After picking 109 shower gels, these 3 are very high and easy to use

The useful shower gel can double the happiness when we bathe.

Especially in winter, after busy all day, I want to take a comfortable bathing, bath, take away the fatigue, and then warmly go to bed to chase dramas, play mobile games, read books, talk about gossip …

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But now the shower gel on the market is becoming more and more diverse, and the propaganda words are more slippery than one, making people feel exciting and eye -catching.

After being tangled for a long time, I felt that I was always jumping repeatedly in the middle of moisturizing and fake slip.

In the end, he had to give up his resistance and use the former old three.

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

So, in order to find a reliable and easy -to -use shower gel, we specially made a solicitation:

As a result, most people who were involved in the questionnaire actually cared about when buying shower gel:



扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

Real user feedback

@ dxy_jgrb6zhr

As a person with extremely sensitive sense of smell, he doesn’t like things that are too fragrant. Can’t stand the smell of perfume. But the light aroma of Aobao smelled comfortably. Moreover, the elderly at home do not like to use shower gels, and the cleaning power is also possible. After cleaning, the skin will not be too dry.

@ dxy_L9vx1wv0

How to say, just like it, really like this milk fragrance, and every time I wash the fragrant fragrant and soft feeling, I really love it.

@ dxy_l9s2y4uq

I don’t know why people around me don’t like this taste, but I am very addictive! And I think I feel at ease with this shower gel! In short, it is comfortable and practical!

Every time I take a bath and smell the sweet and sour strawberry flavor, I am super happy, so that I will never be lazy and not paint! And this fragrance is not greasy or dizzy, it is particularly fresh and natural fruit aroma. After washing, I feel like a delicious strawberry!

Secondly, is the feeling of washing (using feelings) and price.

In addition, of the 109 products involved in this time, a new category (13 products) appeared, and there were also such new categories in the top 10 of the popular list.

Based on the concept of the guest (diligence) viewing (frugality) public (holding) Zheng (home), after the objective assessment of the daily chemical product formulater of the Fortune 500 companies, we from the 109 products involved

The popular TOP 2 of the shower gel and the popular TOP 1 of the new category.

Hurry up and take a look at us.

(The full list of TOP 10 with the popular list of shower gels at the end

Popularity of shower gel


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扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

Guess it?

That’s right, the second place is to accompany us from our childhood to the year of Dofen!

According to the research data from Lianlihua Labs, this shower gel adopts a formula system of “stabilizing the skin micro ecology”. Take into account a series of indicators such as microbial flora, skin pH, and skin barrier.

The surfactant uses a complex system for amino acid surfactants, anion surfactants, etc. to ensure the cleansing power, and can also take into account mildness. Coupled with nourishing ingredients such as glycerin and sunflower seed oil,

After washing the skin, it is not astringent or fake, it is simply a model of affordable!

And, because the complex table activity system is just right to clean the cleaning and mildness, so

Whether it is autumn and winter or spring and summer, it can be used!

It has two classic flavors: milk and cherry blossom fragrance.

The dark and moisturizing model of the blue, as soon as it is turned on, will smell a faint and sweet milk fragrance. The key is that this taste is very relaxed.

During the bath, hot water will accelerate the Brown movement. As a result, the entire bathroom will be scattered with a faint aroma, which makes people relax physically and mentally.

However, the fragrance is not lasting, and basically there is nothing to do on the next day, but there will be a little taste on the personal clothes.

Pick its users, except for the taste of its love, are all commented:

@ @ @ 鱼 鱼

1. The taste is fresh and not rich, pungent 2. It is easy to erase after the skin, and it will not be rinsed with water. It won’t be too dry and not too oily.

@ dxy_fzh5xi7

The faint milk fragrance is very pleasant, the foam is rich and dense, and the flushing is not slippery. After the washing, I feel that I have become white and there is a wood.

@ Crush u

It is good to flush, the taste is good, and it is quite moisturizing.


Now, to reveal the secret

Yes, it is leisurely wins with high tickets.

As a Shiseido Washing Line product,

It can be described as unlimited repurchase of men and women.

It uses a new type of amino acid surface -sodium taurine taurine. This ingredient is composed of natural sources of fatty acids with sodium methamphetamine.

During use, the foam is rich, delicate, and the key is stable ingredients. The hydrophilic amino acid structure contained in the skin is very irritating to the skin.

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

Two of the two commonly used in the surface of the cleansing products -e -laurel -gyotic sodium acetosacopia and coconut oil amine MEA, while ensuring cleaning, well balanced the mildness. Essence

In addition, because the pH value of the skin is acidic, organic weak acid adjustment pH values ​​are used in the formula to further reduce stimuli.

In addition, vitamin E and wild soybean oil are added to relieve skin dryness and avoid dry skin and itching after washing.

It has two classic fragrances: quiet and fragrant and happy fragrance.

The smell is a bit like floral fragrance, faint. It is said that the fine product can smell the front, middle, and tail. Not like Doffen’s fragrance, its taste will be elegant, and boys are very applicable.

Most people who like it are evaluated like this:

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

@ dxy_tszj5nr4

It is not slippery, similar to soap, but not so strong, it is very easy to rinse, and it is not tight after washing. Many other shower gel rushes for a long time and is slippery for a long time, I always feel that I don’t rush clean.

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

@ dxy_qksvvbf7

The fragrance is fresh and not strong; in the summer, it is not slippery and not dry. Of course, you still have to rub your body milk in winter.

@ chloe25

Clean and clean, the water is refreshing, and the aroma is fresh. For people like me who do n’t like to take a shower, it is the best shower gel.

After watching the popular TOP 2 of the shower gel, it is time to reveal the new Jinpin category.

Let’s take a look at this new product NO.1, where is the sacred?

New category

In fact, as early as 2014, oil shower products began to rise in the Asian market.

However, because many people are not familiar with its way of use and the mentality of smelling “oil”, it has not been too high.

In fact, from the texture, bath oil is equivalent to oil -shaped shower gel;

In terms of ingredients, bath oil is a mixture of shower gel and body oil, which is more suitable for people who are easy to dry in winter.

Take a look at the core components of the two, you understand.

The shower gel relies on the surface active agent to clean the skin, and it will add soaps or SLS, SLES and other cleaning ingredients. In addition, due to the high water content in the shower gel, preservatives must be added to the formula to “host discipline” to allow each component to keep their own.

The main component of bath oil is natural oil or synthetic oil ester. Most of these oils are characterized by good skin -friendly. A layer of oil film is formed on the surface of the skin while bathing,

While cleaning the skin, it can moisturize the stratum corneum of the skin and reduce the rubbing force of the skin surface.

The texture of Youye Lin Bathing Oil

This can better maintain the skin barrier for the dry skin of the inherent sebum secretion, and those who are prone to dedivination caused by dryness.

In addition, due to oil -soluble recipes, it is difficult to breed bacteria. Generally, the content of preservatives in bath oils is extremely low, and even many bath oils contain no preservatives.

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

However, it should be noted that although many bath oil products on the market are the appearance of oil, it is not a real oily formula.

The method of distinction is simple, that is, looking at the formula.

In the real oily formula, the first place in the ingredient table is generally oil ingredients, or the surfactant used as an emulsifier. If a “bath oil” component table is the first place, it is actually a shower gel with a water -soluble system, not a real bath oil.

This time, the voting rate is highly excellent forest. It uses an oily soluble system formula, with glycine soybean oil as its core ingredient, and is matched with non -soap -based surface active agents.

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

It can ensure both cleanliness and gentleness.

Soybean oil is the first place in the composition table -a natural vegetable oil, which contains rich nutrients such as isoflavones, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins. It is usually used as antioxidants and moisturizers in skin care products, which improves the dryness of the skin, making the skin fuller and smooth, and the touch is tender.

In addition, rice seed oil, vitamin original B5 (pan glycol), vitamin E and other nutrients are added to the formula, which can nourish the skin while bathing.

In addition, after the emulsification is quickly washed, the skin feels tender, not dry, and not slippery at all.

Warm heart reminder

1. Usage: a bit similar to cleansing oil

After bathing normally, you can apply the whole body with the bath oil. If you want to nourish the effect better, massage after applying and stay for a few minutes, rinse with water.

It should be noted that when the bath oil is used, it is basically low or even no bubble.

After water, it will quickly change from oil to white or colorless emulsion.

2. How to judge whether it was washed?

Rinse to the fake slip feeling without stickiness.

If it is water, it will turn into a white lotion -shaped bath oil, as long as it is washed to the skin, there will be no white lotion -like.

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

There is no need to use shower gel to clean the skin.

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at last

Want to buy here

TOP 10 of the popular list of this time

Old rules -list (chain) single (connected).

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

See if your favorite model, are you famous on the list?

After each period of the product collection, we will organize the popular TOP list for users to vote for everyone.

Find the price according to the list!

In addition, this time Dafen, Keran, Youyelin, we have talked about great strength:

Doffen shower gel: 4 bottles of bottle of shower gel + 1 bottle of shampoo + 1 bottle of hair 素 = 88 yuan

Everyday single bottle 1 kg is about 40 yuan to do activities

Now 2 large bottles and 1 kg, send 2 bottles of 190 grams of shower gel + 50 grams of conditioner + 50 grams of hair washing milk, only 88 yuan.

Shampoo and bath, a high time!

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

Keyan: 2 big bottles total 1100 ml, only 89 yuan, and 2 bathing balls

Youyelin: 400 milliliters of bath oil, send 10 7 ml of the same brand cream, only 98 yuan (excluding tax)

Look at the weight of this gift. It is really affordable. Body care and facial care are all available!

Gift real shot

And 12.1 ~ 12.12, spend 3 yuan before ordering to buy a money -saving card, the next order can be returned to the book, and it will be directly reduced by 8 yuan.

Really affordable, don’t hesitate to be friends, rush!

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

Alright, this “shower gel” in this issue is here,

Hurry up and pick up your favorite shower gel and wait for the receipt.

If you want to see the past

“Hand cream” and “lipstick” solicitation results, remember to point the portal ☟

Finally, don’t forget to share with your good friends, the next collection, see you!

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扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

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扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用


Real user feedback

Real user feedback

扒了 109 款沐浴露,这 3 款人气高又好用

@ dxy_l9s2y4uq

Popularity of shower gel

Picture source: Dr. Lilac Design Team

Picture source: Dr. Lilac Design Team