Wang Yibo is really strong for color, purple leather clothes, and his match is true.

“On the line” in the CCTV literary program center! The colorful teenagers “show, Wang Yibo’s purple leather shape has become a landscape, which is simply the” Hua Colorful Teenager “, which is very eye-catching.


Wang Yibo’s temperament is very outstanding, and the fashion expression is very good. No matter what activities, his shape will become the focus of visual, after all, his appearance is very exquisite and perfect, can meet the theme of show or activities. .

In the design of the leather, purple is very useful, usually based on classic black and brown, but appeared in the “Hua Cai Youth”, it is also a very good choice, but purple is also a good choice.


The purple itself is also a very elegant colors, which is very unique on the leather clothes that are not detained. However, Wang Yibo is still in a perfect driving, showing the elegance of the model.


1. Purple leather + nine pants, elegant styling

The color of this purple leather is relatively low, so it doesn’t look very bright, with a simple black nine minute trousers, the shape is easily showing the charm of Wang Yibo’s elegant atmosphere, and the sun is full.


Generally, the classic short leather is mixed with trousers. The shape will appear very stable, but purple can bring more vitality of the style, plus Wang Yibo clean handsome charm, so the shape is also hipster.

In the middle, although chooses a white shirt and tie, the shape is still very followed, and the narrow tie will make the shape becomes less. Purple and white are also a good combination, so that the shape is more fresh and concise, so Wang Yibo also shows yourself handsome school leader.

The use of white in the shape makes the shape more precise, the simple white shirt and shoes are well injected into the styling, and the temperament of Wang Yibo is more perfect, and a POSE is the type of fashion.

2. It is very strong to control the color, and women can wear well.

In fact, Wang Yibo has always been alone in the ability of the color, he can put a unique and perfect style of all kinds of bright colors, so the fashion expression will stand out.


After all, for men, the bright color of the color is difficult to control, the shape is easy to give people an exaggerated visual effect, even the blogping. But Wang Yibo has a very experienced for these items, always wearing a bright and exquisite shape.


1 sea blue women’s coat + French shirt


This sea blue coat is equally handsome, which is completely self-contained in the style of women’s wear, but Wang Yibo will show the “neutral wind” fashion charm, and the style is very literate. Fan.

It is said that Wang Yibo is a “hanger”, and wearing a tight jeans can also show a perfect body, and short coats are constantly drawing the visual ratio of legs. Beretard and Laofu shoes are well balanced the whole style and create a retro noble.

2 Put the red white color to the high level

In the fashion circle, the red single product has been present in a classic slogan, but each style is difficult to wear. The stylist will try to try on Wang Yibo, and the shape can perform a good effect. It can be said that Wang Yibo’s shape has never been “turned”.


The big red coat and high collar sweater combination, the shape is very enthusiastic, such color uses the general lady who does not dare to wear this, after all, there is no distinctive personal quality is difficult to stay. With white leisure trousers and shoes, it is very high level.

Compared to the bright big red, this pink to rose red graded style is very soft, the color of the color gravity makes the shape more unique, with white trousers and inner-line, the color of the shape is very high-level.


The inside, the pants and shoes are white, so the visual effect of the shape is more unified, and the elegant and simple white adjustment also perfectly put the red gradient coat, the integral visual effect of the shape is very eye-catching. Wang Yibo can put the red to do so perfect, which also reflects his outstanding fashion temperament.

3 splicing locomotive jacket unique fashion

Wang Yibo every set of stage winds is very concerned, and this contrast splicing locomotive jacket is also very fashionable. Red and black contrast makes the shape of the visual impact, making the stage of the stage even more bright.

With a black jeans, the shape is very unified, from Wang Yibo these styles, although the style is very unique, the combination of items is also in place, from the hue to the style look delicate and fashionable.

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