Shirts you must buy this spring! Every piece is so fashionable

Today, I will bring you a practical item that can be worn alone and can be used as a coat -plus a velvet corduroy shirt.


The shirt is an excellent item that is thin, with a slightly oversized version and a vertical fabric, a whole high -end living.

No.1 // The first

Classic versatile is not out of time


I have always emphasized that shirts are really fashionable items, especially for the upper body with more flesh

Apple -shaped figure


In terms of, the upper body is “converging” body shape, showing both hands and grabbing.

In the early spring season that needs to keep warm, it is very suitable for a small high -necked base in the shirt, generous and layered.

(▼ Same color yyds!)

(CR Red: Bai Li)

When the weather is warmer, such a velvet shirt is very suitable for direct

Open as a coat

It’s right. A solid T -shirt, a printed sweater, and a tight suspender can be arranged inside.

Each match has its own taste, and daily commuting or weekend check -in.

In addition to working hard in the shirt, it is also a good choice to wear it outside.


The combination is a model of Xiaobai.


The tight and loose combination is very uniform, no matter what body is wearing. If it is suspected of solid color and boring, the vest that can pick different patterns, the American rhombus last year will show the age reduction campus Feel.

Want to be a temperament fairy? That

Shawl -style wear

You have to collect me well.

Take out the fine knitted jacket at home, put the clothes on the shoulders, and the two sleeves cross the chest, so that the shape of the less is more is completed.

Of course, the most basic shirt+knitted cardigan is also indispensable. Liya recommends that the fairies buy the design sense cardi single, so that the basic match can also easily wear a sense of fashion.


No.2 // The


The shirt wears a beautiful version is the top priority


Many people are reluctant to try shirts and suits at first. After all, these two are not well matched, and it is easy to have a sense of sales. But as long as you master the version, it is easy to be fashionable.

So when Liya is selected, he pays special attention to the items of shirts


Edition, wiring and stitching

If you want a high -level upper body, this is the top priority.

First of all, when I proofed, I told the factory to make a slightly loose style. After all, it is a velvet. The upper body will be slightly bloated than a single -layer shirt. It is very important to accommodate the fat stomach of the New Year.


Fortunately, the fabric of the velvet lighter has brought about it



There is no feeling of looseness and spirit. The thick and thin pits highlight the exquisite, and the natural folds are also very advanced.

It is worth the exaggeration is the shoulder at the shoulder


Shoulder design

, Make the overall lines of the shirt more beautiful, slender and thin. With the natural stand -up collar, the face of the face is small, the temperament, and the fashionable advantages are alive.


The moving picture of the upper body of the Kangkang model can better appreciate it

Superior texture


Half of the shirt swayed with the body’s movements, unintentionally covering the flesh of the crotch. The whole is the fashionable man of urban CBD rescue in spring.

NO.3 // t

he third

The details of the fabric are powerful quality and good quality


One said, for the first time, I heard that I used the corduroy fabric, and my heart was rejected. It is still in Liya’s mind, still in the style of old soil and low.

But I followed a few waves of this year

Big Rookie Show

, I found that many designers are using it, it seems that it and it


Retro high sense

The degree of adaptation is very strong, and there is a warm feeling at a glance.

Left, Lemaire Autumn/Winter; right, Neil Barrett Fall

So, I’m really fragrant!

Sure enough, the texture of the hand is better than my imagination. Ganbu’s feel matching

Specified three -dimensional pits with wide and narrow width


There is no extra bloated and expansion at all.

And there are two biggest advantages of this shirt of this fabric:

Can’t be wrinkled, can’t afford the ball

Essence For patients with shirts and lazy cancer, my wife is really friendly!

With fine wiring and carefully selected plate buckles, the standard large manufacturers have not run away.