Kun Ling is the same model, thousands of bird plaid Yinglun style single shoes! Putting on the shoes as beautiful

Chibirdi comes from Prince Wales, also known as Gren.


Since Duke Windsor’s wearing, this rough flower pattern has been loved by British nobles in the 19-20 century.

The earliest bird lattice appeared on the fashion stage, and the Christian Dior was sitting on the noble and elegant head.

In 1948, Mr. Dior used the optimized combination of the dog’s teeth pattern on the perfume box, and it also gave it a good name that is enough to flow.


Most of the initial thousands of bird plaids were black and white, and of course it was almost the same.

The pattern itself has not changed much, but there are many ways to use him.

Not only thousands of bird grid coats, scarves, but also thousands of bird grid shoes.


Thousands of bird checkered and checkered are the classic plaids of the sisters.

The pattern formed by combining the two on the upper is even more interesting.

Such a plain thousand -bird grid with bright yellow becomes richer.


It is also a combination of squares and thousands of birds, but it is used on the fashionable pointed Mueller high heels.


Let the whole shoes become the highlight of the whole body, and it is very beautiful and elegant with a pair of jeans.

Flat shoes can also use thousands of bird grids, especially ballet dance shoes.

The style of the two retro elements has the elegance and cuteness of girlish temperament.


There is no problem with jeans and lively small skirts.

The larger and pure thousand bird grids are suitable for high heels.

High -heeled shoes are inherently elegant and can be stuffy with a large area of ​​thousands of birds.


There are no problems with the black and white thousands of birds with many colors.

There is also this way to break the inherent thinking and pattern, and place the town of a thousand birds on high heels.


When walking across the street on high heels, this hidden highlight will be noticed, which is more fun than placing on the upper.

Thousands of bird grid shoes are more casual and better than before.

The grid of the upper and the thousand birds behind the side can also be regarded as a different kind of color matching?


The grid and Chibird pattern are really wonderful.

Founded thousands of bird checkered sneakers and square checkered shirt skirts are really uniform and harmonious.

Leisure is full, and you don’t need to pay too much attention to details.

Just pay attention to it, be sure to match the details.

This combination is particularly difficult! After all, the whole body is a thousand birds checkered, the square pattern and stripes!

Although they are all classic patterns, they become zebra.

It is worth learning and reference to the shape of layering and changing.

In fact, you can really see Chibird’s plaids on many things, and even bags.

So what do we recommend today?


Today, the main recommendation is “Thousands of Bird Checked Yinglun Wind Single Shoes”, a pair of beautiful pairs of shoes!

拼 Shoe body black and white stitching canvas, sophisticated car stitching.


造 Time to work, exquisite handmade art.

雅 It is subtle and elegant, and it does not need to be decorated.

度 态 is confident and loyal to herself.

✦ Shoes Introduction 子



皮 upper: sheepskin + synthetic leather / fabric

革 皮: Pig Skin


Insoles: head layer pork leather


Shoe soles: rubber bottom

C Height: 2.5cm

型 Size: Standard type, 35-39

✦ Shoes details 子

Y Batovky as a blueprint.

皮Puki canal + leather patching single shoes.


Sweet shoe 理 理 ► ► ► ► ►.

、 Hollow carving, symmetrical gear lines.

猪 猪 ► ► ► ► ► ►.

态 Follow the form of the foot, and the touch is comfortable and not tired.

足 Create a dry foot wearing environment.


✦ Shoes size 子

✦ Kun Ling same model 凌



This is not tall, and it is a big gospel for the little fairies who do not have good control of high -heeled shoes!

As soon as you wear it, you can emit temperament and elegance, and add a special visual sense to your own wear.

Small fans who have not worn thousands of bird plaid shoes, hurry up and try it!


#What to wear on the star#


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I hope this good thing is recommended to help the little fairy!


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