The simpler, the higher the level, the “foundation base” universal matching rules, warm and beautiful in winter

The simpler, the higher the higher level, it is the law of constant in the fashion industry. To say the most basic and most versatile items in winter, then it must be the basic bottom shirt.


Simple and slim -fitting version, soft solid color embellishment, will give you enough warmth and beauty in winter. If you want to be fashionable and exquisite, the universal matching rules of the foundation base are ready, let’s take a look.

What is the basic bottoming shirt?

Basic bottoming shirt is the most common interior in autumn and winter. The slim version, the design of the small high -necked or the low -neck, is gentle and elegant. The color is mainly light -colored, such as beige, camel, light coffee, light brown and other colors, which are more basic and versatile colors.

Basic bottoming shirt can bring us the deepest warmth. The fabric is more delicate, and the wind and warmth are more gentle. This basic bottoming shirt, the design is simple and atmospheric, and has stronger compatibility, and it is more handy to wear.


Choice of the basic bottoming shirt

The so -called basic bottoming shirt is our most common internal form. The self -sliming design, more elastic style, small high -necked or low -necked elements have a gentle and delicate beauty.

In the winter, the most indispensable is the basal bottom shirt. The beige, coffee color, brown, gray, and camel, are more versatile colors, gentle and elegant, comfortable and generous on the upper body.

Foundation with a formula for matching shirts

Basic bottoming shirt + shirt/vest

Basic bottoming shirt, you can choose delicate cashmere fabrics. The warmth effect is very strong, more delicate and gentle. If you choose stacked knitted vests, then knitted vests must choose the tailoring of V -neck. Especially girls with insufficient necks have concentrated the visual center on the neck, looking big, big, and not so beautiful.


If you wear V -neck knit vests, you can naturally move the visual center of gravity, and your upper body will not look bloated. With a shirt, it is best to choose the color system with similar colors, which is more delicate and gentle in color. Putting a coat or suit outside, the gas field is very powerful.

Basic bottoming shirt + small incense breeze jacket


The basic bottoming shirt is very tolerant, and it is very coordinated with the combination of various items. Even the small incense breeze jacket can show a more gentle and sweet atmosphere. Xiaoxiangfeng jacket temperament is simple and high -level, with exquisite ladies Fan, more of the beauty of atmospheric fashion.

If you choose a basic bottoming shirt and a small fragrant breeze jacket, the embellishment of the sweater chain or metal necklace is essential. Not only to create exotic style, but also outline the effect of V -neck. In addition, you can also wear high -level shirts, unlocking the collar naturally, and also outline the effect of V -neck. Mild and elegant, especially high -level atmosphere.


Basic bottoming shirt + same color knitted cardigan


The same color matching will have an elegant and high -level beauty. In daily wear, the same color matching is also very common. Although the basic bottoming shirts are more delicate and close -fitting styles, there will be a certain sense of expansion if the knitted cardigan is knitted, so try to choose the same color to compress the ratio.

The fluffy knitted cardigan, combined with the basic bottom shirt, has a lazy retro beauty. If you want a stronger gas field, you can be equipped with a tailor -cut suit jacket and the decoration of checkered elements to make the overall shape more retro.

Basic models + vest skirts

The woolen and woolen vest skirts in winter are also very high -level versatile. At the same time, it is very aura. Whether it is daily or commuting, it is an essential combination. If you want to combine the vest skirt, you must choose a contrasting color.


Because the color of the basic bottoming shirt is relatively soft, the vest skirt can choose a stronger color. For example, caramel, khaki, dark gray, are rich and retro colors. If you go out, putting a sharp coat is also full of gas field.

More basic bottoming shirts with look:

Basic bottoming shirt, versatile and not picking people. Even Sanmu bloggers like this simple item. As an inside, it will not be obtrusive without effort. Even the high -end British style can be easy to get.

The basic bottom shirt of the orange system is more beautiful in color and has a more eye -catching effect. The combined brown checkered vest is fashionable and handsome, and the temperament of British style overflows. The coat and the basic bottoming shirt remain the same color, the color is richer and the layered sense is clearer.

The handsomeness and fashion of the basic bottoming shirt are always indispensable to combine with the shirt. The self -cultivation base shirt and combined shirt need to choose a more classic versatile color system. For example, black and white gray, classic atmosphere, no error will be matched.

Black -based basic bottoming shirts, small high -necked designs are warm and windproof in winter. A white shirt with casual wind, delicate and silky satin elements, high -level and exquisite beauty. With a checkered suit, it is filled with retro style.

The combination of basic bottoming shirts and white shirts is simply seamless, and it is the most indispensable stacking in autumn and winter. The slim small high -necked bottom shirt, gentle and elegant gray system, more delicate and gentle. Combining pure white shirts, the whole person’s sense of fashion is also stronger.

The combination of white shirts is handsome and delicate. If you want to be lazy, you can combine pleated skirts in the lower body. If you want to be handsome and cool, you can combine high -waist cropped pants. There will be no errors in the match, and it is even more advanced in a coat.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to match the basic bottom shirt, should you share more colorful knowledge every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)


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