Shirts+cropped pants, make the autumn workplace more fashionable!

Let’s take a look at this autumn, how to wear shirts+nine -point pants ~


Pure color shirt + nine -point pants: simple temperament

Don’t underestimate the simple solid color shirt. The solid shirt is generous, which is very suitable for work. But because it is too simple, it is easy to wear dull.

Don’t want to wear a passerby? Study from the shirt


2nd aspects of texture and design


The texture is winning, we can put our eyes on

On the silk


Essence I have said the silk dresses before, and continue to talk about shirts today.

The simple -designed shirt, presented with glossy silk, immediately became advanced.

With nine -point jeans, a pair of pointed high heels have a sense of workplace.

The sea blue shirt on the silk surface, with the Tibetan cyan core pants, simply forms a


, A sense of advanced.

Strap design

The wine red blouse is more feminine. It just balances the jeans’s aura and step on high heels. You are the most beautiful girl in CBD.


And when the design win, the careful machine design of the shirt

Lack and fine

Simple and generous

choker blouse

It’s not bad. With nine -point smoke pants, friends with thick thighs can refer to, and pointed shoes in the workplace are also OK.


Just look at clothes and match, the blogger’s death Barbie powder and hairy ball are avoided


The easiest way is to choose

oversized shirt

The feeling of different things came out immediately.

The right black and white match, the V -neck shirt has a small face, and the white high -waisted wide -leg pants have a special sewing design, which is also unique.


This set is also pleasing red.

The red velvet wide -leg pants are noble, and the long -sleeved and high waist tied nude pink shirts have the effect of breaking the velvet aging.

Yellow peel is very friendly


The wide -leg pants covering the foot have a high effect, but if

If you are short, it is recommended to be the length of eight or nine points

The texture and design will make the temperament of solid color shirts more up to the next level, but every day is monotonous color. Even if you are not bored, your colleagues are boring ~~

The printing is too fancy, the wave point is too dRAMA, and the calm stripes are just in the workplace ~ just ~ okay ~ ~


Striped shirt + cropped pants: add some vitality

Relatively solid color, adding striped elements will make the shirt more energetic, and commute and leisure are suitable.

So how do you match the sense of workplace? Then from

Choose the right pants


let’s start!

Striped shirt+

Cigarette pipe pants


It is the easiest to go out of workplace. Nine -point exposed ankle length, with fine heels, is very light and light.

However, the striped shirt with the upper body is also a blouse style, which is also helpful for wearing a sense of workplace.

The citizen’s irregular pants, cigarette panties, more domineering, with an oversized striped shirt, you can pull back the too casual feeling.


Focus on

Town pants+ankle boots

The matching, the shoe pants are stretched the leg shape in the same color, and the small UP aura must be necessary! (Not to mention the color of the heel and the shirt echo, it is very clever)

Followed by

Wide leg pants

The khaki wide -leg pants, with a blue stripe shirt, the high -cold temperament is also suitable for workplace wear.


If you don’t want to be too cool, choose

Morandi match

The colored stripes and wide -leg pants, the temperament was so warm.


So can you match jeans? IOLA thinks, the best is

White jeans

The refreshing feeling is suitable for the workplace.


in the case of

Tannin denim

, Then pay attention


Patching of shoes

It’s right.

Even ordinary single shoes and sandals may have a sense of leisure, so it is best to match

Polygonal shoe and boots

And more prominent and neat.

The combination of striped shirts is relatively young and energetic.

Palace shirt+cropped pants: commuting publicly launch

If you want to partner with the nine -point pants, in addition to the above two, of course, there is still a palace wind shirt that will be popular in fried chicken this year. I have written it once before how to wear a court shirt!

The pairing of court shirts+nine -point pants is actually not much different from what mentioned above, but the court style is more beautiful, so it is more recommended


Put on a slim fit

For example, slim straight jeans, a little convergence.

If you love to wear flat shoes, choose

Shallow pointed

It will have a sense of workplace.

The big cousin is no problem, it is shoes

Replace it with fine heels


If it is more in line with the workplace.

Or high -heeled Mueller shoes.

Of course, light mouth shoes and Mueller shoes are relatively summer styles. Jio’s cold children’s shoes can refer to the previous and ankle boots.

Friends with thick legs can not control the trousers, you can choose according to your own situation.

Th first thighs are thicker

If you can choose

This shirt ↑ adds a design of folds and bubble sleeves. Although there is no classic court Feel, it is soft and capable, and there are certain design details. Put it with thin belt sandals, full of sharpness.

If the leg is


The situation, choose to choose

Big -wide straight pants

It is more comfortable to wear.

If the pants are too long, you can roll your trousers slightly to expose your ankle lightweight.


Regarding the matching of shirts+cropped pants, so much sharing today.

In the cold place, just add a coat and coat yourself ~~


More the theme of the workplace.

If the sky is cold, use one


Wrap yourself tightly ~~

Just not enough coats, just don’t get cold, ok?

Seeing perfectly, do you have a mood to go to work?






Cigarette pipe pants