Do you really know the ballet skirt?

Whether on the stage or ballet class,

Dancers are wearing clothing and requirements,

Not just for the sake of good -looking,

Each piece has its role and significance in the corresponding scene.

“Practice” is the first choice of ballet class


Professional, fit ballet training uniforms have the advantages of self -cultivation, sweat absorption, safety, and elasticity, which can help little dancers to better complete the ballet exercises such as kicking and splitting. In the physical posture, when the little dancers are not standardized, the teacher can find it in time, and conduct guidance and correction; and the practice uniforms are usually simple design, not adding zipper, buttons and other decorations, and it is not easy to disperse the attention of small dancers; In the ballet class, the dance exercise is large, easy to sweat, and quickly dry sweat, can keep the dancers keep a relaxed and comfortable state.

Therefore, be sure to put on a beautiful practice service to class! Let yourself be better integrated into the atmosphere of the ballet class, and show the courageous body of the beautiful body gesture brought by the ballet, dance confidently together!

Show you the comfort exercises produced by the ISEE Cinderella


Blue test fit

Tiffeny blue practice service A

Light pink practice suit

Tiffeny blue practice service B

Light purple practice service

Velvet conjoin suit




“TUTU skirt” of ballet dream

With the continuous evolution of ballet, the dancers in order to express elegant leg movements and higher difficult technical skills, shorter and not easy to “go through” ballet “TUTU” dance skirts were born. Because almost the entire leg will be appeared, it has a great test for the dancer’s leg shape and movement, so TUTU is also the classic costume of most classical ballet actors or heroines.

The TUTU skirt is the standard dance skirt of ballet, and the starting point of the beginning of most small dancers ballet dreams. When they first put on a puffed TUTU skirt and tall high ball heads, they are particularly good -looking and let them make them look particularly beautiful. The children liked it very much, and finally chose ballet, insisted on ballet learning, and also received more beauty brought by ballet.

Show you the boutique TUTU produced by Isee Cinderella

Lane decorative short -sleeved TUTU


White hot drill long sleeve tutu


Purple pearl bubble sleeve tutu


Sequenant ballet shoes tutu

Embroidered beads short -sleeved white tutu

Lace reveal long -sleeved tutu

Blue split Tutu

Pink split tutu

Ballet has always been a representative of beauty and self -discipline,


With scientific training methods, teach people to use the body correctly,

And attach great importance to etiquette, pay attention to details,

In the classroom practice suit, the dance skirts on the stage reflect the rigor and elegance in its culture.


How to buy good -looking, practical ultra -cost -effective ballet skirts?


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