The bento box of the hot rice, eating hot rice anytime, anywhere, the company does not have a microwave oven and is not afraid of

I often see that someone in the user group complains that there is no microwave oven in my company, indicating that I have learned so much dishes with me. As a result, I want to bring my own lunch to eat healthy.


It is practical to heated a bento box, so that you can eat hot lunch without lining up in front of the microwave oven, or even without leaving the work position.

This self -heated bento box is really simple to use, you


Just plug in the power supply, you can put it next to it.

Even hot rice on the station does not affect work.

And bento box

After heating to 70 ° C, it will automatically adjust to the thermal insulation mode


It is exactly the temperature of the palature, which is very convenient and saved.

Many common steam rice boxes should be added before heating, and it is not too worry -free to keep the water from being dry. Moreover, the heating of water vapor will make the taste of the dishes worse. Originally, it was fried and fried, and finally turned into steamed vegetables.


In addition, with the taste of steam, the atmosphere of the office may be very sour …

This self -heating bento box is heated through the at the bottom, which can


Let the ingredients be uniformly heated at 360 ° from the bottom up, and the low temperature and slow heat heating method can better retain the original taste of the food

After heating, even green vegetables that are easy to yellow are still green and green ~


Unlike the microwave oven hot rice, the ingredients can be dry.

There are still on the bento box

7 small lights can display heating progress

Each lamp represents 10 ° C. When flashing, the meal is heating. When the 7 lamps are bright, it means that the lunch box enters 70 ° C thermal insulation status.


The meals made in the morning are at room temperature

It can be heated in about 20-30 minutes

Essence The lunch box is not a problem for 4-5 hours to plug in and keeps insulation at 70 ° C. At noon, you can remove the power at noon and eat it!


This bento

Thermal insulation is also very good

During the heating process, even if the handle is placed on the box, it will not feel hot.

By the way, the power interface is

Separate magnetic contact design


When the plug is close to the jack, it can be automatically sucked into it. This feels pretty addictive ~

After all, the bento box must be exposed to meals, and safety is very important. This self -heated bento box

The ending is a food -grade ceramic coating by a third -party institution SGS certification. The lid is a food -grade PC material

After heating, there is no odor, very safe, you can use it safely.

Another advantage of ceramic coatings is

Easy to clean

The inside and outside of the bento box are all

Round -corner design, don’t worry about sanitary dead corners when cleaning up

It only takes a few seconds to rinse. If it is not convenient to wash in the company,


You can easily remove the oil with paper towels


Just like the ceramic pot at home cannot be used, it is also recommended to use wooden or resin tableware to avoid using iron tableware as much as possible to avoid scratching ceramic coatings.


There is a sealing exhaust valve on the lid of the bento box. When it is closed, you can forcefully lock the box of the box. There are two silicone seals in the inner ring of the lid.

After covering it

Intersection (However, the bento box in the soup water is still recommended to keep it as flat as possible ~)

Remember to open the exhaust valve when heating.


The bento box is


Can be washed throughout the body

Yes, just get the dragon head and rush, but don’t soak it in the water ~

A good -looking bento box can enhance the desire to cook.

Don’t believe you, look at the cuteness of the “21 Days Pickup Plan” on Weibo. Just watching these carefully prepared preparation is so good!

Everyone is working hard to enjoy life and food!

@土 饭 _

This self -heated bento box is available

Four macarons color matching, noon white, sunset powder, light moon blue, light mist green

Simple and high -level, exquisite life is a single bento.

In addition to such a high -value bento box, it also gives

A Japanese style wind

Essence In Japanese dramas, the housewives can often use it to wrap the bento box, retro and practical, and they are super beautiful.


Although this bento box is not so large, the space utilization rate is high.

Can be installed with 800ml meals

It is almost the amount of adults.


There is a mobile partition in the bento box and an independent built -in bowl that can separate the meals.

You can put 1 staple food and 2 different dishes at the same time.


The entire lunch box


Only one bottle of mineral water weight


It is very light and portable for office workers, and can be directly plugged into the bag.


This self -heating bento box can be used indoors, but also in the car.

It has one

Car set, including a car charger and a set of portable tableware

When you need to eat hot meals in the car, only need


Insert the car charger to the cigarette lighter

But, it is very suitable for those who drive out and drive frequently. In the future, there will be no need to endure unpalatable meals in high -speed service areas.


Portable tableware set is

Co -branded with EMOI, including a set of chopsticks, spoons and forks

, Put in a transparent storage box, there is a base of silicone below, which is very hygienic for easy access.

The friends who have used them all like this beautiful and convenient bento box.

The original price of this self -heated bento box is 298 yuan,

Now the activity price is reduced by 30 yuan, only 268 yuan, plus the car set, the activity price is 329 yuan (August 19th-August 26th)

It is almost equivalent to eating for a week of takeaway money, and you can buy this high -value self -heating bento box to make your work meals more delicious and healthier ~