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In the past two years, people were tossing by new crown epidemic, with the development of vaccines and therapeutic drugs, gradually saw dawn.

On December 22, 2021, Pfizer announced the emergency application (EUA) approved by the new crown tedder (EUA), used for adults and children in the treatment of mild to moderate new crown virus symptoms. (12 years old and above, with a weight of at least 40 kg). FDA official press release points out that this is the first oral antiviral drug that is authorized to treat new crown diseases. This authorization has brought new tools with new crown in a new variant, which also allows patients with high risk development into new crown significant access to antiviral therapies. This is an important step against this global epidemic.

Based on this authorization, Pfizer expressed the prediction of 2022 PaxLovid production from 80 million to 120 million courses, and plans to submit a new drug application for oral drug Paxlovid to the FDA in 2022 to obtain a comprehensive approval of the regulatory authorities. Previously, the US government had ordered Pfizer to order 10 million patient drugs, and the purchase price of approximately $ 530 per course.

It is worth mentioning that there is a media report, Karai Ying’s supply contract will provide Paxlovid to provide pharmaceutical contract customization R & D production (CDMO) services.

As early as November 2021, Karai issued an announcement that two super large orders were signed with a large pharmaceutical company in the United States ($ 481 million and 2.72 billion yuan). The amount of these two orders is as high as 5.8 billion, and it has exceeded the 2020 annual revenue in Kailley.

However, in the face of the market guess, Kaillai said: Therefore, the secondary transaction involves conservative trade secrets, according to the relevant agreement signed by the company and its customers, the basic situation of the trading opponent is not disclosed, product information.

So, who is Kailley, what kind of confession is it and Pfizer? According to the official website,

Kailley Ying Pharmaceutical Group is a world-leading CDMO, providing high quality research and development for new drugs, and produces one-stop service.

To accelerate new drugs, prolong the quality of life is our responsibility, relying on continuous technological innovation, providing domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies with drug full life cycle one-stop CMC service, accelerate new drug development and application.

As early as May 2009, Pfizer awarded the Kaillai Ying “Best Pharmaceutical Intermediate Contract Producer Award”. President of Global Raw Pharmaceutical Supply, said,

“The successful implementation of each project, quickly realizes the ability to R & D goals, excellent customer service, and high-level innovation ability, is the most fundamental reason for the stable rapid growth of Kailley Ying and Pfizer business.”

As the founder of Kaille, Hong Hao first selected 2021 Forbes China’s best CEO list, and ranked “2021 Hu Run Fengfeng list” with 31.5 billion yuan. In an interview, Hong Hao said:

To be unbeaten in the market competition, the core is technological innovation. Since its establishment, Kail Lee hit colors, to overcome technical problems and barriers, prospectively vigorously develop investment and new technology development, truly helping customers reduce costs, enhance drug availability, so that more people need people Benefit.


Hong Hao is a scholar entrepreneur. As the first college student after the recovery of the college entrance examination, in 1987, he received a Ph.D. in Drug-PhD after the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and he went to the University of Georgia’s University of Georgia. In 1995, Hong Hao established his own company in the United States.

In an interview, Hong Hao recalls:


Although it has already achieved a small in the United States at that time, the dream of entrepreneurial business is always pulling my heart. I think it is an inevitable to return to the country.

First of all, we use the technical service company, only enlarged production of chemical technology to play its greater value, and the United States should make scale production and invest in huge investment. Secondly, at that time, the global medical outsourcing industry was rising, and many American pharmaceutical companies have begun to seek more competitive outsourcing service providers worldwide. At the same time, China’s advanced chemistry technology is still lacking. During 91-93, I published dozens of academic papers in internationally renowned school issues, and today, it seems to be a top article in China. Domestic chemical technological advancement space is huge, and I feel that I am very prospectic in China. At the same time, a red heart of the Yellow Ezon is also awkward, so I have the idea of ​​returning home business.

In 1998, the state called the overseas students to return to China, and Hong Hao, 42, with “excellent study abroad”, with his own accumulated 250,000 US dollars, ready to return to China to open a pharmaceutical enterprise. After deciding to return to China, Hong Hao is still very cautious. He has just experienced unsuccessful joint ventures. As a result, Hong Hao spent more than 40 days to more than 10 cities in China, and finally decided to invest in the factory in Tianjin Development Zone. Hong Hao said,

“As long as you do things well, everything needs to be satisfied here.” Good investment environment is the main reason why he is rooted in Binhai New District.

In 1998, Hong Hao has established a Kaillai Yishi Medicine Company in Tianjin. It is driven by the innovation of pharmaceutical technology. Heavy listed drugs.

At that time, Hong Hao rented more than 700 square meters of houses in TEDA International Entrepreneurship, General Manager, and researchers along with employees.

According to the old employees, there is no car when the company just founded, and the boss did not have his own car. The company leased a Santana running business. At that time, I was still a college student who had just running the school. I often went to the south to buy raw materials. The big truck was running two days. I was sitting in the cab’s passenger, I was bumped back from Jiangsu, I’m going back to Tianjin. I still think of it. However, we all come over.

Since its establishment, Hong Hao pays very much attention to technological innovation and intellectual property protection, and seizes European and American markets through China’s land and engineers.

The Karai Ying business scope covers the early days to commercial stages, including high-end intermediates, raw materials, preparations, and other R & D and CGMP production, and clinical research services. Through strategic cooperation and business development, we will gradually construct a partner of innovative drug integration service ecotropic circles, and become a partner of global new drug research and development.

Kaillei said in 2021, it is said that in 2020, the company has established cooperation with 15 companies in the top 20 pharmaceutical companies ranked in 2020, and the eight companies continue to serve more than 10 years, and Pu Rui , Mersh East, Albertvi, Strong, Bai Tiemei Shi Guibao, Astlikang and other global pharmaceutical giants form a strong cooperative viscosity. As early as 2008, Mercure East awarded the Kailley Level 1 Supplier Prize,

“Kailley is China’s only new medicine developed CMO, not only in line with the new drugs we demanded.”

In addition, it is worth mentioning that there is about 90% of the existing income of Kalaiying from overseas, accounting for about 10%.

So, how Karai is rapidly developing in foreign countries.

Hong Hao wizards the causes into three aspects: one by honesty and mutual trust, secondly by technological innovation, three depends on regulations.

In a speech, Hong Hao said: At present, the pharmaceutical industry is booming, the research and development of pharmaceutical companies has increased, and the innovative medicine is in a well-blown growth. Relying on the cultivation of medical research and development, the professional division of labor is increasingly significant, and the CMO / CDMO industry has developed rapidly. As a global leading CDMO one-stop integrated service provider, the Kaillai Ying farm industry has been strict, high value, high-level field products, with excellent process development capabilities, help the world with excellent process development capabilities Innovative drugs shorten the R & D cycle and accelerate the approved listing. Relying on continuous process optimization capabilities, the company significantly reduces commercial production costs of listed drugs, providing customized products through the production capacity of the highest regulatory standards in the international industry, and developing strength to innovate drug companies.

It is understood that Kaillai Ying has produced the third-phase clinical medicine that customers in 42 days, so that the annual sales of $ 3 billion heavy drugs saved at least 6 months. In addition, Kaillei has reported that the company has undertaken two small molecular antiviral innovation drugs to develop production work during the epidemic prevention and control period, one of which drugs, the key fragment of it will be 4 steps by the application of continuous reactions. It is shortened to 1 step, only the molecules with only the grams of process will be used to enlarge production in 6 months, significantly shorten the clinical development time; another drug has entered the clinical third phase.

Good quality, fast speed, low cost, small pollution, which is precisely the advantages of excellent CDMO in Kailley.

In the past, some people had made Karabie’s “Fuji”, Hong Hao once explained: Do not simply use the CDMO company as a general foundry company, high-end original new drug raw materials, intermediates, especially the production of preparations Process is a very difficult industry, the threshold is very high. New drugs developed by the laboratory and industrial mass production are completely different concepts, and do not say to reduce three waste displacements, green production technology, etc.

Of course, the process of corporate development is impossible, and Karai has also encountered many difficulties.

In 2008, the outbreak of the international financial crisis made Kailley’s business growth in stagnation. At that time, Hong Hao and his team did not reduce the expenditure as most companies, reducing the price of product, and resolutely decided to increase investment, constructing international standards, and hoped to rely on the strength of their own technology. Tall all the difficulties. When Kailley is the most tight, the Tianjin Municipal Government has extended its assistant.

In December 202, Karai realized it on “A + H”. Hong Hao feels:

When the marathon runs, it will find a way that really belongs to himself. Kailley is also experienced for more than 20 years, and there is a result of today.

In the past, we were shaped, day and night, became the world’s leading, technology-driven CDMO. In the future, we will be in a stormy, bless, cooperative, and further become a reliable preferred partner of the global pharmaceutical industry.


“Sea return talent, scientists, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial tutors”, Hong Hao was posted many labels by the media, but he humblely said:

First of all, I can only be a sea, it is not a talent, I am not sure. Second, I am indeed an entrepreneur, but it is not the so-called entrepreneurial tutor. Finally, I am willing to adhere to learning, and make a “student” for life.

According to the vice chairman of Kailley Early Investor Capital Capital:

Dr. Hong Hao is a quite passionate entrepreneur. It feels very desperate; full of confidence in his own technology, the target directs overseas giants; the personality is very true, and the employee can be made into one piece.

Hong Hao’s self-confidence is completely angry. He has experienced the cultural entrance, he has suffered from suffering. After the Cultural Revolution, he has become abroad, which is understood from China, and understands foreign social and technology, and it is still in business. Technology and management experience.

About the future, Hong Hao said:

Pharmaceutical R & D At any time is a sunny industry, we have to play your most exciting things. Do more practical things, put your interests.


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