Nothing that others do not know a niche style wedding photo

The wedding photos used to welcome the big will choose a clean background. If you want to be particularly attractive, don’t be white to the end, you can try the following colors: try it straight to the camera:


1. Advanced green+minimalist dress


Photo is taken from Zhihu@小 图片 自 图片 图片


Second, the Forbidden City Red+Hepburn Wind Retro Wedding Dress

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Third, texture gray+Chinese fresh cheongsam

Pictures from Douyin@图片 图片 图片 图片




Deep blue

+70s in the 1970s

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Five, retro oil painting+personality black yarn

The picture is taken from Douyin@图片 图片 图片 图片 图片 图片 图片 图片 图片 图片 图片

No matter which type of wedding dress you choose and the background of which color you choose, the important thing is to break through yourself, just laugh, just be confident, you are the most beautiful!As for other factors that affect the effect of the film, let the photographer cultivate ~