Ni Piao moisturizing paper towels 15 years old, there is a pair of talkable “ears” on the paper box

We have reported many Japanese brain holes in invention: For example, “pretending to eat instant noodles” T -shirts and camouflage (imitations) of “rope soil” launched by Riqing launched the instant bowl of ancient cultural relics ” Mosquito -proof is transparently transparent, and other clothes … Some are creative, but the chicken ribs are stubborn, and many are quite practical.

妮飘保湿纸巾15岁了 纸巾盒上多了一双可以说话的“耳朵”

Recently, Ni Piao’s “Nose Noble (Nose)” paper towels launched a very interesting peripheral: rabbits and Linglin ear accessories that can send different greetings when they can get paper towels.

妮飘保湿纸巾15岁了 纸巾盒上多了一双可以说话的“耳朵”

This is a supporting product designed by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy: The representative small animal face on the paper towel box can match the ears accessories. According to different scenarios, small animals will randomly extract the paper towels. “,” Very powerful! “,” It’s hard today! “Wascable 12 kinds of greetings.

The nasal tissue is a high -end paper towel brand under the brand. It adds essential oil moisturizing ingredients inside. It is more moist and softer than ordinary paper towels, suitable for cold and pollen patients.

妮飘保湿纸巾15岁了 纸巾盒上多了一双可以说话的“耳朵”

This product was listed in 2004. The earliest name was actually quite simple “moist paper towels (モ イ ス チャ ー ティ ッ シュ)”, which was not satisfactory. Later Three times, it has become a brand with a 20%market share of Japanese wet paper towels. The packaging is also designed as a more recognizable animal face pattern. The small animal face on the nose on the box has also become a representative of the brand.

The small invention that matches the box is launched to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the 2019 brand listing. Takara Tomy has previously highlighted many novel and interesting family inventions, such as home reckless sushi skyscrapers, manual eggs that can make eggs into foam -shaped, and so on.

And the speaking ears launched for Ni Piaolu nose noble paper towels appear to be cured -now many young Japanese people live alone in the city, and therefore has a lot of inventions that have dispelled lonely, such as virtual wives, VR Girlfriends, smart home robots that can speak automatically, and so on; this surrounding is conforming to this trend.

In fact, after re -positioning Ni Piao’s nasal aristocratic paper towels, marketing creativity is often carried out around small animals on paper towel boxes. In 2011, the brand launched a “total animal election” nationwide in Japan, calling on consumers to vote for new animals that appear on paper towel boxes; since then in 2015, the second general election was held. Get a one -year -old nasal aristocratic paper towel as a gift.

妮飘保湿纸巾15岁了 纸巾盒上多了一双可以说话的“耳朵”

They also launched joint paper towel boxes with the famous Japanese band Mr. Children in 2017, printing the face of the band members on the paper towel box, and also have the brand’s consistent paper towel box recognition.

妮飘保湿纸巾15岁了 纸巾盒上多了一双可以说话的“耳朵”


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