The white horse passed the gap, is the “white horse” a white pony?

Bai Zu’s gap comes from “Zhuangzi · Zhibei Tour” “between the world of life, if the white horse is over, it suddenly.”

“The Biography of Wei Bao” said: Life is easy to grow old, such as Bai Fo across the gap.


White foal: White steed, also metaphorize the sun; gap: Bitong (xì) but: the same “gap”, finger gaps.

The white horse’s gap means that time is like the little white horse running in front of a small gap, describing the time passing very fast.

Bai Ku, the shadow of the sun.

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Jian believed in the “Night Ship” that “white foal” refers to “sun shadow”, and “white foal passing” means that the sunlight flashed in front of the gap, describing the short time.

In this way, the shadow of the white foal passed by the gap. The light and shadow passed, and suddenly, it was true and illusory.

Therefore, some people think that the shadow of the sun is “White Kom”, and some people think that “white foal” is a white pony.

But how, our lives are short, just like the white horse passed by, and it was fleeting. We should cherish time and the present. Time makes people ride a bamboo horse yesterday, it is already a white head. Time is like flowing water, and the deceased is like a husband, and he does not give up day and night.

One inch of time and one inch of gold, the inch gold is difficult to buy inch. Cherish time and cherish yourself. Yesterday, all kinds of things were made of me today. Time is not old, I believe the years are quiet.

It’s easy to worry about spring breeze and autumn flowers. I hope that spring flowers and autumn are not difficult. Our joy and sorrow, sadness and joy are in time. Time is like a line. Our sadness and joy are pearls, and finally the pearls of life. In the world of life, the traversal passenger is like a long -distance passenger. The short time is worth cherishing.


▲ Li Yunfei, the founder of Du Xue and Calligraphy Calligraphy, Calligraphy Works: If Life is just like the first sight, what is the sorrowful fan of the autumn wind. – Nalan sex sentence