It may not be known for a few years to raise dogs. These things can remove the “dog flavor”

Families to raise dogs must be hygienic cleaning, otherwise it will have a smell at home for a long time. Some shoveling officers said that raising dogs for a few years, I don’t know, these things can remove “dog flavor”!

84 Disinfection solution to water -mop the floor


The 84 disinfectant commonly used at home can also help remove dogs. Because the disinfectant is harmful to the dog, you must put it well, you can use it when using

1 (disinfectant): 10 use of water.

After mopping the floor, wait for an hour, the floor is dry, the smell at home is removed, and the dog is allowed to move at home.


White vinegar or salt to water -mop the floor

The two most common dishes in our family can also be used for cleaning? Practical

White vinegar or salt comes with some warm water to mop the floor, which can play a role in cleaning and sterilization.

When the dog just urinated, wipe the floor immediately, and there is basically no taste to stay.


Activated carbon -adsorption effect

We all know that activated carbon has adsorption effects, the home is humid, and if there is a odor,

You can put activated carbon in some corners of your home, especially near the dog toilet, which can adsorb a lot of dog odor, and also restore the indoor air to fresh.

However, it should be noted that the amount of activated carbon suction will also be saturated, and you need to replace the new carbon or take it out regularly.

Air Fresh Dose -Spray

There is just a slight “dog flavor” at home. We can use the air fresh agent.

Both spray or solid types can be effectively removed.


Remember that after spraying a fresh agent, after a while, you need to open the window to ventilate. Otherwise, the taste at home is too strong, which may make the dog feel uncomfortable, and then sneeze.


Baking soda and water -spray

Soda can be said to be a “cleaning artifact”, which can be used in many places, and the effect is very good. The most important thing is cheap. We can use baking soda, mix some laundry fluids, etc., then stir with hot water, then spray, and then spray.

In this way, the “dog taste” at home can be removed and the indoor space restores the tasteless environment.

In fact, there is no “dog flavor” at home. The most important thing is to help the dog clean, take a bath regularly, trim hair, nails, and eat healthy and digestible foods. The most important thing is that the dog’s feces should be cleaned well. Church dogs are excreted at a fixed point, or they go out outdoors (remember to clean up), which can effectively reduce the smell of the dog at home.

in addition


Pay attention to the light and low salt without greasy, feed less salt and high oil and high fat, and less big fish and meat. Otherwise, the dogs will eat the fire, and it will be easy to have bad breath and diuretic odor.

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Conclusion: Remove the “dog flavor”, do you have any wonderful tricks to share?

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