Warframe War framework “Mengxin Chapter”

Warframe is a third -person shooting online game developed by Digital Extremes (DE). It was released in China in 2013.

Warframe war framework

The little hamster who just entered the tour, when you match, you may be the same as the picture below. Why is it called a hamster? Because you just enter the game, the first plot will be displayed, where did you come out from?


This game can come out of the liver, and some skin and armor need platinum. Platinum is also the product of gold. Of course, in the game, you can sell things to change platinum (transaction between Steam international service players). Platinum will be given in the early stage. Keep the armor tank, weapon slot position. Do not accelerate weapons in the early stage, do not accelerate weapons, do not speed up weapons. For important words, of course, if you are a local tyrant, when I do n’t say it.


If you run the picture, it is very simple to operate all the way

Bomb jump

That is

Squat, jump

This is almost every hamster operation. When you open the picture to Venus, you can brush a set


2 Skills add a layer of cowhide, the basic novice period is enough. The blueprint of the part of the part is dropped by the wolf (Fossa, Venus). Coins are missing.

At this time, some necessary mods need to be brushed, for example

[Blind Angry], [Instant Perseverance], [Excessive Extension]

Wait, these need to be added first, it is best to study the clan.

[Blood Dragon Key] [Turn off the dragon key] [Rotten Dragon Key] [Study Dragon Key]

The blueprint, the spacecraft casting table to create a key. Then go to the store to buy a waste boat key, that is,

Orkin assassination, Orkin capture, Orkin survival, ORKIN annihilation, Orkin defense, Orkin mobile defense,

What I often go to is to capture because of fast, and then go to the team channel to shout 4K, 4K also represents 4 keys, one person and one person, depending on what to bring. Then go to the waste boat, that is, the ruins of the Orkin, it is best to capture it. The reason has been said before, fast! Intersection The end of the capture is the door that can be opened for the key, as shown below.

In the past, there were any keys to need, not your own key,

G key

Tell the teammates what the key is, and then you can run the evacuation point. The MOD here is available. The trading channel is sold out. Some are worth 15 platinum. Some have not sold it. Generally, the early platinum can be earned from here.

There is also a good tool here called Warframe Chinese Wiki, which can be found on the game.


The rest is the opening of the picture. When the picture is all opened, the game has just begun. During the opening of the map, it is recommended to meet many friends, sometimes you will meet the big guys, and then you will take a wave, and the big guy will take you to fly.

I wish the hamsters a happy game, pay attention to the body, protect the liver, and soak wolfberry.

In the last sentence, I begged the big guy, 嘤 …


Warframe war framework

Warframe war framework

Warframe war framework