The top 52 tile brands are the top 52. Which prices are good for quality?

The top 52 tile brands are the top 52. Which prices are good for quality?

In the previous part, the type and applicable area of ​​tiles were written. In fact, I planned to write a article, but I am afraid that the length is too long and it is difficult to read. =

Summarize the key points of the previous article:

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Now let’s introduce it, the current

The industry ranking of tile brands

(First and second line),

Buying a trick to avoid pits

,as well as

Size selection


And some focus




Basically, after reading these two articles, I believe that although everyone can’t stand up to the ground, they must have the ability to judge independently for how to buy tiles.

Not much to say, let’s go directly to dry goods:

1. The top 52 tile brands

First -line brand:

Second -line brand:


In the case of insufficient budget, please recognize Foshan Second Line and even third -line brand tiles,

The price is affordable, the quality is still guaranteed

The above brands are first and second -tier brands with a good reputation.

Miscellaneous card

Bricks are more secure, and the rankings are not separated.

2. Tile purchase skills

1. Select according to the decoration style


When choosing tiles, pay attention to the fit of the decoration style

(I don’t know what style of my own style is a heavy penalty 20 sticks)


European style: polishing bricks, vitrified bricks, porcelain throwing bricks

Modern style: polishing or glaze

Nordic style: gray polished bricks, wood grain bricks, flower bricks

American style: antique brick

Japanese style: wood grain brick, small white brick

Chinese, new Chinese: wood grain bricks

(It is best to choose wooden floor)


2. Look at the quality

First, the higher the tile density, the heavier the quality (800*800 tiles is generally 13-15kg), the better.

3. Look at the dirt resistance


Use a marker pen (oily pen, do not use water -based pen), wait for ten minutes to see if it can be cleaned;

4. Look at non -slip

Pour water directly on the surface of the tiles, let the tiles stand diagonally, put on the paper cup with water; or step on it directly.

Comparison of non -slip ability: Tongtong brick > Anticated brick > Polish brick > Full glazed brick

5. Look at the flat integration:

Two bricks meet each other. If the four corners of the brick have gaps, the brick angle is tilted.

6. Look at the corner straightness:

Put 4 bricks of the same specifications on the ground and see if the 4 edges are flat.

7. Look at Mohs hardness:

The floor tiles should be selected from high hardness, abrasion resistance, and not easy to produce scratches. It is recommended to choose hardness tiles above level 4.

8. Dark disease:

Tapping the tiles to listen to the sound, the crisp and loud tiles are very good, and the dull one is relatively poor. There may be cracks or air in it;

When choosing, pour water testing, and there are obvious resistance (spreading and full) to really non -slip

9. Resistance pressure

The tiles are suspended, and people stand on the tiles. If the tiles are basically not damaged or cracking, it means that the bearing capacity of the tile is very good. The poor tiles are easy to disconnect or crack, and cannot withstand heavy weight.

10. Tile brightness:

Household tiles are recommended to glory/soft light, and it is not recommended to light.

Light brick: more than 80%luster;

Soft light brick: glory between 25%and 55%;


Mattic brick: below 10%luster.

Third, the selection of tile size

Fourth, precautions

1. Put the bricks with cement mortar directly on the ground. Professional adhesive should be used on the wall;


2. The transportation of tiles must be delivered to the house, not the gate of the community, nor the bottom of the building;

3. Each brand has its own fist products, purchased according to different needs;

4. Large space uses large tiles, small spaces with small tiles can reduce losses;

5. The tiles that are not used up can be refunded without sealing. Regardless of the size of the tile, the purchase contract is based on the film, not the square meter, and the tile is also the discussion;

6. Buy good tiles, don’t forget the well -equipped sewing agent. Some tiles have been long for a long time, and the edges and dirty color becomes dirty. It may be a bad seam.

7. Wask water before the wall tile construction. There is a white decapyllar powder on the back of the brick to clean up, otherwise the tiles will not be pasted;

8. Tile tiles must be bought at one time (loss of 3%-10%), otherwise the replenishment is poor or out of stock;

How much can I buy? Remember this formula:


Number of tiles = paving area/each tile area*(1+5%)

9. When collecting bricks, be sure to open the box at the scene to prevent the brick goods from being wrong or damaged.

10. If the budget is not enough and want to ensure the quality, recognize the Foshan second to third -line brands;

11. It is best not to pave mosaic bricks in the kitchen. It is difficult to clean up to make you doubt your life;

12. The non -slip and light of tiles have nothing to do with matteness.


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Pay attention to the century, and harvest more decoration!




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