When Li Na saw General Liu, he saw him saluting the Americans and applauded Chairman Mao Mao?

At the end of 1949, the PLA team entered Nanning City mighty. The base camp of the Guiqi warlord finally ushered in liberation.

Just when the people in Nanning celebrated liberation excitedly, a little boy in his early 10s was very unhappy -because his sister was going to be a soldier.

Nanning Liberation

Since the child’s memories, he has never seen his parents. It was his sister’s wandering with him. He walked from Hankou to Nanning, and he fell into his orphanage.

The sad childhood made him extremely attached to his sister. During the orphanage, he was adopted twice because he missed his sister, and he ran back secretly.

After the liberation of Nanning, this orphanage became the temporary station of the 13th Army Literature and Industry Troupe. Looking at the dozens of homeless children in the courtyard, the leaders of the Cultural Troupe decided:

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

The age allowed to be soldiers; the age is too young, and the comrades on the local area are properly resettled.

After screening, the sister became a literary soldier, and the little boy was brushed down.

Knowing that my sister was going to leave with the army, the little boy cried and made trouble, and said he was unwilling to stay. In the end, my sister gave him an idea:

After the troops set off, you follow the back!

However, not long after the troops set off, the little boy was found by the cadres led by the team, slipped out of the team and brought it to the head of the cultural group.

Before the head of the cultural and artist group spoke, the little boy cried “wow”:

“I don’t go anywhere, I want to follow you!”

Looking at the child with tears and nasal nasal nastest, the head of the cultural group sighed:

“Well, leave it!”

He turned his head and said to the leading cadre:

“Register for him, take care of it!”

Therefore, in the 13th Army Cultural Regiment’s roster, there is another name:

Hu Shi

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?


No one would have thought that after decades, the child would be well -known, but at that time, he already had a new name:

Ancient moon

From Hu Shi to Guyue

Why does Hu Shixue become Guyue? The cause of everything is to start with a promotional painting–

One day in the 1970s, Hu Shixue, who was already the officer of the Ministry of Culture of the Kunming Military Region, boarded a train and was ready to go to a business trip.

There are a lot of people on the train. When Hu Shixue finally found his seat, he had sweated.

After sitting, Hu Shixue hurriedly took off his military hat, closer his hair behind his head, and took a long breath.

At this moment, the passengers sitting opposite him suddenly “snorted”, Hu Shixue looked up, a middle -aged man in his 40s stared at him.

At first, Hu Shixue hadn’t taken it seriously, but after a while, the man still looked at him intently, making Hu Shixue a little hair.

Let a big man stare at this way, Hu Shixue was still in his life.

“Comrade, what do you keep staring at me?!”

As soon as Hu Shixue opened, the middle -aged man reacted and apologized again and again:

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

“I’m sorry, comrade, I see you look like a person!”

The middle -aged man said that he took out a promotional painting from the paper tube:

“Look, don’t look like?”

As soon as the publicity painting began, Hu Shixue was a little dumbfounded:

The person in the painting strikes a gown, with an umbrella under his right arm, fist on his left hand, and walks firmly on a narrow mountain road …

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

“Isn’t this” Chairman Mao going to Anyuan “? I look like Chairman Mao?”

The sudden words of the man made Hu Shixue stunned.

Before Hu Shixue returned to God, the passengers next to the seat also stretched out, looked at the painting, and looked at Hu Shixue, and then tongue:

“It’s like! It’s really like!”

Chairman Mao went to Anyuan

After getting out of the train, Hu Shixue hurried to the guest house and looked at the mirror. The familiar face in the mirror suddenly became a little strange.

Is it like Chairman Mao? This incident became a knot in Hu Shixue. After returning to Kunming, he deliberately learned the posture of Chairman Mao in the photo.

“Who do you see me like?”

The colleagues saw him from head, and they all said in unison:

“Oh, you are like Chairman Mao!”

Although colleagues made a certain evaluation, Hu Shixue was still a bit unconfident. He thought about it, and he decided to listen to the opinions of his wife as a professional actor-

On this day, Hu Shixue combed his hair into his back, changed into a Zhongshan outfit, and walked to his wife.

Gui Ping

In front of me:

“Look, how about it?”

Hu Shixue had no thoughts and thoughts that Gui Ping was inexplicable. She glanced at Hu Shixue and laughed:

“It’s good, how do you think of this body?”

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

Seeing his wife “not on the way”, Hu Shixue simply opened the door to see the mountain:

“Do you think I look like Chairman Mao?”

After listening to Hu Shixue, Gui Ping became serious. She carefully looked at her husband’s familiar face, and nodded frequently:

“Don’t say, don’t care, you really look like!”

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

While talking, Gui Ping looked around with Hu Shixue:

“Really, you are more like the actors of the troupe.

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

After listening to his wife, Hu Shixue laughed:

“If you don’t go, where can I perform!”

However, this incident was not as controlled by Hu Shixue -one day in 1979, Hu Shixue’s house was knocked.

Those who came to visit the door were the dean of the PLA Academy of Arts, creating works such as “Growth in Battle” and “Huai Shuzhuang” and other works

Hu Ke

After simple greetings, Hu Ke opened the door to see the mountain:

“Some time ago, the Ministry of Culture and the General Administration issued documents to select a batch of special actors who played the leaders across the country. I see Xiao Hu’s conditions good, very similar to Chairman Mao, you can try it!”

Hu Ke’s words made Hu Shixue a little confused-

Kunming is away from Beijing thousands of mountains and rivers. How did Dean Hu know me?

It turned out that in order to commemorate Chairman Mao and the first -generation leaders of the party and country, as early as 1978, the central government made a decision to select special actors across the country.

As soon as the news came out, the arts and arts and arts of all parts of the country had a sensation. It is recommended that Xue Xue films generally flew to Beijing. President Mao’s special actor was recommended, and 2 or 30 were recommended.

However, although these recommended candidates are all professional actors and have experienced the experience of playing Chairman Mao, there is basically a common problem:

The shape is not like

The shape is similar, which is the necessary condition for the central government to select special actors.

When the experts were responsible for the headache, a staff member from the Kunming Military Region flashed:

“There is a person there, very similar to Chairman Mao, but I have never played.”

After listening to this sentence, Hu Ke decided:

“Can’t play to learn, let’s go to see this person!”

When Hu Ke rushed to the Kunming Military Region, he was catching up with the military region organ to hold a conference. In the auditorium, Hu Ke saw Hu Shixue sitting in the crowd at a glance:

The tall and tall figure, wide and soft cheeks, big eyes, double eyelids … everything is so similar to Chairman Mao he is familiar with.

Because of this, Hu Ke will visit the door and personally invite Hu Shixue to participate in the selection of special actors.

Soon after, Hu Shixue’s makeup photo was quickly sent to Beijing. When Hu Ke enlarged his photos and placed with Edgar Snow’s famous photos for Chairman Mao, all experts were amazed:

“It’s so similar!”

With excellent appearance conditions, Hu Shixue was successfully shortlisted and sent to the photos of more than a dozen other professional actors.

Ye Jianying

Marshal’s desk.

Chairman Mao and Marshal Ye Jianying

As the old comrades -in -arms who got along for half a century, Marshal Ye Jianying could not be familiar with Chairman Mao’s appearance. He was also very cautious about this selection. He looked at the magnifying glass and looked at them one by one.

When he saw the photos of Hu Shixue, Ye Jianying’s eyes lighted up and quickly greeted Geng Biao, Secretary -General of the Central Military Commission sitting on the side:

“Come, come, Comrade Geng Biao, let me introduce this person.”

After listening to Geng Biao’s brief introduction, Marshal Ye Jianying looked at Hu Shixue’s photos again, and the first:

“Like, look like!”

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

After speaking, Ye Jianying picked up the red pen and painted a large red circle on the back of Hu Shixue’s photos.

This red circle completely changed the fate of Hu Shixue -in January 1980, Hu Shixue, who received the order, boarded the train to Beijing and came to the Acting Troupe of Bayi Film Studio to report.

At the suggestion of his colleagues, he took off his surname as a stage name, and “Guyue” came from this.

It’s not easy to enter the room

Before coming to the Bayi Film Studio, Gu Yue had hesitated for a long time:

In the Kunming Military Region, he was the chief of the cultural department and was handy at work. For example, after 40 this year, you have to re -learn the art. Can you play Chairman Mao who has been admired by 10,000 people?

In order to dispel Gu Yue’s concerns, his wife Gui Ping cheered him again and again:

“Don’t you often say that Chairman Mao and the PLA rescued you from the orphanage? You work hard now to express your emotions, but you go to play Chairman Mao, which represents the emotions of the people of the whole country. ….. You can learn anything, you can do it! “

The encouragement of his wife gave Gu Yue’s great confidence, but when he just stood on the rehearsal field, this confidence was a considerable blow-

The actor’s behavior does not seem to have a high threshold, but it is a professional profession. It has extremely high requirements for a person’s voice, language, body, and even perception, understanding, understanding, and cultural heritage. In contrast, the shape has become a relatively secondary condition.

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

Although it is unique in appearance, Guyue, who has no experience at all, is nervous to blank in a rehearsal field, let alone the performance, and he can’t find the door where he should go.

For this reason, during that time, Gu Yue often mocked himself:

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

“My” special actor “can only be counted by half -the special type is there, but it is not the actor!”

Guyue Life Photo

As a foreigner’s distress, it is often insufficient for outsider. Gu Yue can only write to his wife who is far away in Kunming.

Soon, the wife’s reply was here. In addition to encouraging words, the wife also sent him a set of thick

“Complete Works of Stannislavsky”.

As a master of Russian drama, the work of Stanislavsky is a compulsory homework for each actor-

In the movie “The King of Comedy”, Zhou Xingchi’s “Self -cultivation of the Actor” is from the hands of Stanislavsky.

Classic shots in the king of comedy

In order to play Chairman Mao, in the first few months of the Bayi Film Studio, Gu Yue started to study again with his scalp. Every day, he said in his mouth. “New term like.

The theory carried a belly, and the task came before it was completely digested.

In 1981, Xi’an Film Studio wanted to shoot the movie “Xi’an Incident”. Gu Yue was selected by the director and started his long journey of playing Chairman Mao.

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

In the movie “Xi’an Incident”, Gu Yue’s drama was not heavy. Even so, he was still trembling. After each scene was rehearsed several times, he dared to officially start shooting.

After the movie was released, the audience was quite recognized by Guyue’s performance. In the transmission room of Bayi Factory, a letter from the audience sent to Gu Yue began. In the present words, Gu Yue also had his own “fans”.

“Xi’an Incident” stills

Faced with the support of the audience, Gu Yue was very sober–

In his opinion, in this “debut”, he only performed the “shape” of Chairman Mao. The standards of Li Xing God were still far away. To give back the enthusiasm of the audience, you must have to work hard.

After that, Gu Yue not only watched Chairman Mao’s documentary repeatedly, but also collected hundreds of photos of Chairman Mao, and posted his dormitory full. near.

Soon, the opportunity to verify Gu Yue’s hard work came-

In 1982, the film “Four Drop Akishui” began. This time, Gu Yue was the male No. 1.

Sudu Chishui stills

Although Gu Yue did a lot of preparations before the start of the filming, he was inexplicably nervous when the director shouted “boot”.

In the film, there is such a play–

When the Red Army crossed Chishui, he also carried a mountain gun without a shell. On the floating bridge, the heavy mountain gun stuck in the middle, greatly delaying the speed of crossing the bridge. In order to fight for time, Chairman Mao rushed to the pontoon, doing the ideological work of the gunner, and took the initiative to abandon the precious mountain gun.

In the setting of the script, when Chairman Mao persuaded the gunner, the enemy aircraft flew to bomb, and the soldiers on the bridge fell into the water.

When the shooting started, because there was no communication in place, an actor who played the little Red Army in front of Guyue saw the others poured into the water. I don’t know what to do, and I just jumped down.

If according to the requirements of the script, you should stop at this time, but the director did not say anything. Gu Yue, who had finished the line, had to keep his waist and look up, and there was a “great man” posture. Standing there and waiting.

After a while, the director stopped and pulled Guyue aside and asked:

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

“The little Red Army who jumped out of the bridge just was in front of Chairman Mao. If it was the real Chairman Mao, would he talk about himself? He had to save people first!”

The director’s remarks suddenly woke Gu Yue at once:

As a special actor Mao, in addition to being close to the chairman in appearance, he must also approach Chairman Mao from personality and thought in order to perform Chairman Mao’s “God”.

After recognizing this, Gu Yue’s next performance was much better.

When filming Chairman Mao and Zhou Enlai to eat a piece of corn cake, according to the description of the script, Chairman Mao opened the cake and handed it to Zhou Enlai, and the two should start eating.

However, Gu Yue believes that in the case of extreme tension in food, Chairman Mao will never just take care of himself and let the guards stand by the side by side.

Therefore, at the time of shooting, Gu Yue “made his own claim” adding a show-

After he handed half of the cake to Zhou Enlai, he shouted to the guards, divided his half of his cake to the guards half, and added a sentence:

“Let’s eat it!”

Gu Yue’s improvisation played, let the director clap his hands and applaud:

“In this case, Chairman Mao’s image is even more bright!”

Stills of “Sudu Chishui”

The successful completion of the movie “Sudu Chishui” allowed Gu Yue to regain his confidence and let him start to move towards Chairman Mao’s heart step by step.


李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?



Ancient moon

Hu Ke

Therefore, we can see Chairman Mao, who is lingering in the Chongqing Negotiation, Chairman Mao, who is planning in the “Decisive Battle”, and Chairman Mao, who is thinking about the future in the Founding Ceremony …

According to statistics, Gu Yue played Chairman Mao 84 times in his acting career for more than 20 years. In so many works, the same role, in the history of Chinese film and television, I am afraid that it is a record of no ancient and no.

“Chongqing Negotiation” stills

“He is Chairman Mao himself”

What is the performance of Guyue?

There was such a paragraph on the Internet:

“Tang Guoqiang performed Chairman Mao’s domineering, Zhang Keyao’s accent was restored, Wang Yan (


) It looks like Chairman Mao when he was young … As for Gu Yue, he was Chairman Mao himself. “

Guyue and Zhang Keyao (middle), Wang Yan (left) took photos

This kind of evaluation is of course too much reputation. However, under the interpretation of Gu Yue, Chairman Mao’s image becomes more full and moving, which is an indisputable fact -in film and television dramas such as “Decisive Battle”, Gu Yue played by Gu Yue Mao Zedong could command thousands of troops on the map, but also lifted his pants legs, sitting under the tree to talk about laughter, but also after sliding down the hillside, laughed like a child …

In a word, after the interpretation of Gu Yue, Chairman Mao in the eyes of the people became a “mortal” with flesh and sorrows and sorrows.

Student Stills

In the summer of 1990, Chairman Mao’s daughter Li Na came to Xibaipo, who had lived for 10 months.

When she heard that the crew of “Decisive Battle” was filming here, she immediately proposed that she wanted to see Gu Yue with her own eyes.

When I heard this news, Gu Yue, who was filming, couldn’t care about removing makeup, and hurried over wearing costumes.

When he saw Gu Yue, Li Na was very excited. He pulled him as long as possible. For a while, she seemed to become the little girl who had snuggled next to her father.

With Gu Yue’s hand, Li Na’s thoughts returned more than 40 years ago:

“When I was young, I just held my dad’s fingers like this. Later, I could hold two. Dad took me away like this and walked to Beijing …”

Talking, she looked at Gu Yue in a blink of an eye:

“Your hand is the same as my dad!”

At a young age, Li Na and Chairman Mao

At the time of farewell, Li Na was about to get on the car, and an inexplicable sadness suddenly rushed to her heart. She returned suddenly and cried in the chest of Gu Yue.

Gu Yue understood that Li Na really regarded himself as Chairman Mao. He had to pat the back of Li Na softly and said softly:

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I understand you …”

What kind of recognition is better than the tears of Chairman Mao’s daughter?

As Gu Yue’s fame became more and more famous, he also gained a large number of special “fans “-

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 1991, the “Decisive Battle” crew was busy filming in the studio of the Bayi Film Studio, and received a notice:

General Yang Bingbing, then director of the General Political Department, was going to condolences to the crew’s staff.

After receiving the notice, the entire crew rushed to the Auditorium of the Bayi Film Studio, and it was listed as a team to prepare to welcome the leaders’ condolences.

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

General Yang Bingbing

It didn’t take long for General Yang Bingbing to be here. He shook hands with the staff one by one and encouraged them to continue to work hard to make “Decisive Battle” into a classic work.

Seeing that General Yang Bingbing was about to walk to his side, Gu Yue quickly reached out and wanted to shake hands with the general.

However, General Yang Bingbing made an amazing move -he said cheerfully:

“I want to salute Chairman Mao!”

While raising his hand, he worshiped a standard military ceremony.

General Yang Bingbing’s salute made Gu Yue a big red face. He was busy returning the courtesy and said:

“My fake chairman dare not be, dare not be!”

Gu Yue condolences to the PLA warrior

Guyue is not only a household name in the country, but also has been on the other side of the Ocean–

In 1993, Gu Yue followed the Chinese Film delegation to the United States to participate in the Chinese Film Show. As soon as the plane, he was surrounded by reporters and audiences who heard the news.

In the next few days, when Gu Guyue attended the event, the reporters always followed the shadow and forced him to wear a hat and sunglasses to be a little free.

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

One of the highlights of the Chinese Film Show this time is the premiere of the “Decisive Battle” at the Jiale Cinema in Los Angeles. On the day of the premiere, when the main creators such as Gu Yue appeared on the stage, the audience stood up collectively to report warm applause to them.

Faced with the enthusiasm of the audience, Gu Yue was also excited for a while. He subconsciously stretched out his arms and talked to the famous saying of Chairman Mao to the audience:

“Long live the people!”

This sentence is shouting on the land of the United States.


From a “Foreign Man” to a special actor, to the famous “film emperor” who are popular at home and abroad, the change of identity has not changed Gu Yue’s understanding of himself. In a word, he has been hanging on his mouth:

“I can have today, 100 % borrowed Chairman Mao’s light!”

The statue of Chairman Mao on Orange Island

It is precisely because of Chairman Mao’s greatness that there is a large number of special actors such as Gu Yue shining on the stage, and their popularity has proved a little more-

Chairman Mao has never gone away, and he will always live in the hearts of the Chinese people!

李讷见了流泪 将军见他敬礼 美国人起立鼓掌 古月演毛主席为何传神?

In this article, remember the great Chairman Mao Zedong!