2021 Hyundai Tousheng N-LINE Sports Edition starting: Home SUV also needs to be stylish

N-Light Modern Tunsen N Line arrives at N to participate in more sports machinery

Modern vehicles transition to more advanced and performance market transitions are a multi -faceted strategy, and some of them are driven by the newly forged N Halo brand.

Although the large model (such as i30 N) has its main performance, its new N LINE sub -brand is also difficult to work.

The products under the N series are positioned in i30 N, Veloster N (in the United States) and under the upcoming Kona N, providing the taste of more ambitious vehicles in the more affordable packaging.

Under the continuous shadow of the lineup of all -fat N models (must adhere to strict power and high performance requirements), the N series provides a more flexible interpretation for sports.

That’s why you can expect to see more models in modern families wearing N LINE status, even if you don’t have to use the weapon -grade N version for the lineup.

So far, the modern N LINE variant provides a certain level of performance, which has brought about the gap between more pedestrian choices and mature N flagships (including i30 N Line and Kona N Line), but its new 2021 Tunsen adopts the use The N line name is different.

The second generation (if the two generations IX35 are calculated in April 2021, the fourth generation) medium -sized SUV will be a choice to upgrade the three core variants with the N LINE kit, not an independent variant in other variants in other variants Within the scope.

The new Tulson lineup will include a 2.0 -liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine with the front wheel driver, and a pair of all -wheel drive variants from a 1.6 -liter turbocharged gasoline or 2.0 -liter turbocharged diesel. Three specifications of different levels.


The scope of pricing has not been determined, and the cost of upgrading to N LINE kits has not yet been determined, but all versions will provide more sporty enhancement functions.

However, unlike the previous N -line variability, after increasing the packaging, the optional Tucson will not obtain any performance advantages.


Instead, a series of aesthetic improvements will bring the N series taste alone.

Does it work? Then, modern Australian companies have begun to provide Tunsen’s birthplace version so that we can get samples early and find out the expectations of the new “N-LOOK” Tunsen-and other product series. – April 2021

All versions of 2021 Tucson adopt a clear new design, including bold new grilles, eye -catching chopped headlights and daytime driving lights, and taillights similar to fang teeth, making the appearance of the tail look equally beautiful.

N line is based on these keen touch, which enhances the overall image. The grille uses a smoky chromium -plated intelligent coating and has a more block -shaped pattern. The fog lights use more angular trim. Live appearance.

The contour is dominated by a unique 19-inch alloy wheel. The wheels have exquisite and complex designs. Only 3D printing can appear, while the large iron circle is wrapped in the wheel arched decoration of the body-the rest are not ordinary plastic. Series -The appearance is more concise, more refined, and more sporty.

FATTER side skirt is also unique to N Line, continuing the angular design theme.


At the tail, the deeper roof borne board has a stronger air dynamic appearance and a lower loose device with aluminum effect. The scatter is equipped with a dual exhaust tail pipe.


The overall effect is a more aggressive Tusson and a purposeful position. We can’t wait to see other products of the series in order to highlight the entire effect.

It can be said that the internal N LINE processing is more effective and has a greater impact at a less cost. The black roof lining immediately injects a comfortable and elegant atmosphere into the cabin-this is a simple skill that many manufacturers often forget to forget.


It is perfectly matched with black velvet leather and leather decoration, and almost all possible places use red stitching and rolling edges. The pleasant instrumental fabric covers even equipped with smart red flash.


The seats are trying to maintain the movement of the movement without damage to comfort, as well as the red stitching of the leather steering wheel.

The only thing that can attract your attention from exquisite internal details is the digital display array. The display will be used with all top Tucsons, including a 10.3 -inch central touch screen and a full digital driver instrument panel.


The clever positioning puts them into the dashboard, so as to keep the clean and smooth internal lines without covering them, neither of them. Practical and impressive, but not polite.

N Line’s decoration effectively gives Tucson a more sporty appearance. From the results, it may be difficult to remember that it has not increased significant performance advantages. There is also a very flattering way.

But the statement has a large number of warning and exemptional statements. First of all, the first batch of versions are trial -producing cars, which means that it will not have a local sales version without chassis adjustment.

It can also ride on the Nikeson tires. This kind of tire may be a standard accessory or a standard accessory when it arrives, and because there is no road registration, the short -term light on the car is the smooth surface of the track of the track. The tires that can be hidden in various ways can be hidden. The chassis characteristics will soon appear on a less ideal road.


However, the early signs were very good. In particular, our test vehicle is equipped with a 1.6 -liter turbocharged four -cylinder engine option, and is equipped with a full -wheel drive and a seven -speed dual -clutch automatic transmission.

This combination is the same combination found under the valve cover of the KONA N line and the i30 N line, although it is not easy to absorb all the power of 150kW.

Although Tucson’s structure is greater, the power assembly provides a good acceleration, and DCT cars have rapidly and eager embedded exchanges to enhance the power system, and Tucson has made progress when being whipped. sex.

Compared with the previous models, the chassis and manipulation device seem to develop in the correct direction, turn to a more obedient, turn steadily, and ensure the grip.

It is expected that there will be more connections, but the modern and dexterous local development team will allocate some such costs, and we will not be surprised.

You can enjoy the feelings of Tunson’s new shorts and running shoes in a few laps. It can be said that many people will not miss the N -LINE version with enhanced performance. At least in the 1.6 -liter version, full of power and fun, but the overall attitude is easy to manage and easy to master.

With the output power of 150kW, the combination of excellent 1.6 -liter engine and lively DCT is better paired with N lines with more asthma 2.0 -liter. 1.6 T-GDI power device is the best performance among the two. If you are pursuing the most N-Toson, it is the most logical match.

Even if you do oppose the N-line options that are omitted in the launch lineup, you may not have to be dissatisfied for a long time: the “N-Lite” model such as the Toson N line lays the basic purebred N machine for further development. Completely indicate more exciting modern cars.

Moreover, as I30 shows, it is worth exciting.