Who is the biggest winner of the stall economy? Some e -commerce companies quietly launch the “Swallow Artifact” collection page, and the order of folding shelves has increased by 5 times month -on -month

Let’s set the stall, the waves!


When many working class hopes to rely on stalls to achieve financial freedom, some people have begun to act. When the first small business entrepreneurs started to set up equipment, some people have quietly made a fortune.

In addition to Wuling Hongguang, folding shelves, small carts, flashlights, and canopy also quietly ushered in the “carnival” of sales.

According to data from the rebate network platform, from June 1st to June 3rd, the search volume related to the stalls and stalls related to the stalls increased 55 times and 123 times from the previous month. Among them, folding shelves, flashlights, small carts, canopy, night market lights and other stalls have increased by 567%month -on -month. The proportion of orders in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shandong ranks among the top three in the country.

Picture source: rebate network platform

Specifically, the data shows that from June 1st to June 3rd, compared with the same period of May, the order amount of folding shelves increased by 567%month -on -month; the flashlight increased by 180%from the previous month; Restaurant increased by 95%month -on -month; night market lights increased by 60%month -on -month.

There are also e -commerce platforms to excavate business opportunities. According to the “Securities Daily” reporter’s inspection Pinduoduo platform found that the platform has officially launched the “stall artifact” collection page, which are included in the night market and early market areas. Wuling truck -selling trucks, outdoor fan, flashlight and other “stalls” are included in 618 subsidies.

According to data from Pinduoduo, at 20:00 on June 3, Pinduoduo announced the exclusive subsidy of Wuling truck sales. As of 22, the activity page showed that the first batch of subsidized 100 “stalls magic vehicles” had been sold out. Pinduoduo said that 200 units are currently adjusted urgently to meet the vigorous “individual entrepreneurial needs” of consumers.

“Behind the hot sales of the stalls, it means that China’s individual entrepreneurial consciousness has been completely activated,” said the person in charge of the relevant business of Pinduoduo. In the Pinduoduo’s “Stall Economy” subsidy area, “Establishment of Stalls”, including outdoor fan, outdoor flashlight, picnic cushion and other “stalls and other” stalls, etc. Data show that since the launch of the “stall economic” subsidy area, sales have increased by 88.7%.

“The stall economy is a market form that is closest to the daily scattered consumption of ordinary people. Excessive raising will violate the principles of development like one -size -fits knife.” Shen Meng, executive director of Kan Song Capital, told the Securities Daily reporter. Shen Meng also reminded that the stall economy will still be subject to some necessary supervision, such as environmental, hygiene, safety, etc., so it will not develop infinitely, will not impact the fresh and high -end markets of fresh freshness, but it will be low to the middle and high -end markets of freshness. The formation of end products has a large impact because there is no intermediate link in circulation.

In Shen Meng’s view, the economic boom of the stall will slowly return to normal in the later period.