Everyone is wearing windbreaker jacket, wearing such a spring, temperament is hipster

Windbreaker, usually hooked with temperament.

Spring, windbreaker is also the most indispensable. The windbreaker is wearing, which can appear in the streets of the crowd in a casual street shoot, or you can do in the workplace in the workplace.

The style of the windbreaker is also varied, and it changes the quality of the windbreaker, cropping, color, and colors. But the windbreaker is not perfect. Because there are thousands of worlds, our body, skin tone, and tall are some of them. If you want to wear a windbreaker, we have to do two points.


The first point is selected from the skin color, and the body is relying on the body;


The second point passes the same, in many seemingly inadvertent small details, it should reflect the temperament of the wearing a wear, the beauty and temperament.

After doing this two points, we can put a windbreaker out of the temperament of “walking self-with blower”. Next, Xiao Chen will give you a deep analysis of these two-point demand.


Windbreaker model: How to experience? How to display?

Choose a windbreaker to lining the skin, talk from the aesthetic perspective, nothing more than the principle of “a white cover three ugly”. The dark skin is white, and the dim and rough skin looks red, which is the skin color problem we have to solve.


Then choose the windbreaker who is lining the skin by wearing, nothing more than choosing the color of the windbreaker. And choose color, it is necessary to select according to your skin color. Skin tone can be divided into cold and warm colors, warm-colored redemption windbreaker can choose warm tones, that is, the color soft and khaki, brown, rice white, etc. in the earth. The cold color is selected from the cold tones, such as common black, ash, etc.


The above has been selected from the cold and warm skin, and the criteria comments are contrast and contrast to the skin. When using it in actual wear, it may be inaccurate, then we can choose according to the details of the match.

For example, let’s talk about how to choose the windbreaker of the figure, but the premise is that we have to clarify the version of the windbreaker and our body characteristics. First, let the windbreaker show the body, that is, through the long and avoiding the shortness, the child is very high, the child is high, the size is the proportion of body, and the micro fat is to be thin and beautiful.


Then, the body is different, we will choose according to the version of the windbreaker, you have to be high, the waist line and the skin are visual and high, the small child can choose the windbreaker with waist design. Or directly choose a short windbreaker. The high child chooses the windbreaker in the crop and style as simple as the main thing, so that the presence of the temperament will be more points.

There is also a slightly fat girl chooses a windbrow, and the skinny skinny style is shortcut, but the slightly fat girl should pay attention to avoid wearing wind clothes. Like the O-style windbreaker is to pay attention to avoiding, the micro-fat girl can also be slim with the waistline, choose a waist effect or you can wear a belt. It can be thin.

Windbreaker match: How to match the time with the times?

The model is selected, wearing a thin, then let’s talk about the match of a chat. The single item that can be matched with a strip of the windbreaker, T-shirt, sweater, shirt, sweater, skirt, etc. can be very good.

Ideas 1: Windbreaker + T-shirt

For many people, don’t want to wear a special complicated, then use the windbreaker + T-shirt. The choice of T-shirts does not need to have a lot of trend, a simple white T-shirt. Such as khaki windbreaker + pure white T-shirt, you can add a refreshing and self-feeling in the streets of the spring.

If you feel that the pure white T-shirt is too boring, we can also do a variety of choices on the color of the T-shirt. Change a beautiful red, blue, yellow T-shirt, catering to the spring and make our dressing no longer.


Idea 2: Windbreaker + Shirt


Whether it is a genuine cut shirt, or go shopping, please wear a casual shirt, as long as it can be better with the windbreaker, then the windbreaker + shirt is extremely beautiful. And it is also extremely easy to create a high-level feeling in the case of wearing.

In addition to the single-shirt, we can also borrow T-shirts and shirts to be superimposed, in the way to choose T-shirts and shirts, this in daily wear, we can be good at every small detail of wearing, thus finding the most suitable It is best to improve your temperament.

Three way three: windbreaker + dress with dress

There are also a lot of dressing with windbreaker, and for spring, it is the best in the windbreaker + a floral dress. For example, a fine small clear dress is equipped with a windbreaker. In the British wind windbreaker, it shows a little cute careful care machine, the style is just right, very good.

Windbreaker + dress, such as the selected dress is solid. We can change the visual single from the model. For example, the picture of this windbreaker is used as an example, khaki windbreaker + dark brown dress, this dress is chic, the pork skirt is very charming, so we went out to draw a beautiful makeup, Sisters are full.

Or solid color dress. It is also very good to choose a shirt skirt. Everyday wear is very well-used.

Ok, today’s windbreaker wear sharing is here. The windbreaker spring and autumn is often wearing, but it is necessary to wear and different is the essence of fashionable beauty. What do you think?

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