How to wear in the early summer season? “Perspective shirt” becomes a versatile item, and she is pure and charming.

In mid -April, the weather became hotter. The smell of summer is permeated in the air, and our dressing is getting more and more refreshing. Soft glutinous sweater, handsome trench coat, seem to be out of time. “Perspective shirts” became versatile items, and they were pure and fascinating.

In the early summer season, pure desire is still the most exciting dress. The thin shirts have become more and more stylish under the slightly translucent fabric. Whether it is a delicate tulle, a hollow lace, or a thin silk, it has its own characteristics and style.


What is a “perspective shirt”?

The so -called see -through shirt is not a true perspective, but uses light fabrics to create a hazy mysterious beauty. It can outline the beautiful lines of the body, but it will not be boldly exposed.

Use the advantages of the fabric to present a pure and charming feeling. Whether it is lace, tulle, or silk, it is particularly refreshing. It will not feel sultry when we wear in summer, and it is not effortless in matching.

How to choose a perspective shirt


Type see -through shirt

Tulle is a light and delicate fabric, but not all gauze materials are high -quality and exquisite. When choosing a tulle perspective shirt, the choice of fabric is particularly critical. Delicate, light, smooth, is the key to testing tulle fabrics. Do not choose some rough tulle fabrics, not only the texture is greatly reduced, but also uncomfortable to wear on the body.


Although European Roots is stiff, it is not suitable as a see -through shirt. After all, Ou Genha is relatively stiff, and it is not comfortable to wear. The fabric of the tulle perspective shirt should be delicate and skinny, and it looks like nothing to wear to show the lightest and graceful attitude, and it is more charming visually.

Real silk see -through shirt

The texture of the real silk is luxurious and expensive, and it has long been a must -have item for a delicate woman. Especially the strong women in the workplace prefer real silk shirts. If you choose a real silk shirt with a relatively thin fabric, it will have a sense of perspective, and another sexy is added in the high -level elegance.


Real silk see -through shirts, the most important thing is to pay attention to the problem. Because this kind of fabric is luxurious and expensive, it is recommended to match the clothing of the same color system and different fabrics to better reflect the real silk texture and express the high -level beauty.

Lace perspective shirt

Lace’s fabric is naturally more delicate and sweet. Lace elements in daily life are more liked by young girls. It is full of playfulness and lively atmosphere. The lace fabric has a perspective effect, and it is also very high -level and romantic to make a shirt.

Like all lace clothing, lace perspective shirts will also be more particular about design. So for lace perspective shirts, the design of clothing is more important. The tailoring of the lotus leaf is romantic and chic with retro style.

Performance shirt match


Perspective shirt + high -waisted small white pants

Performance shirts are as versatile as all shirts, so the process of matching does not need to be so troublesome. The most common is the matching of shirts + trousers, gray -based see -through shirts, high -waisted small white pants with straight tube, tall and tall figure out, there is a kind of aura with a leg of one meter long. This high -waisted small white pants with a see -through shirt is not only pure and high -level, but also particularly refreshing.


The light gray see -through shirt is not so strong in color. The matching with high -waisted small white pants is more fit, and there is no abrupt sense at all. Especially suitable for girls with small people or long legs, can optimize the proportion of the body to the greatest extent.

Perspective shirt + straight jeans

If you want to wear more casual and fashionable, don’t ignore jeans. Jeans are simple and atmospheric, and are universal versatile items. Therefore, there will be no abrupt sense with the combination of perspective shirts.

The white see -through shirt is plainly and playful. The matching with white jeans is consistent in color tone. But in fact, the white perspective shirt can also be paired with other colored jeans, which are all pressureless.

Perspective shirt + mopped pants

The mopped pants with handsomeness and the beauty of the wind seem to be two different styles from the perspective shirt. And combined with a slimwear shirt with loose mopped pants, it has more fashionable and high -level beauty. Not only can outline the curve of the upper body, but also cover the bloated feeling of the lower body.


If it is a girl with a pear -shaped body, it is especially suitable for this tight and loose match. If you are not tall enough, you can also wear high heels to wear, slightly increase the altitude and enhance the gas field.

More perspective shirts wearing appreciation


The red see -through shirt skirt, comes with hot and high -end beauty. The strong red system will inevitably make people shine. In the early summer season, the see -through shirt skirt, with rivet high -heeled shoes, specially grasped the eyeballs, making people unlike.

If you have a little cold early and late, you can also use a trench coat or a suit jacket, or a denim jacket and a leather jacket to better compatible.

Performing shirts are also ingenious as a coat. The black -based see -through shirt, the sleeve design of the perspective, chose a slim -fitting navel vest in the inside, and the tightness of the outer loose inside outlines the graceful body curve. With dark blue jeans with high waist, it is beautiful and atmospheric.

It is easier to touch people’s hearts like this simple and fashionable dress. Especially for girls who are not confident enough, you can choose this way of stacking.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to choose and match the perspective shirt? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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