Short boots this spring have become popular again, especially these four models are very popular, fashionable and eye -catching

In the new year, are you still wearing flat shoes or sports shoes? Although these two shoes are comfortable and easy to match, it is inevitable to give people a sense of boring after a long time. Don’t stare at flat shoes or sneakers. Let’s try the most popular short boots this spring. Women don’t have to be too tangled. It is enough to have these four short boots. It is good to match, and the style is just right.

1. Thick bottom ankle boots


Basic black thick bottom ankle boots must be the first in spring and autumn shoes, because it comes with height design, plus a very fine boot mouth, which can just show the slimness of the calf lines. The thick -bottomed ankle boots are simple and easy to match. Whether it is a jacket, sweater or coat, it can perfectly form a pair with it.

Women’s domineering sense of domineering is gathered on the thickness of the shoes, coupled with the confident steps, you can maximize your cool handsome charm. With black thick -bottomed ankle boots with black leather suits and black leather mini skirts, you can raise your hands and feet your feet. Let you exude a taste of coolness and capable.

In addition, this set of black -matching black lines full of retro and modernity is also dazzling. I chose a black tube top with metal round buckle design, which outlines the slender sense of small waist. At the same time There are women’s domineering charm.


This set of black suit that is biased towards a neutral style is matched with this young lady who has a refreshing short hair style. The fold design to add the sense of girls and age reduction elements, and it seems not so serious and formal.

The lower body is paired with black five -point shorts, showing the slender and straight of the calf lines. The black thick -sole -shaped ankle boots on the feet use the round head design, which weakens the sharpness of the shape, and it seems not so boyish.


Most of the ankle boots and boots on the market exceed the ankle position. Coupled with the delicate boot mouth, it can just outline the slender of the toes. If you want to modify the leg shape more at this time, we can be extremely extremely extremely in the extreme The ankle boots are equipped with a black high -end socks to extend the effect of the legs. The simple and not fancy combination, with a strong retro modern sense.

The fitting of stockings and legs has a sense of extension. For girls with thick legs and thick ankles, they have a relatively obvious improvement effect. The upper body chooses a short suit jacket, with a small black leather skirt, exquisite and elegant, and at the same time full of handsomeness. The pink shoulder bag can well weaken the serious taste of the shape.


If the visual effect of the overall match is more abundant, you can also use the black basic style and ankle boots with a very feminine item. Like this suit, you choose to use the ankle boots with black sequins. Fish net socks.

The straight legs are covered with flashing sequin elements, exquisite and feminine. In the black suit, a pink velvet shirt with a bow neckline is equipped. And exquisite.

2. Martin boots

Martin boots are not only a single item that is worn in winter. In spring, it is still very good. Choose this seven -hole round -headed Martin boots. The lace -up design can play a role in adjusting at will, comfortable and easy to wear.

With Martin boots with short denim and irregular black mini skirts, it not only shows fair long legs, but also has exquisite and capable femininity. The overall match is an elegant and aura type. The overall match is an elegant and temperamental type, and it is absolutely full on the street.

Third, square -headed ankle boots

In addition to the round -headed ankle boots introduced above, square -headed ankle boots are also a more popular shoe type this spring. The biggest feature of square -headed ankle boots is that the upper is narrow and the shoe type is slender. Going up is thin and short, it will not be so hypertrophic.

However, the square boots also have a certain limitations, that is, the overall style of the style is more likely to mature retro style, and there are also limitations in terms of matching. Fat.

Fourth, pointed socks and boots


Socks and boots are a single product that has exploded in recent years. The biggest feature of these boots is that there is no zipper design on the upper. The boots look like socks. The overall shape is more oriented to the modern sense Some.


The soft -fabric boots can better adapt to the contour of the legs and matches the skirt to show the unique trend of trend, which is very eye -catching.

In addition to being able to be matched with short skirts, this pointed -style socks and boots can also be paired with simple and elegant windbreaker jackets, which are fashionable and aura.

The wide windbreaker jacket is particularly easy to open up the person’s body shape, and the pointed socks and boots are visually stretched out the foot lines, and the lower body looks more slender.

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