The method of popcorn self -made fragrant sweet popcorn

Many people like popcorn, especially when watching movies, each person will take a bucket of popcorn in their hands. It can be imagined how delicious popcorn is. So how do we make delicious popcorn ourselves? The following editors recommend a few delicious popcorn system. I hope everyone likes it.


Materials: corn kernels, sunflower oil or other food oil, sugar … appropriate amount (two soup spoons).


1. Wash the corn kernels and dry the water. Prepare sugar and edible oil;

2. Heat the pan with medium and small heat, pour a little oil in the pot, put corn kernels and stir;

3. Cover the lid (preferably a transparent cover. It is interesting to see the splashing of rice flowers). You can hear the crackling sound in about a minute. Shake the pot a few times in the middle (hold the lid with one hand and shake the wok on the other hand to heat it).

4. Within about 5 minutes, the sound gradually becomes smaller. After gradually disappearing, Jin Chancan’s popcorn appears in front of you. Open the lid and quickly mix sugar with sugar.


1. The bottom of the pan in the pan is better. When I hear the first sound, hurry up to a small fire (I use a small fire), otherwise it will be easy to get rid of it.

2. Do not open the pot lid halfway to ensure that the temperature and pressure of the corn gradually burst in the pot;

3. The corn used must be a small granular corn that is dedicated to popcorn. Generally, the large corn kernels are inseparable. This kind of small corn can be bought in the supermarket or the farmer’s market;

4. It is best not to put sugar first, I feel that the flow rate is not high;

5. Self -made popcorn flavor, because there are not too many food additives, it tastes a faint natural crispy, not as strong as takeaway. If you like a stronger one, you can put butter and cream;

6. Use a microwave furnace popcorn, be sure to choose a high -temperature resistance glass or ceramic container dedicated to the microwave oven. Plastic products are easy to melt when high temperatures, especially without water, and are unhealthy. Remember this;

7. Use a high -pressure cooker to pop the rice flowers. I feel the best effect. Especially when the sugar is sprinkled in the last, the remaining heat of the pot is used. It is easy to stick together when the rice flowers and sugar are stirred. But be sure to remove the top valve.

爆米花的做法 自制香甜爆米花

Materials: corn kernels, sugar.

1. Put a little oil in the pot, and add corn kernels when the oil is cold.

2. Cover the lid and hear the sound of the cricket.

3. When the sound in the pot is gradually smaller or completely disappeared, open the lid, sprinkle with sugar while it is hot, and stir well to eat.

爆米花的做法 自制香甜爆米花

Materials: 2 sets of corn grains (100 grams), 10 grams of butter (or color tension), 2 spoons of sugar.

1. Add butter to the pot and make small fiery.

2. Add corn kernels, cover the lid, fire, cover the pot, and you can hear the crackling sound in about 1 minute.

3. After hearing the sound of crackling, turn to low heat, do not lift the lid, keep the wok with your hand and shake, last for about 3 minutes, the sound gradually becomes smaller, and the sound can be opened after the sound disappears.

4. You can see that the corn kernels have burst into rice flowers, add two spoons of sugar immediately, and then stir with a shovel. After the sugar is melted, it can be turned off when it is stained on the popcorn. The sweet popcorn is completed.

Chocolate popcorn

Materials: corn, cream, chocolate, small corn kernels, white sugar.

1. Prepare cream, chocolate, small corn kernels, white sugar, cut a piece of cream into the pot! Put some cream taste good!

2. When the fire is fired, when the cream melts, a little chocolate, it is best to make a broken block and melt.

3. Use chopsticks to continuously stir until the cream melts, ready to put in chocolate.

4. Put the chocolate, and the chopsticks must be constantly stirred to melt the chocolate.

5. The cream is completely melted, and the chocolate has not been completely opened.

6. It’s almost stirred! Put the corn kernels, don’t put too much, just lay a layer on the bottom of the pot, put it in and stir, then put it in white sugar, the amount is about the same as the corn. There was a “bang” explosion, and corn began to burst into the pot!

7. At this time, cover the lid, close the fire, the lid must be strict, don’t leak the air, the fire is large, the sugar will be confused. After turning off the fire, you must keep shaking the pot to avoid the pan. At this time, it is like a firecracker, crackling.

8. When the sound of the burst is getting smaller and smaller, when it is less and less, it can almost smell the fragrance. At this time, turn off the fire, do not open the lid, wait for the sound at all. Haha! Still smoking!


The above is to introduce the whole content of popcorn practices. I believe everyone has learned. There are many ways to popcorn. The editor recommends a few delicious and simple types. I don’t know if everyone likes it. Just try it quickly.