Why do I say that Ish will shot, and the Korean makeup industry shakes? Analysis of its brand Snowflake Herra Lanzhi also analyzed

Those who click in and read this article should have heard of Snowflake Show. Snowflake Show is a high -end brand of Chinese herbal herbal medicine skin care. It is welcomed by Asian women. Estee Lauder, like L’Oreal, is a comprehensive cosmetics group. It covers high, middle and low -end brands, occupying various market segments.

The brand of Amore is as shown below to see how many you have used or know?


Main brand:

Amore Pacific and Hera Hera

The high -end brand named the name of the Amore Pacific Group is mainly for the European and American markets. This brand has heard less, and it is high -cold wind. A bottle of essence will cost thousands. It is really better than snowflakes. Hera is also a similar design idea, but the positioning is lower, and Hera’s isolation, sun protection and air cushion are very popular. Herra’s official name is Heyan, because Hera was snatched by another cosmetics company.


2. Sulwhasoo Snow Show and Hanyul Han Lu

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August 18th Korean Advanced Snow Cream —– Snowflake Show

The positioning of Snowflake Show is a person over 30 years old. If you are young, you may be too nourishing. It is easy to start with fat grains. You can try Han Lu. Han Lu is also a Chinese herbal medicine brand. The positioning is lower than Snow Show.


Laneige, iOPE Yibo, Mamonde Dream Makeup, Primera Flimina

These four are the mid -range brand of Amore. The Lanzhi brand was the earliest. It mainly replenished hydration. The effect of makeup is average. It loves various limits. Fulima’s composition is safer and suitable for pregnant women. Yibo first launched the air cushion BB cream, and his air cushion was more moisturizing. Dream makeup is also an old brand. The effect is not good or bad. The product line is relatively complete. It is very popular with a Houttuynia cordata to go to blackheads.

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Lu, Beautiful Makeup, AMOS, Media McGrady

Lu, Beautiful Makeup and AMOS are shampoos and hair care brands. The explosive models include Luoshuo, hair oil, etc. McGrady is an oral care brand with explosive 86 toothpaste.



Innisfree Yue Shi Feng Yin and ETUDE HOUSE Alice House

These are Two entry -level brands of Amore. Yue Shifeng Yin is mainly basic skin care products. The Alice House is mainly make -up products. The official name of the Alle House in China is the House of Etti. Don’t enter the fake flagship store.




ESPIOR Platinum and Lolita Lempicka Lolita


These are two perfume brands. Recently, Aispin’s silicone powder puff is very hot, and Lolita’s apple perfume is famous. A large cosmetics group must have its own successful perfume if you want to achieve globalization, because in the European and American markets, perfume consumption accounts for 30%of the entire beauty, which is a large piece.

The Amore Pacific Economic and Relying on its own chemical industry foundation and research accumulation, after decades of development, it has become one of the top ten cosmetics groups in the world. China has a huge population and market potential. I hope that China can also appear several cosmetics groups with global competitiveness. We don’t have to run to buy and buy globally in order to use some reliable good goods to buy and buy in order to use some reliable goods. It’s right.

A dad who shared skin care and beauty, the story of the next day tells the story of the love and killing of Amore and another cosmetics group LG in South Korea. Welcome to follow.

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