World War II in the German soldier book, from the beginning to the end

To this day, in the sandy field of Jin Ge Tiema, the fire line that is filled in the smoke, supporting the grand war picture is a person who has blood. Whether they serve any camp, what the interests are representative, as a simple sense, will have their true feelings. And the family letter written to the rear, is undoubtedly the best carrier of this feeling. At the same time, as a reflection of the war of the war, the historical value of the family letter is not small.

The three books shown below are during the Second World War, and the three German soldiers broke out in the war, into the three stages of the hard-working war and the end of the World War, due to different experiences, under different emotions , Three families who wrote to the family. These family members have recorded the cruelty of the war and the mutant suffering, and also portrayed the real journey of Hitler’s Third Empire by Sheng, and finally went to death.

First family book


Hi! Comrade

From Maihart Fletcher von Guttenberg, (born in 1919- Ded 1943).

Poland in Poland, September 1939


We have been singing in Stocken, but there is a defense line that is composed of light-shaped bunches here seems to be an insurmountable obstacle. I heard that this defense has been investigated in detail by our pilot-wave wave.

The armored unit first attack as a leading force, and we followed the depth of depth. However, the wetlands are like a natural wall, and a car will fall into a quagmire. In this case, we have received the first battle task since the battle, that is, let the armored vehicles move. We tried to shop with DC and crawler tractors so that the armor vehicles can be smooth, although our actions can be successful, but the enemy’s attack makes our efforts to put water, the armored car stops sports, machinery The attack of the cavalry was defeated in front of these bunkers, and our first operational mission also ended in failure.

But all this has become the past. We boarded the transport vehicle, the engine began to start, before that hard everything seems to have never happened, but everyone found that the comrades around me became another vacancy.

In contrast, we finally stood on the land of Weichsel as a victor. How embarrassing we want to see this river! But it is night. We have been staying here for a few hours, and we have to continue to march. This is a thin rain in the sky, which makes people feel a chill. From this battle, it is raining, and there is no stop now. Because of the cold in the car, we crowded it until the car on the car pulled it.

At night, we listened to all strange sounds in the battle, opposite the rivers across the Annapol region, this river blocked our progress. Our engineering troops have built a four hundred meters long narrow bridge, but the bridge is too narrow. In this bridge, the artillery soldiers are squeezed to a group, they can’t move forward or back, But other troops still in front of it. Polish artillery slammed the bridgehead, we must remove them more shovel. We have finally passed through Annapol, fortunately, the Polish artillery does not have a bridge of the bridge, and a cannon is over there.

At the end of September 1939

Krasnik – Annapol (Annapol) Oczarow.

A long snake that seems to see, slowly crawling everywhere is on the road of dust. We release those Poles who are captured by us, and the Ukrainians also have Russians. Most of them have no shoes, just wrapped in some broken tablets everywhere, and their boots are broken because of their long run. There are more than half of the people who are sick, we have got a carriage for these patients who can’t walk.

We have also discovered a big family: they put all the property on a carriage, this car was pulled by a dry pony, I saw this poor little horse, it is so heavy that it is so heavy. A carriage. Now a carriage may take all the property of a family to escape the battlefield. Sometimes the cars are actually taken by Mara, because the gasoline can’t be purchased at all. This is still good, more people use way to escape, fatigue and desperation, hungry written on their face. On the way, an old woman with four children wrapped with their apron and collect everything they can find, the bread, bacon fragment, the bones, the canned bones, not completely eat …

On October 1st, we all stayed in the small village surrounding the Bug River (BUG) of Orchowsk, Orchowsk, Wlodawa. The feeling of people in the entire area is Russian style. The opposite side of the Bug River (BUG) is extremely far away. The terrain within the line of sight is not all grassland, occasionally there are some bushes and birch forests. Everything is covered by snow. Such weather makes our march have been so painful. In the past, a wet snow has made the dry sand road in the past into a mud bed. Our heavy-sided bridge cars have been trapped in the mud. In order to successfully complete the operational task, we must remove them at the time, and use pontoon instead of support.

In the other side of the Bug River (BUG) is the Russian troops, we can also see the sentinels they stand. We used the Russians to create a bridge, while we were them as them. There are often translated to us, we exchange the cigarettes of each other. He always said: “Hey! Comrade!”

There is also a bridge in the Bug River (BUG), a railway bridge, which is built next to the German railway engineering in the first World War, and later destroyed. On the top of the bridge of the bridge, we set up new, we repair a small train station on the new rail line, which is made up of a wood cottage and a loading and unloading platform. At the same time, the railway engineering also repairs the Railway line of the Bug River.

At dawn, we finally embarked on the riverside opposite the Bug River (BUG), ready to go. We gathered together to say goodbye to the small villages that were stationed. At this time, there is a very different feeling in my heart. On the other hand, we naturally be happy to go home, on the other hand, I am reluctant to love here. I have fell in love with Orchowsk and the farmers here.

Before leaving, I looked back at this eating. I hope that the whole east of snow is shining in the sun in the sun. The huge Bug River (BUG) is so quiet, how great it is!


There is a tragedy here …

From Hyinrich Lindner, born in Austria, September 25, 1915, died in the Soviet Union 1943.

July 1994, written in the eastern front.

On July 22, I was awakened by a huge sound of a huge sound. Only the organism in my impression can make such a sound. I am very busy in the last days of Poland, because I have been going to carry a vehicle repair and long-term transportation of train compartments with round wooden and sand. We have made careful preparations in order to leave in the most light way, our troops fight in front, people can even hear the slanting sound of the railway cannon.

Although it was awake a little unpleasant, another thing happened on the same day made me happy and even forgot the war. He gave me, I bought it there, I hope that the flute used for a long time, the real concert. I couldn’t help but play a song on the spot, and I had a addiction. I have spent countless time in this above, I want my mother to be surprised by the skills of me, but the saying goes well, “Things will always be unexpected, maybe she feels new Music is more beautiful and is not interested in the old music that I am blowing, so I will dispel this idea. Ok, not much nonsense, let us return to the war. Just as in France, we once again drive, we have traveled many days on this important march road, but there is still no military army who meets the enemy. But today we saw a Russian fortress that was still sticky, but it’s a late breakfast. Every time a short distance on this road is lying in Russia’s various armored vehicles, artillery and crawler vehicles.

It is a tragedy, but they have not realized this, they are not ashored from God, because the Russians are low-class races, these second-class races are ultimately eliminated. The people in the village we are stationed have been evacuated, only some livestock stay there. Some women have returned now, all the houses have no empty, some are still completely destroyed. These homes were finally removed because we need their wood to build a bunker. Those women have also been invited to participate in this work due to time urgent.

However, it is not a confidence that the ruined Russians actually dare to make a decisive battle with us. This news is now known, and the urgency is to store the already mature food as soon as possible, but our hands are not used. The tractor of the collection of food is harvested by the Russians to transport the artillery. Harvesting such a large field of field, in previous years, it has to be used in large machinery, but now there have to let the remaining residents use the sickle to make human harvesting. Because there is no complete family here, it is not a child here. The Russians have a tenacious battle spirit. They are brave warriors. Although there are only a few weapons and manufacturing machinery, they still form such infantry and tanks. Russian infantry can sacrifice everything to exchange weapons in our infantry. They fight their own motherland and firmly believe that this is their mission. But we have the same confidence in victory, and the Russian battle spirit can’t keep this ending of the battle close to the end, the last victory will belong to us …

On June 22, 1941, Dawn, Germany torn “Sudan Unexvobiliative Treaty” and suddenly attacked the Soviet Union. The Hitler commander sent 190 divisions, including 19 tanks, 14 motorized teachers (including their allies). The German Group has 5.5 million, about 4,300 tanks, 4,7200 artillery and mortar guns, 4,980 combat aircraft, 192 combat ships. The 83% of the German Armed Forces, including 86% of the tanks and 100% of the Motorians, which were turned to fight with the Soviet Union. 4 of the 5 Air Teams of Germans launched 4 for Sudue Battlefield. These troops are expanded in three strategic directions.

Due to the suddenness of the attack and the powerful power of the German Tank Armor Forces, although the Soviet Union has had a certain psychological preparation and foresee of the fight against German, it is still not able to have a large number of Soviet soldiers surrounded by a large number of Soviet soldiers. Or surrender. The second home is written to this time, the Germans at this time is that it is a smooth water. The director of the Germans is also full, the army is very optimistic about the war process. But from the letter, we can also see that the stubborn resistance of the Soviet military and civilians is the shock caused by the German psychology. This also indicates the ending of the war. In addition, it is important to note that at the smoked dose of Hitler’s racism, even the ordinary German soldiers are now full of national Shavouchen emotions, and consciously regards genocide as their own responsibility. What they can’t understand is that the Russians rebellious in the war, which is precisely the results of the Germans yourself.


Third book

No one can really know, who sells us after our back …

The letter from the 25-year-old Captain Breuninger, served in the Kurland Group Army (Kurland).

This letter writes from a blockade frontline in May, 1945. At this time, Germany has not realized the fact that the comprehensive collapse is all, and the truth of the truth that has been conducted continues to the end of the war. At this time, many young German officers are prepared for their own beliefs.

Dear father! Now everything is over. We finally looked at our hometown in our hometown in our hometown. I hope this letter can be received smoothly. Everyone I have to go to Russia’s collective dance in Yesterday, where there is continued to fight with the Russians.

In the first three days of May 5, we received a secret command that was just performed with our commander – infantry. After this, the Navy will be able to get peace in the west, and begin with the West’s alliance secretly established contact. We still continue to fight in the East Line. Our group army is transported from Ricurg (WINDAU) to Elbe, and then in the Yijing River (Elbe), all things in May 6 were hidden. Lose. In order to make this shipping troops more insurance, the Legion near Grobin received the command of the Libau (Libau) fortress. Since December 1944, the work of this is in the preparation, when the head is ordered, our group army quickly retreats to the line of Baltic Coast.

We have been sticking to the position until we receive the news of the heads of Chengren. We have always believed that new weapons can change the current situation. However, when the news of the head of the head, it means that our hopes are completely shattered. But when we received this new news on May 5, we also ignited the fire of hope, and we think everything they did again. We have been fighting with an enemy wholeheartedly, and this enemy is Bolshvian. The reason why we fight with British, French and Americans is just to be dragged by them when they fight in the East Line and Booxvism.

We strongly hope that we can get peace in the West, so we can continue to fight with Boursik. So our battle will develop to a good ending, we have no holidays so far. For our goal, our people have paid a major sacrifice, and we are also ready to pay their lives! Now this goal is no longer unreachable, maybe you can imagine, if the Peace Agreement is reached, what is our current hope?

But after this noon, we were told that our National Defense Force actually announced the whole surrender, our group military group also decided to accept the announcement of the National Defense Army, and Russia’s specialist began to receive our troops and weapons on the next day. No one can really know, who will sell us behind our back. The Naval Fleet sent a small vessel from the Danziger Bay. Use them to take the reserves of our group army. These equipment used to be a life-saving straw and a focus in the battle, and they have won these honors for themselves. After each teacher, a part of the officer or an officer plus one hundred and twenty-five soldiers took these rounds of ship back to their hometown. The wounded people prefer the opportunity to go home, and when you send it, everyone sangs from other songs, just send them to the ship.

Very many officers and soldiers believe that there is no surrendering, and even the people here think so, they have experienced all the processes fighting with Russians, and they are unbearable. Now the port has been blocked, and only the license is allowed to be allowed. These orders have not been confused, and our army is still very disciplined, orderly. Our group army has been fighting, but there is no glorious victory today. We have fulfilled our own obligations, we have done everything that German soldiers can do – even if it is a bitter ending.

We don’t know how the heads have died. We also don’t know what our motherland has happened in the last week. We only know that we and the Bolshevian battle have so far, but they are more than our enemies, but also the enemy of Europe. We have experienced all this, because we used to fight, we will be able to upgrade to heaven …