With these accessories, you are a hip -hop teenager, and the last one was passed down by Grandpa?

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If you want to be a hip -hop boy, you must first choose the appropriate clothing and accessories. Now I recommend a few accessories for you to choose from:

1. Chain

Many young people now wear a big gold chain of coal boss, and some are not gold, and the chain is worn from the neck to the arm, and even the feet! What’s more, wearing a big chain on the nose! That’s quite a fan! Therefore, the first accessories of hip -hop teenagers: big chain

2. Hat

I’m embarrassed to go out without wearing a hat! What hats do you wear? Both are OK, the peaked cap, the pirate hat, the gentleman’s hat, the Christmas father -in -law hat, and the hat should not be worn, wearing it, so as to be different. Hip -hop boy second accessories: hat


3, glasses

What kind of glasses can be different, it can be different, it can be sunglasses, myopia mirrors, frameless mirrors, and so on. Otherwise, or small, you have to show half of your eyes outside. This is the most authentic match. Hip -hop boy third accessories: glasses

4. earrings

Now men do n’t wear earrings, they do n’t know that it ’s a man, so the earrings are very important. Choosing earrings is also very important. The round, square, and long one must be worn, and it is best to shine the reflection of the crystal. Hip -hop boy fourth accessories: earrings


5. Clothing


Want to be a hip -hop teenager, where is there no hip -hop clothes? This dress must be different, with its own characteristics, a key factor, must be complicated, looks complicated, the workmanship is complicated, the more complicated the better! Hip -hop boy fifth accessories: clothes

6. Tattoo

When you want to be a hip -hop boy, you do n’t have a tattoo on your arms or legs, back, or on your neck. If you have the above accessories, you must be careful when you choose a tattoo. , Sleeping a crocodile, this is too bad. The last accessories of hip -hop teenagers: tattoo

7. Green Back Package Package

Cross -green backpack, a military green pot, a pentagram, a chest chapter on the chest, wearing green military shoes, white and blue vests, do not wear socks, red tie, a military hat, it is best to match the nobles Twenty -eight bicycles, with beams! This guy goes out, it is difficult to think about it! Being a hip -hop teenager, this set of grandfather’s equipment will definitely give you enough!


Are you ready to be a hip -hop boy?

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