Thousands of skirts have no new idea, this year’s premature “pleated dress”, elegant

What is the season of opening spring? No skirt is incomplete in spring, but the style of the skirt is 10 million, which is to be the heart of this season?

I think it is elegant, youth, vitality, cheerful pleated skirt, it can always make people linger, put it on it can make you crushing the group, not only fashion, but also lively, you know, you want it. Have ~

The pleated skirt has never exited the trend. After all, it can do it, more style, slimming meat, etc., and in recent years, the design of the pleated skirt has changed, so that it has a “favored” momentum. Whether it is a light-colored pleated skirt that is no such thing, it is still very popular. Let’s take a look at how to wear this favorite pleated dress!


Open “pleated skirt” fashion trip

The pleated skirt is of course not just the exclusive early spring, it can wear any season, so the pleated skirt is a hipster classic king. But whenever I mention a pleated dress, we think that romance and elegant are romantic, but it can match the style of heaven. Whether it is the basic pleat or sublimation, you can solve all the problems, come into the trendy trip to the pleated skirt!


Point1 · Color Charm


The pleated skirt is worn in different seasons. It will have a significant difference. That is the difference in color. To talk about autumn and winter, it is dominated by dark color, but it is in spring and summer, and the pleated skirt is absolutely light bright. Eye. This year’s color is also a light-colored wear, and the pleated skirt gives a different color bloom.


Basic white

The most basic color in the light color is white, while white pleated skirts give people a feeling of clean and intimate, it can convert style with different styles, such as suit jackets, integrity Light and ripe.

▷ bright yellow


Recently, there were two new epidemics, extremely gray and bright yellow, and pleated skirts quickly added bright yellow colors, so that the whole person is not awkward. It is more than a vibrant display, so that the whole person looks cleaner, although this color can focus on visual attention, but the middle is tuned to a little grayscale, and it is not picking up your skin.


▷ ▷ ▷ 色

For trendy sketch, try the various solid colored styles, I want to point a more colorful style. So the progressive color can make the pleated skirt more fashionable. The color is shallow to dark, even in the abrupt color, it can be gentled in this way, such as tender pink, and looks sweetly.

▷ ▷ 拼


Unlike the gradient, the splice is directly two different colors colliding with each other, so it will not have a very good transition role as the gradient color, cautious in color choice, if the color is not pair, becomes a disaster. Generally, as long as two splices are colored, the simplest way is

Use the shades of color, or base color + bright color

And comparison will not be wrong.


POINT2 · Material Exposition


The pleated skirt except the color, the biggest difference is the material. Most of our pleated skirts are soft, of course, this fabric is very popular in this season. Let’s take a look at these popular fabrics, is the favorite of the star fashion.

▪ Mesh pleated skirt

This pleated dress is very common in starry, you can have a dreamy effect, but if you don’t have junior high school skin and good figure, the mesh pleated skirt is advised to match, it is too picky People wear, as long as you don’t pay attention, you can become a village.

▪ Knit pleated skirt

The pleated design of the pleated skirt can reduce the strength of the knitted fabric. After wearing it, you can reflect the grade and warmth of wearing. In addition, the pleated skirt of the knitted fabric is different from the other fabrics, which is more biased towards the characteristics, so the line is more obvious, the skirt is strong, and the weather in the morning will be able to resist the weather in early spring.

▪ Cortical pleated skirt


The cortical pleated skirt is the most individual style in all fabrics. It makes the handsome features given by the pleated skirt, and there is a slider on the surface, so it is much higher than the pleated skirt of the knitted fabric. Second, its fabric is hard but after joining a pleated design, it becomes more integrated. If there is a rough problem, select a leather pleated skirt.


▪ Satin pleated skirt


This type of pleated skirt is thinned in the body, but because the satin material is very thin, it reduces the visual complicated feeling, and no matter what version of satin pleated skirt, you can let The skirt is swinging casually, and the advanced is light.

Point3 · length OR short

The long shortness of the pleated skirt has different tastes. Like a small child, I prefer to match the skirt, the short skirt is wearing the problem of avoiding the problem, and can wear the effect of the college wind, the whole person’s wear is with Youth atmosphere. The most classic style in the short-poured dress is grilled, and the student is still in the workplace girl.

The length of the window wide pleated skirt is to grasp, the longer the better, such as the pleated skirt that covers the legs, I feel that it is very short and bloated. Especially short-legged women, it turns into a legless girl.


✔ 不 规 长 百 百 Skirt


To make the pleated skirt, it is definitely long, but you don’t want the long pleated skirt to have a problem of compressing on your body. Differential differences or front shorts are long, the skin slightly revealing the skin is the most appropriate.


Point4 · Learn to be a key

How to match the pleated skirt, the following is a good look, look good.

1, suits + pleated skirt

How to wear a pleated skirt, in a suit jacket, increase the whole temperament and gas, the high-level fabric, the dripping of the career women’s practice, the fabric of the pleated skirt can be used as a suit fabric In this way wearing the most harmonious.

2, shirt + pleated skirt

The pleated skirt and shirt build daily in-style, shirt avoids the striker, the best looking at the fabric is soft without curve, can show a lazy taste, or add a little design in the cuffs, such as bubble Bubble sleeves, increase the taste of a small woman.


3, leather + pleated skirt

Recently, the mother MAN’s wear is full, it is obvious that the pleated skirt can’t create handsome and gas field, so I have to use a personalized leather to match, and the leather clothes are very type, and I will look good. You can also add a little leopard stromer.

This season has been “pleated skirt” to wear, breaking routine, create more novel wearing!