The installation step of the mobile basketball rack

Mobile basketball rack installation steps

Step 1: Mobile basketball frame device base

Step 2: Put the concrete block in the box (do not advocate placing sediment or bricks, the weight after the rain will be reduced)

Step 3: Device column, fastener with screws.

Step 4: Device rebounds connecting parts

Step 5: The device stretches the arm

Step 6: Device pull rod

Step 7: Install the rebound, first install two rebounds on the rod.(It is not advisable to install rebounds above the ground, which is not safe, and it will also affect the seven standard height after the device is completed.) The whole process of assembly is measured.+


Step 8: Adjust the rebound and connect the lever.After connecting the four tie rods, the tie rod screws are tightened and the level of the rebound is adjusted.After the device is over, we can measure the distance from the basket again (specification: 3.05 meters above the ground). If it is not accurate