Sleeve Course | Simple things can be used as sleeve, every one has! It’s better to try it

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袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

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袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

Xiaobian has something to say

The most afraid of winter is to wash clothes.

Although there are washing machines at home, I believe that many people to wash clothes for my baby will choose to wash hand like me. In fact, it’s not because I am diligent, the main reason is that the child’s clothes are too dirty. Especially the cuffs and predecessors, you don’t need to rub your hands, you can’t wash it.

袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

The tutorial of making apron was released two days ago, and today I will do a simple pair of simple sleeves. The trouble is completely solved

Sleeve tutorial

1. Preparation materials: two pieces of cloth 27cm*36cm (if the length of the large sleeve is extended), two 1.5cm loose bands, two 0.5cm loose bands (the elasticity of loose tightness and your own situation in length, two), two), two) Bar 36cm lace decorative lace

2. Fold the cloth with a length of 36cm and fold it inward for 2cm, scal the iron with an iron, and iron it inward 1cm on the other side

3. Fix the lace on the front of the edge of 2cm, fix it with a bead needle, and sew it on the lace

4. Flip the fabric to the other side, put the 1.5cm loose band into the hot 1cm folding, and fix the loose band with a sewing machine (pull the pine tight side sewing while pulling the side.

5. Fold the loose band again and sew a thread. The elastic band is hidden, and the loose band of the cuffs is completed

袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

6. Then sew the loose band on the other side, take out the fine loose band of 0.5cm, sewn the tight band on the side of 5-6cm on the side of the lace.

7. Sewing sleeves, alignment on both sides, stitching is completed

Video production tutorial

袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

I still don’t know much, you can click on the picture below to watch the production video ~

Sewing House-Video Play

袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

I don’t know if the sewing friends understand it? If you do n’t understand, you can click the collection and follow it.

袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

See the understanding of the sewing friends and commented to communicate your experience and experience!

袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

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袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧


袖套教程 | 简单的一些东西就能做袖套,每家都有!不如试试看吧

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