This year’s popular “suit+coat” stacking method, the color selection of the right selection is doubled, good -looking and good career

In clothing matching, simple clothing can best reflect the beauty of matching, and add color to clothing matching. This is the technique and value extended by the style of clothing. More, the combination is more complicated, and there is a sense of layering in the matching,

There is a sense of errors, so autumn and winter clothing is the most difficult to match. The grasp and requirements for skills are relatively high. Strictly match can be produced.

First: The latest way to mix and match: suit+coat


In the matching of clothing, layers of matching are the most commonly used matching methods. This method often uses a coat with a sweater, a down shirt, a denim shirt, etc. The popular coat with a suit is the mainstream style of mixing style, which not only reflects the beauty of women, the beauty of neutrality, but also has the sense of professionalism and capable of urban women, which reflects the independence and autonomy of women. This It is also an iconic match for modern women’s independence.


Key points: In fact, the two styles of coats and suit are best based on slim polyester or cashmere materials. The version is better, but it is best not to hold the buttons of the coat. Soft.

Second: The characteristics of a coat with a suit:

In fact, most of the current coats are mainly retro and simple wind coats. Not only are the warmth more warm, but also better self -cultivation, so it can reflect the exquisite inside. The inside has always been based on the casual style. This is the mainstream. This is the mainstream. It is also the main theme of mixing wind.


However, the interior is present, and many girls like more neutralized and professional matching. Whether it is urban goddess style, strong career women, or white -collar workers, they all like professionalism in the interior, so suit suit, so suit suit, so suit suit, so suit suit It has become the mainstream of matching, but the matching of the suit must be cleverly reflected in the inside, not too conservative.

Third: diversified suit inner suit

Since it is inside, the style of the suit can be diversified. After all, the version of the coat has three -dimensional and self -slimability, and it is better than all down jackets. The color is rich and the styles are more diverse. The color of the suit can be based on simple colors, reflecting the main theme of autumn and winter.


After all, autumn and winter are mainly cold colors and low colors, so commonly used colors such as black, gray, white, and camel are the best, and striped suit and checkered suit are best. Feeling, let the suits of autumn and winter not be monotonous.

The main points of a suit with coat


: The inner suit can be diversified on the version, which is different from the traditional summer and autumn professional suit. Since it reflects the sense of layering and chic, the inner suit can use the irregular suit of personality, you can use classic ones, you can use classic ones. The opening -up suit can also adopt the back dress style of the waist, which reflects the beauty of the entire match, and bonus points for clothing matching. This is one of the reasons why the suit is more beautiful.


Fourth: Specific style of suit matching:

NO1: Cashmere jacket with suit

Retro orange jacket, three -dimensional plush, packed suit in the inside, simple and generous, retro belt with waist, make the whole match with casual charm and slender and slim. The white knitted white knitted and retro suit forms the opposite color contrast, white pants,

It is more clean. This combination is mainly layered. The suit is a transition item with the entire match. The white inner white is the mainstream.

NO2: The checkered jacket, the knit sweater is the mainstream

The sense of hierarchy is the mainstream of autumn and winter matching. This sense of layering is to have the main color matching style. Whether it is inward or out of color, there must be a main color. , Make the entire matching level clear and methodical, which is also the mainstream of matching.

This set of suit Liu Wen is a low -key plaid with a low -key plaid. The coat is the main, and the dark gray suit suit is inside. The style of the large V -neck shows the green high.

The calmness and atmosphere of the collar sweater, the mainstream of the entire match.

In summary, in fact, layers of layers are matched, generally three layers of matching subjects, outer down jacket jackets or coat jackets, suit suits inside, and the third layer is a capable shirt or turtleneck sweater. This kind of combination can be used as the main, and the suit suits can be used inwardly. At the same time, it can also highlight the softness and show of the sweater or shirt, so the color is more rich.

The matching method is also more diverse, more professional, and gives people a more beautiful feeling.


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