This technology is going to heaven! The king of the projection world -Skywhalm projection

Xiaoxia introduced a lot of projection types before. I introduced it to you today, but the king of the projection industry -Tianmu projection (do this technology want to go to the sky?


In recent years, the LED sky curtain has become a familiar vocabulary in the industry. Its emergence is caused by the continuous improvement of socio -economic strength and scientific and technological level. It has enriched people’s thinking with its magnificent, shocking, and bright characteristics.

It is generally suitable for large -scale buildings such as high -end star hotel lobby, large Shopping Mall, commercial pedestrian street, urban center square, and large -scale stage. Through the sky screen screen, people bring people into the world of light and shadow.

Large LED sky screens hanging on the ceiling are like a colorful satin, bright and deep sky, and combined with new LED light strips, light bands, projection and other lighting equipment to play a role of lighting and rendering.

However, the use of conventional LED displays to do LED sky screens have a large flaw that it will block the light of the sky curtain and affect the visual effect. In the case of light during the day, the black module panel is installed on the sky, affecting the beauty of the surrounding environment, and in a relatively closed space.


And LED smart glass is a high -tech new building material product with a high -transparent display effect. Without the effect of not optoelectronic display, the light transmission rate reaches more than 80 %, which can almost be the light transmission level of ordinary glass and does not affect outdoor lighting outdoors. Observation is the only glass building material product that can reach the display function.

LED smart glass display renderings


The glass is fashionable and high -end, with unique design effect images. At the same time, it has both natural lighting functions. It avoids the sense of space compression produced by conventional LED sky curtains during the day. Whether it is day or night, the audience will be pleasing to the eye.

LED smart glass can achieve a semi -transparent display function, reaching some LED chips without glowing. As shown in the figure above, the display effect is the same. fashion sense.

In the case of not being displayed during the day, the past people under LED transparent sky can still look up at the natural landscape brought by the blue sky and white clouds, so that people have no visual obstacles and freely enjoy the fun of playing.

LED smart glass: transparent, thin, light quality, moisture -proof, waterproof, waterproof

The unique playback effect gives people a shocking visual and auditory experience with strong visual impact, bringing visual and auditory three -dimensional sensing effects to tourists. The color flow under the glass sense, the flashes of the lighting light, make people immerse in the beauty of the beauty.


Let LED sky curtain full of sense of technology and futuristic, satisfy the creative concept of designer Tianma Xingkong, and ultimately feel the dream and light art brought by modern technology and unique design.


Vientiane screen adopts unique professional glue technology, integrating LED chips in the middle of two pieces of glass, and promotes LED display through the world’s most leading core technology to achieve a more trendy, more fashionable, higher end, more dynamic level, perfectly matches well -known brands of the well -known brand High -end definition, integrating science and technology aesthetics, showing unparalleled creativity.

Standing in a large shopping mall, built on the corridor of the air, the interlaced light and shadow, the lingering of sound and music, let people in it enjoy shopping and play, and enhance the leisure and entertainment shopping experience.

Transforming the sky curtain into a tall sky stage, and the building is naturally natural, which shows the softness of LED transparent display and architecture.



In terms of its commercial value, the artistic charm of color and technology, the ever -changing landscape decoration has made large commercial places transform from dull and monotonous places to a strong gold -sucking person, creating a prosperous scene.

Help customers stand at the peak of the market, intelligently create a unique new value of space, enhance the sense of entertainment and creativity of the shopping mall, make the shopping center more competitive than similar competitors, increase the value of commercial real estate, and create more revenue. income.

),Why do you say that? First of all, of course, the cost is more expensive than the average projection, and there are tens of thousands to millions of projects (for stores or scenic spots with limited budgets, Sanxia recommends that a smaller sky -to -screen projection can be done, and the effect can be dumped in several streets) Essence Secondly, its effect is enough to refresh the eyeball at the scene, which is absolutely stunned!

As the so -called seeing is true, Xia Xia, please first appreciate the case (about 11 minutes) of the following Skywood projection, the effect I gave 100 points!

Case of Skywalk Projective Video

Since Tianmu projection is called the king of the projection industry, of course, the identity is also special. It belongs to a relatively novel alien projection technology. The effects that other customers want, it can immerse people in the picture surrounded by 360 degrees, and feel a shocking sense of wrapping and visual sense.

Virtual aquarium created by projection technology

Skymill projection generally uses a number of projectors to project the screen, and then seamlessly stitch the screen through the projection fusion technology of Sanxia, ​​accompanied by the three -dimensional surround sound, making people seem to be there. Of course, the sky curtain projection can also use LED screen instead of projection screens as players, but its requirements for the installation environment are relatively high.


The principle of fusion of multiple projectors in Sky Midfle Projector

Tianmu projection is a very popular display technology for tourism (scenic spots, hotels), physical stores (catering shops, bars, KTV, etc.). Of course, it has its unique advantages. It is also because of these advantages that it has become attracting tourists to attract tourists. Customer ace.

Showing method is novel: Skywrack projection presents the projection screen to our heads, like the sky. Such a unique projection method meets people’s needs for new things.

Shocking the picture: Skywalk projection is mainly used to present large scenes such as the universe and the ocean. The large and clear picture and the picture presented by stereo effects are even more shocking.

The movie viewing mode is unique: Because the projection screen of the sky curtain projection is on the top of the head, in the theater, you want to watch such a movie in the form of a lounge chair. Lying and watching a movie in a unique way can attract the audience.

The immersion feeling is very strong: Compared with other projection methods, the sky curtain projection can be said to include the audience in the screen. The immersion experience is stronger, giving people a more realistic movie viewing experience.

The picture can be large or small: the picture of the projection and the area can be adjusted to the size of the customer’s desired according to the needs or the size of the sky.

Customization of playback content: The content of the sky curtain projection can be customized according to the requirements of the demand and the needs of the place. 7. Visual hearing enjoyment: The projected screen is more three -dimensional than the graphic projection system. Coupled with the three -dimensional surround sound effects, it can bring more real, shocking, and realistic visual effects.

After reading the introduction above, do you have a strong interest in the projection of Skywhae? However, some customers are also worried that their places may not be used. Then, let ’s introduce to you what are the applications of Tianmu projection for your reference. Of course, if you still have better ideas, welcome to you and you and and you Little Xia talk.

The application field of Tianmu projection

1. Commercial Street


Nowadays, many commercial streets have applied sky curtain projection to improve the atmosphere of the entire shopping mall, which is also a good way of publicity.

Skywal Projection of Commercial Street (Underwater World)

2. Science and Technology Museum

Skymill projection can simulate the mysterious pictures such as the sky, the ocean, and the universe. It is very suitable for the science and technology museum, which can make people really feel the magic of the universe.

3. Hotel

At the entrance of the hotel or the lobby on the first floor, it is also very suitable for the arrangement of a sky curtain, so that every tourist visiting can feel the strong “nature world”. Although it is indoors, it is still under the same sky. Essence If you match other projection projects, the hotel is no longer just a hotel, and it will become a tourist destination and a city business card.

LED sky curtain outside the hotel gate


3, cinema

Applying sky -to -projection technology in theater, allowing people to lie down and watch the movie, give the audience a different viewing experience.

4. Restaurant


At present, many restaurants use sky curtain projection technology, which can create a strong immersive experience, allowing people to have a novel experience during the meal.


5. Stage

What the stage and dancing need at the atmosphere and the environment, and the sky curtain projection can give people a stronger visual impact and bring a strong visual effect to the audience.

In general, there are many places that are suitable for Tianmo projection, because Sky Muchou projection can simulate the mysterious large scenes such as the sky, the ocean, and the universe. Through the immersive viewing, let the visitors really feel the broad and infinite infinite infinite infinitely infinite infinitely infinitely infinitely infinite , The mysterious beauty of the sea and the vast magic of the universe. In addition, other contents can be played by the sky, so I won’t go into details one by one here.