabrics mostly use cotton and spandex blending, which increases the elasticity.

The details of the e -commerce website will write the material


◎ Modell


Soft and fit.

: Not suitable for skin sensitivity.

Modal’s skin feels smooth and delicate, and the skin feels good, but it is not as good as cotton in terms of friendship. Choose Modal underwear,

It’s best to choose the crotch whole cotton

◎ Ice silk

Smooth and light.

: Poor elasticity and easy to take off.

Ice silk is also called artificial silk,

There is a special coolness, which is more suitable for summer

Essence But moisture absorption is not as good as cotton, so the crotch of ice silk panties is generally cotton.


◎ Mulberry Silk

Comfortable and skin -friendly, but sensitive.


Mulberry silk is also called real silk, it is natural material,

Very comfortable and friendly to the skin

Slim silk’s underwear does not need to use cotton to make the inner crotch.

The biggest advantage of mulberry silk is



, A young lady in the editorial department described it “

It’s like not wearing.

The disadvantages are also very prominent:

Expensive, delicate

, Need special laundry solution, many artifacts to go to the aunt’s blood cannot be used for washing it.

Everyone shopping for underwear, it is recommended to choose from these 4 fabrics. Other artificial fiber fabrics, mesh, lace and the like, it is best to buy it before you can buy it.

The underwear is uncomfortable and depends on the version,

What is more comfortable in the middle, low waist, flat angle, triangle …

If you consider comfort,

Mid -high waist and hip package are better

The underwear will be more comfortable, and it is not easy to move and pinch the buttocks. But this style is not very good …

Speaking of this, the mothers of the editorial department all said that before and after giving birth, the underwear changed. The panties of the girl period, the keywords are:


Sexy low -waist little lace; cartoon cute kitten

After giving birth to a baby, the keywords become:

Comfortable, high waist, hip hips …



In the past, her husband would also buy the very sexy underwear. After having a baby, he lived with her mother -in -law. The mother -in -law consciously took on the task of washing clothes and could only hide the sexy small inner snow silently.


I used to be sexy low -waist little lace, but now

Low pockets are not complete

Always falling down, after being large -size underwear, it feels really comfortable! Occasionally, I still take my husband’s underwear to work. It is quite comfortable except that I am a little bit out of the crotch.

Do you feel the same as everyone as everyone? If you have any care for underwear and wash underwear, you can write a message to share with everyone ~






Dumb second