Did you buy the Double Eleven of Belle Camel CK? Three brands have been sampling and unqualified products

On November 13, the Ningbo Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued a report on the quality spot inspection of shoe products in the circulation field in 2019. The report showed that after the test, the 45 batches of shoe products were found. It is 8.9%. There are 1 batch of trademarks of these 4 batches of unqualified shoes, and 1 batch of trademarks are Charles & Keith (referred to as small CK by netizens), and 2 batches of trademarks are Camel.

According to the reporting link document, Belle’s unqualified products are infant leather sandals with CE6555, and unqualified projects are small attachments to resist tensile. The units that have been sample are Yuyao Wanda stores at Ningbo Children Wang Children’s Products Co., Ltd. Nandu reporters noticed that this shoe was not sold on Belle Tmall flagship store.

Charles & Keith’s unqualified products are children’s sandals with CK9-71700044. Unqualified projects are also small attachments. The units that have been sample are Ningbo Urban Plaza Development and Management Co., Ltd. Nandu reporters noticed that this shoe is on sale at Charles & Keith Tmall flagship store, priced at 99 yuan, and 71 monthly sales.

The unqualified products of camels are men’s casual shoes with 7W2309582 and women’s casual shoes with 7W1309789. The two batches of unqualified shoes were sampled. Both are resistant to folding performance. After searching, both batches of shoes were not sold on the Camel Tmall flagship store.

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