Spoke wheels, vacuum tires, some of the ignored “Gobi”, the original highlights are still many

The ADV -style cross -border pedal car appeared on many new faces on Mo Bo this year. Longjia’s XDV and Bresong’s Ji Zhou have greatly received the attention of many riders. However, another new car that appeared in the same field with them is a bit small and transparent. This is the engraved GOBI 150 “Gobi”. In fact, as far as ADV’s adventure attributes are concerned, it is the one that is most consistent with the requirements. Let’s understand this neglected new car.


The appearance of the “Gobi” is not much different from the original conceptual design drawing. Although there are some shadows of Honda XADV, the overall looks not abrupt, and there are still many ideas in the details. And the real car retains the combination of the first 14 -inch spoke wheels+the 130 -vacuum tires of the first 110s. This is also the only pedal car in China that uses this configuration. Many disciples have many hard -core models with their tables. However, the real car and the concept car also have different things, that is, the post -order reduction after the mid -order is replaced with a double rear shock absorption with a gas cylinder. Perhaps this setting is also to strengthen the off -road ability consideration.

The power comes from a displacement of 149.3cc single -cylinder water -cooled engine, a maximum power of 11kW/8250rpm, and a maximum torque of 14nm/6500rpm. The fuel tank with a 9.5L volume is a bit surprising. The official fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 2.2L. It can reach about 400km. In addition, the quality of the new car is 135kg and the seat height is 790mm. In terms of configuration, the high specifications of force are inherited, and the front of the inverted front shock absorption, the front dual disc brake, the dual -channel ABS anti -hug death, the TFT instrument, the no -key start, the rear rocker arm of the aluminum alloy, and so on.


Although the brand is still in the early life and production models, its workmanship and materials are still recognized as solid. I don’t know if the riders have noticed a detail. The screw of the spit. In this new car, a large number of inner hexagonal screws have been used in a large number of star -shaped screws. For small, you can still see some basic qualities of the vehicle. Car friends, are you interested in this domestic first ADV pedal to use the steel wire spoke wheel? Like motorcycle information, pay attention to Lao Kai, like a message, share it!